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Man Taking First Flight, Pilot, Die In New Orleans Sightseeing Flight Crash

A Baton Rouge artist who pushed past his fear of flying and took his first airplane ride was one of two people killed when the sightseeing aircraft crashed into Lake Pontchartrain Saturday night after a nighttime tour of New Orleans. Reginald Hillard, 25, a tattoo artist and rapper, received the “Big Easy Lights at Night” sightseeing flight as a surprise gift from his girlfriend, Briana Davis. The flight was the first time Mr. Hillard had ever been in an airplane. “I ain’t never been this close to a plane before,” Mr. Hillard says as he approaches the airplane in an ... Read More

Texas community mourns family members killed in airplane crash

Hundreds of Southlake, Texas, residents turned up at a school stadium Wednesday night for a candlelight vigil held for four family members killed in a small airplane crash Saturday morning. Dr. Leonard Ledet, 50, a dentist and owner of Ledet Dental, died in the airplane crash with his two sons, 17-year-old Paul and 13-year old Mason, and brother Gregory when the Beechcraft Bonanza airplane he was piloting went down after taking off from a regional airport north of Fort Worth, Texas. The family members were on their way to Mississippi to watch Texas A&M play Ole Miss in Saturday’s football ... Read More

JetBlue pilot suffers another psychotic meltdown, sleep deprivation concerns raised

A JetBlue captain who went on a crazed rampage during a flight from New York City to Las Vegas in March has suffered another psychotic episode in the mental hospital where he was admitted. The details of the pilot’s latest episode, which have not been released, prompted a federal judge in Texas to order that he stay under psychiatric observation for another 30 days. Crew members aboard the flight said that Captain Clayton Osbon, 49, showed up late and missed a crew briefing before the airplane took off. His behavior became strange shortly after takeoff, when he started making confused, ... Read More

Survivor struggles with physical, emotional injuries years after Hawaii helicopter crash

Whenever she sees a helicopter fly overhead, San Francisco resident Dania Hanson finds herself taken back to a traumatic day in March 2007. “It’s almost like it happened yesterday,” Ms. Hanson told Hawaii News Now about a helicopter flight over the Hawaiian island of Kauai that ended in a crash. Ms. Hanson and her boyfriend Michael Gershon, 60, were taking a helicopter tour of the island with another couple on March 11 when the aircraft, a Hughes 500 helicopter operated by Inter-Island Airways, made a loud bang while flying over the North Shore. The pilot lost control of the helicopter ... Read More

Needles found in sandwiches aboard four international Delta flights

American and Dutch authorities are investigating how needles got into sandwiches served aboard four Delta flights from Holland to the U.S., injuring one passenger. Six needles have been found in the turkey and cheese sandwiches served aboard two Sunday flights from Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport to Atlanta, Georgia, as well as flights to Seattle and Minneapolis. One passenger, identified by CNN as James Tonjes, was injured when he bit into one of the contaminated sandwiches. Mr. Tonjes said he thought it was a toothpick at first but discovered it was a needle after he pulled it out. He has since been ... Read More

Sleepy, disoriented pilot took Air Canada flight into plunge, injuring passengers

Several passengers and crew members aboard an overnight transatlantic Air Canada flight were injured after a sleepy pilot mistakenly thought the plane was about to collide with a U.S. military jet and forced the Boeing 767 into a sharp dive. A new report by Canada’s Transportation Safety Board attributes the 46-second incident, which occurred in January, to pilot fatigue and specifically to “sleep inertia,” a state in which performance and situational awareness are degraded immediately after waking up. The pilot had been asleep for about 75 minutes during a required rest period implemented by regulators as a measure to combat ... Read More

Florida heart transplant flight crash kills three

A medical transport flight carrying a donor heart to a recipient in Jacksonville, Florida, crashed into a wooded area of north Florida around 6:00 Monday morning, killing the pilot, a heart surgeon, and an organ procurement technician. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigators continue to probe the crash, which occurred in a densely wooded and remote area of Florida about 45 miles northeast of Gainesville.  The Bell 206 helicopter was en route to Shands’ LifeQuest Organ Recovery Service at the University of Florida in Gainesville to pick up a donor heart when it crashed. Although no flight plan was filed, ... Read More