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MO supplement maker faces prison time, fines for felony fraud

A Joplin, Missouri dietary supplement manufacturer is facing up to 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to felony fraud in federal court. Jeff Hicks, owner of JT Naturals, pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri for misrepresenting ingredients in his dietary supplements his company made and sold to several retail outlets in Florida, New York, California and Oklahoma. Hicks also admitted to lying about conducting tests for potentially dangerous ingredients in the supplements when he actually did not. Hicks was released on a personal recognizance bond. He faces up to 20 years in prison ... Read More

Deadly FIU Bridge Collapse Crushes Multiple Cars

A pedestrian bridge under construction at Florida International University (FIU) in Miami collapsed Thursday afternoon, killing and injuring multiple people. The FIU bridge was under construction and when it came toppling down over SW 8th St. at 109th Ave., crushing at least eight vehicles on SW 8th St. underneath tons of concrete and steel. The Miami Herald reported that construction crews had finished dropping the bridge’s elevated span in place less than a week ago. The bridge was expected to be completed in early 2019. The FIU bridge was being built to give university students a safer way to cross ... Read More

Bus Crash Kills One, Injures Dozens in South Alabama

A bus crash near the Alabama-Florida border killed the driver and sent 46 people, mostly Houston-area high school band members, to area hospitals Tuesday morning, several with serious injuries. The bus, operated by First Class Tours Inc., was carrying 40 students and six adults from Channelview High School back to Channelview, Texas, after a Saturday performance at a Disney World music festival. Channelview is just east of Houston. The bus crash killed driver Harry Caligone of Houston, who was employed by First Class Tours for more than 20 years. The Associated Press reported that Mr. Caligone had a clean driving ... Read More

Health Care Fraud Convictions Get Palm Beach Physician 3 Years

A Palm Beach, Florida physician who was convicted of profiting from a scheme of health care fraud that cheated Medicare and other federal health care programs out of millions of dollars was sentenced to three years in prison and a $200,000 fine. Dr. Gary Marder, a prominent osteopathic physician and well-known South Florida philanthropist, previously paid about $6 million to settle a related civil suit brought by a whistleblower under the False Claims Act. It was that case that federal investigators looked into and chose to press criminal charges against Dr. Marder. According to the Palm Beach Post, U.S. District ... Read More

Three plead guilty to selling supplements with hidden drugs

Three people pleaded guilty to participating in a scheme to sell dietary supplements with hidden drugs to unsuspecting consumers. Michael Schindele, of Jacksonville, Florida, owned and operated a website that sold dietary supplements, including Silver Bullet, which was promoted as an “all-natural male performance enhancer,” and an “Extreme Male Stimulant.” According to the indictment, Michael Schindele purchased and shipped Silver Bullet from a supplier in the People’s Republic of China, then resold it to consumers throughout the U.S. Michael Schindele’s brother, John G. Schindele, along with Jennifer S. Travis, both of Nixa, Missouri, also sold Silver Bullet to consumers through ... Read More

Sen. Schumer Calls For Tractor-Trailer Underride Guard Improvements

U.S. Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer joined the family of a New York man who died in an underride collision with a tractor-trailer Jan. 2 in pushing for new safety standards for commercial trucks that could save hundreds of lives a year. Sen. Schumer, the Senate Minority Leader, said in a statement that the tractor-trailer crash that killed Edward “Eto” Torres on I-90 western New York demonstrates the “urgent need” for federal requirements mandating tractor-trailers be equipped with side and front underride guards. Currently, tractor-trailers are required to have rear-underride guards only, but those guards don’t protect motorists in smaller vehicles ... Read More

Kratom linked to reports of Salmonella infections

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is continuing its crackdown on the herbal supplement kratom announcing this week that it, along with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other state and local officials are investigating a multi-state breakout of Salmonella infections linked to products reportedly containing kratom. Because of this health risk, the FDA is advising consumers to avoid kratom and kratom-containing products. Salmonella infections cause symptoms such as diarrhea, fever and abdominal cramps. Most people recover without treatment, but the diarrhea may be so severe for some people that they need to be hospitalized. In some ... Read More

Conductor’s Widow Sues Amtrak, CSX Over Deadly South Carolina Crash

Amtrak and CSX are facing a lawsuit filed by the widow of the train engineer who was killed Feb. 4 when Amtrak Train 91 was wrongfully diverted onto a side track, where it collided with a CSX freight train near Cayce, South Carolina. Attorneys for Christine Cella and her two children filed the lawsuit against Amtrak and CSX alleging negligence in the operation of a track switch caused 36-year-old Michael Cella’s death. The collision also killed 54-year-old Amtrak engineer Michael Kempf and injured 116 passengers and crew aboard the train, which was traveling from New York to Miami. The National ... Read More

Self-Driving Truck Completes First Cross-Country Journey

A self-driving tractor-trailer equipped with technologies developed by Embark has completed a 2,400-mile test drive from Los Angeles to Jacksonville, Florida. Embark, a San Francisco start-up founded by 22-year-old robotics enthusiast Alex Rodrigues, did not manufacture the truck but developed a self-driving system that can be integrated into Peterbilt trucks and potentially other vehicles. Embark’s self-driving vehicle technology employs a range of sensors comprised of five cameras, three long-range radars, and two or more light detection and ranging sensors (lidars) that feed information to a dynamic CPU that controls the vehicle. Whereas other self-driving vehicle companies such as Alphabet’s Waymo ... Read More

Energy drinks cited as the cause of man’s brain bleed, strokes

Nick M. wants energy drinks to be banned after suffering a brain hemorrhage and three mini-strokes after consuming 25 cans of Monster and Red Bull in six hours. The U.K. man downed the energy drinks to keep him alert during a karaoke evening in a night club. But hours after the event, the 56-year-old man developed a severe headache so painful that he was rushed to the hospital where doctors diagnosed him with a brain bleed caused by caffeine overdose. During the week that followed his hospitalization, Nick suffered three mini-strokes. He now has difficulty speaking and pronouncing words. “It ... Read More