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Regions eyes Morgan Keegan sale as investment arm settles Fraud claims

Morgan Keegan & Co. Inc., an investment brokerage owned by Regions Financial Corp., has announced a $200 million settlement in relation to charges of consumer fraud stemming from investments tied to the mortgage bond market. The company has been battling numerous lawsuits brought on behalf of clients that allege Morgan Keegan falsely represented proprietary mutual funds as “low risk” investments when they were actually tied to the volatile mortgage market. According to a report in the Memphis Daily News, more than 300,000 investors lost over a billion dollars when the subprime mortgage meltdown drained the funds seemingly overnight. Morgan Keegan ... Read More

Regions, Morgan Keegan relationship stronger despite legal woes

A recent report in the Memphis Business Journal says the relationship between Regions Financial Corp., based in Birmingham, Ala., and its investment arm, Morgan Keegan & Co., located in Memphis, Tenn., has sweetened. At a recent “Investor Day” event held in New York City, the Business Journal reports company executives talked about strengthening the relationship between the two organizations, and Regions heads included Morgan Keegan as part of the company’s “strategic future.” Last December, and as recently as March of this year, there were rumors that Regions was planning to unload the investment brokerage in order to raise capital to ... Read More

Judge upholds $1.4 million award for Morgan Keegan investment loss

Yesterday a judge upheld the decision made last fall that holds Morgan Keegan responsible for a $1.4 million loss by investor Horace Grant. The retired Chicago Bulls basketball star sued Regions Morgan Keegan for losses resulting from his investments in mutual funds recommended by the financial management company. Morgan Keegan appealed the decision, saying arbitrators had already made up their minds against the investment company when they heard the case. In his 27-page opinion, U.S. District Judge S. James Otero disagreed with Morgan Keegan, and sided with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), which is acting as arbitrator in these ... Read More

Morgan Keegan hearing set for October in Montgomery, Ala.

An administrative hearing to discuss allegations of fraud against Morgan Keegan & Co. has been set for October 5, 2010, in Montgomery, Ala. Morgan Keegan is owned by Regions Financial Corp., based in Birmingham, Ala. Numerous lawsuits have been filed against the company, alleging it misrepresented high-risk funds tied to the volatile mortgage bond markets as “safe” or low-risk investments.  As a result, lawsuits allege investors lost huge portions of their funds almost overnight. It is estimated that losses may top $2 billion. The administrative action is the culmination of a multi-state investigation involving six mutual funds sold by Morgan ... Read More

CSG files lawsuit against Morgan Keegan alleging investment fraud

A recent report in the Memphis Business Journal says Consulting Services Group LLC (CSG) is the latest company to file suit against Morgan Keegan & Co., alleging illegal actions resulting in significant losses in its investments in several Morgan Keegan funds. CSG, based in Memphis, provides investment services for foundations, endowments, public funds, trust companies and high-net worth individuals. According to the Business Journal report, CSG has filed suit in Shelby County Circuit Court, naming as defendants Morgan Keegan, Morgan Asset Management, Regions Financial Corp., and James Kelsoe Jr., who was at one time manger of the funds held by ... Read More

Regions Financial eyes ‘any and all’ options to raise capital

A report by Reuters news service says Regions Financial Corp. CEO Dowd Ritter is open to “any and all” possibilities to raise capital in order to repay the U.S. goverment for the bailout money it loaned the institution. Regions, based in Birmingham, Ala., received $3.5 million in Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) funds. However, despite this pledge, it is unclear that Region’s brokerage arm, Morgan Keegan, is on the table. The Reuter’s piece says that despite the pledge, Ritter “dismissed the idea” of unloading Morgan Keegan. The bank suffered when its investment arm, headquartered in Memphis, Tenn., was the target ... Read More

FINRA statistics show uptick in bond fund lawsuits

According to a report in U.S. News & World Report, recent statistics released by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), the organization that handles almost all securities arbitration, including claims by Regions Morgan Keegan investors, show there has been a notable increase in the number of filings. In particular, the organization is seeing an increase in claims involving bond funds, which are represented as generally secure investments. There are numerous lawsuits currently pending against Birmingham, Ala.-based Regions Financial Corp.’s Memphis-based Morgan Keegan unit. Lawsuits filed on behalf of investors allege the RMK investment funds were misrepresented as low-risk, high-yield funds, ... Read More

RMK losses still piling up in arbitration rulings

A recent news release published on the Class Action Newsline reports Regions Morgan Keegan has suffered another defeat at the hands of a FINRA arbitration panel in Boca Raton, Fla., which awarded $431,000 to plaintiff Philip Richardson for his losses in RMK investment funds. This is the latest in a string of judgments against Regions Financial Corp.’s Memphis-based Morgan Keegan unit. Lawsuits filed on behalf of investors allege the RMK investment funds were misrepresented as low-risk high-yield funds, when in fact they were tied to the volatile mortgage lending industry. When the industry went bust, investors lost up to 80 ... Read More

Regions stock drops in light of arbitration losses

Regions Financial Corp., based in Birmingham, Ala., was on the recent Market Watch list of “notable moves” in the stock market. Unfortunately for the company, it was listed alongside General Motors (GM) on the list of “decliners” after experiencing a 5.9 percent drop in stock value. According to the report, the drop is tied to more losses in arbitration cases related to its Morgan Keegan bond fund unit, which lost $2 billion in risky asset-backed securities. Investors are suing Regions Morgan Keegan, alleging the investments were misrepresented as “safe” funds, when they were in fact tied to the volatile mortgage ... Read More

RMK investor awarded more than $250,000 to cover bad fund losses

Earlier this month, it was announced that Morgan Keegan & Co., the brokerage firm owned by Regions Financial Corp., would be required to repay an investor $267,711 for losses suffered by the collapse of Regions Morgan Keegan investment funds. According to CCNMoney, this is the largest bond fund arbitration award to date. Hundreds of investors lost significant amounts of money nearly overnight as a result of monies invested in mortgage-backed funds that collapsed in the subprime lending crisis. Lawsuits against Regions Morgan Keegan allege the funds were represented to investors as low-risk preferred stocks and corporate bonds, when in fact ... Read More