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Tesla Motors electric car fire will not undergo investigation by the NHTSA

According to a report by the Associated Press, the fire that damaged a Tesla Motors Inc. electric car near Seattle will not be investigated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The NHTSA reports that since no evidence has been found to indicate the fire was caused by a safety defect or violation of federal vehicle safety standards, the incident will not undergo any extensive investigation. However, the NHTSA will continue to review all consumer complaints and further crash information regarding the Tesla Motors electric car. Elon Musk, Tesla Motors CEO, said in a recent blog post that the ... Read More

Ethiopian Airlines Dreamliner fire triggers Boeing 787 safety concerns again

The 787 Dreamliner passenger airplane’s unsurpassed efficiency and comfort that may make it one of the most coveted airplane models in history, but since its September 2011 debut in the skies, the plane has been more like a nightmare than a dream for manufacturer Boeing. Battery fires aboard two separate 787 Dreamliners led to all 50 of the planes in service throughout the world being grounded in January 2013. Boeing engineers raced to fix the problem, which originated inside the plane’s lithium-ion batteries, which powered systems traditionally reliant on hydraulics. On April 19, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved of ... Read More

Bay Area limo fire kills five women and injures four others

FOSTER CITY, Calif. – A newlywed bride and four other women are dead after the limousine hired to drive them to a hotel in Foster City, Calif., caught on fire as it was crossing the San Mateo Bridge. Investigators are trying to determine what caused the horrific fire and why it engulfed the back of the car so rapidly, leaving the occupants with mere seconds to attempt an escape. Driver Orville Brown, 46, was driving the 1999 Lincoln Town Car owned by LimoStop Inc., when he thought he heard one of the nine passengers in the back say over the loud ... Read More

3.4 million Japanese automobiles recalled due to faulty airbags

Four Japanese automobile makers are recalling 3.4 million vehicles sold worldwide because the airbags could catch on fire or injure passengers. The airbags were manufactured by Takata Corp., the world’s second largest supplier of airbags and seat belts. This is the largest airbag recall Takata has ever issued. The recall involves vehicles made by Toyota Motor Corp, Nissan Motor Co, Honda Motor Co Ltd, and Mazda Motor Corp. Toyota, Honda and Nissan said they are not aware of any injuries or deaths caused by the defective airbags. The problem is that during an accident the front passenger seat airbag may ... Read More

Officials say circuit boards on Boeing 787 planes burned a year before fire, grounding

A spokesman for All Nippon Airways Co. (ANA) said records show three damaged circuit boards on its fleet of Boeing 787 “Dreamliner” aircraft had to be replaced last year. It is unclear if the damaged circuit boards are related to a battery fire on one of the fleet’s 787 aircraft in January, which resulted in an emergency landing in Japan and eventual grounding of all Boeing 787 planes worldwide. In addition to the ANA incident, a Japan Airlines Dreamliner was grounded in Boston in January because of a battery fire. The Dreamliner aircraft uses a new lithium-ion battery as part ... Read More

Portable oxygen tanks recalled due to fire risk

Cylinders of medical oxygen come with warnings that their content is flammable and people who go around these medical devices either in homes or hospital settings are cautioned to handle the devices with care. But the Praxair Grab ‘n Go Vantage portable oxygen unit is being recalled because it has defect that makes it even more susceptible to catching fire. The Grab ‘n Go Vantage portable oxygen unit combines an aluminum cylinder with a regulator that releases the oxygen at the right pressure for medical use. The units are being recalled because if the tanks get kicked around or knocked ... Read More

Banana Boat sunscreen products recalled over fire risk

Most people use sunscreen to protect themselves from getting burned by the sun, never expecting the lotion could cause them to burst into flames. But the risk of catching on fire is what prompted the maker of Banana Boat sunscreen to recall several of its spray-on products. Energizer Holdings announced Friday that it is pulling 23 varieties of its Banana Boat UltraMist sunscreen products, saying that a defective spray nozzle could be allowing too much of the lotion to be applied to the skin. If a person who uses the recalled products comes into contact with an open flame while ... Read More

Toyota window-switch safety recall the largest single recall in 16 years

Toyota Motor Co. announced another giant safety recall Wednesday, this time involving 7.43 million vehicles worldwide over the risk of driver’s-side window switches that could catch fire. The recall includes about 2.5 million model-year 2007-2009 vehicles sold in the U.S. under the Toyota and Scion brand. According to Toyota, pressing the driver’s-side power window master switch (PWMS) may create a “notchy” or sticky feel. If commercially available lubricants are used to treat the switch, the switch assembly could melt, potentially leading to vehicular smoke and/or fire. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has received more than 200 reports of ... Read More

Several reported dead in Lake Tahoe airplane crash

Several people were killed in a small single-engine airplane crash near South Lake Tahoe, California, Saturday night. Authorities investigating the crash say that the private plane crashed into a wooded area shortly after it took off from an airport on the southern side of the lake about 9:48 p.m., setting off a one-acre fire. None of the people aboard the aircraft survived the crash. According to the Associated Press, the airplane was registered to Francisco J. Delamora of Fresno, Calif. Mr. Delamora owns Jdm Transport Inc., a Fresno-based trucking company. Authorities have not yet confirmed the identities of the people ... Read More

Chrysler to discontinue Jeep Liberty vehicles

Chrysler is expected this week to announce it will discontinue making Jeep Liberty vehicles. The small SUVs have been popular even though they are part of a major safety investigation involving dangerous fiery crashes. Insiders say the Liberty will be replaced by a true crossover, keeping in tune with U.S. buying trends, and will come complete with a new name that has yet to be revealed. In the interim, the Toledo North factory that makes the Liberty will close so that construction can begin for the new vehicle. During this months-long process, Chrysler employees will be laid off. However, when the ... Read More