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McCain hash browns may contain golf ball parts

Recall - hash browns, McCain - FDA image

What goes with hash browns? For some,  the answer might just be golf balls. Wait, what? According to an announcement by McCain Foods USA, their hash browns could “be contaminated with extraneous golf ball materials, that despite (their) stringent supply standards may have been inadvertently harvested with potatoes used to make this product.” Though no injuries have been reported, the golf ball pieces pose a choking and injury hazard, and two brands of hash browns are under recall. Products impacted by the recall include Roundy’s Brand, 2 lb. Bag of Frozen Southern Style Hash Browns (UPC 001115055019) and Harris Teeter Brand, ... Read More

Dietary supplement maker fined for questionable marketing scheme

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The owner of two dietary supplements companies settled a lawsuit with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) over a marketing scheme and false claims regarding its diet pills. The proposed order was filed against Colby Fox and his companies Tachht Inc., and Teqqu LLC, in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida, Tampa Division. According to the complaint, Fox and his companies paid affiliate marketers to illegally send millions of spam emails to consumers from hacked email accounts. The emails were designed to look like notes from the consumers’ family and friends with links directing consumers to Fox’s websites ... Read More

Separate E-Cigarette Explosions in Vegas Send Local Man, Visitor To Burn Unit

e-cigarette vaping - photo by the-best-electronic-cigarette-review dot com

A Las Vegas man is recovering from second-and third-degree burns after some e-cigarette lithium-ion batteries he was carrying in the pocket of his shorts exploded. Matthew Beard told KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas that his was inside a Walmart Easter Sunday when he heard a strange noise he likened to a can of soda exploding. “Next thing I know I see a flame coming from my shorts,” Mr. Beard told KTNV. He told the station that he had to remove his clothes to escape the flames, but by the time he was able to do that the fire had already ... Read More

CDC urges doctors to look for seizures, epilepsy in babies born to Zika-infected moms

Zika virus mosquito - Wikipedia image

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) urged doctors to be aware of seizures and epilepsy in infants born to mothers infected with the Zika virus while pregnant, as cases of epilepsy caused by the virus can be misdiagnosed or underreported. Studies have confirmed that pregnant women infected with Zika are at an increased risk of having a fetus or delivering a baby with a brain abnormality such as microcephaly, or other neurological disorders. The CDC is hoping that by making doctors aware of epilepsy and seizure disorders in infants exposed to Zika in utero, reporting will be more ... Read More

Option IVC Filter linked to injuries; lawsuit filed against manufacturer

IVC filter

In 2010, 31-year-old Maria T. was in a car accident and was hospitalized at Baptist Hospital in Pensacola, Florida. While in recovery, she developed blood clots in the veins deep inside the legs or pelvis, known as Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), and was inserted with an Option Retrievable inferior vena cava (IVC) filter. An IVC filter is a cage-like device inserted the vena cava, the largest vein in the body, and is designed to catch blood clots before they reach the heart or lungs, resulting in pulmonary embolism (PE). Older models are designed to be implanted permanently. However, newer temporary, or retrievable IVC filters are meant ... Read More

Water treatment plant employee files Whistleblower Retaliation lawsuit


A former manager of a water treatment plant is suing the city of Apopka, Florida, in federal court, alleging he was terminated as punishment for raising concerns about poor working conditions at the plant and conditions that threaten public health and safety. Whistleblower Glen Brooks, who worked at the Apopka water treatment plant for 14 years before he was fired in September, says the city’s newly elected mayor in 2014 conspired with three other city officials to “cover up and violate the law as to the illegal conduct and unsafe conditions” at the plant. The complaint also claims the same ... Read More

Couple that found dead bat in prepackaged salad must undergo rabies testing

Greater short-nosed fruit bat (Cynopterus sphinx)

A bat’s deteriorating carcass found in bag of prepackaged salad purchased at a Florida Walmart has prompted a recall of a limited number of cases of Fresh Express’s Organic Marketside Spring Mix. The contaminated salad is undergoing testing by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to rule out whether the bat had rabies and if the consumers of the salad were at risk. “Transmission of rabies by eating a rabid animal is extremely uncommon, and the virus does not survive very long outside of the infected animal,” the CDC said in a press release. “CDC is supporting Florida local and ... Read More

Children with ear tubes treated with quinolone at greater risk for ear perforation

Ear - Earrr by צביה Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Infants and children are prone to ear infections and when a child has repeated ear infections or one that lingers for a while her doctor most likely will recommend ear tubes. But a new study published in Clinical Infectious Diseases has found that in some cases, ear tubes can cause serious problems. Researchers with the University of Florida in Gainesville found that children with tympanostomy tube placement, or ear tubes, are 60 percent more likely to suffer eardrum perforation that often requires surgery when they are treated with quinolone ear drops, compared to children treated with neomycin, another type of ... Read More

Plane crash in central Alabama kills Tennessee Family of Four

airplane propeller

Federal investigators are in Hayden, Alabama, collecting crash debris and interviewing witnesses after an airplane carrying a family of four crashed on its way from Kissimmee, Florida, to Jackson, Tennessee, on the afternoon of Saturday, March 25. All four members of the Crenshaw family were killed in the plane crash. They have been identified as Joseph Crenshaw, his wife Jennifer, and their two children, 16-year-old Jacob, and 14-yer-old Jillian. According to WKRN Nashville, the Blount County Fire District said the airplane, a Cessna 210, may have started coming apart in the sky –a supposition based on the length of the ... Read More

Uber Suspends Self-Driving Car Program After Arizona Crash

Uber self driving car - Wikimedia Commons

Uber’s self-driving car research program hit a speedbump last week after one of the automated cars was involved in a crash with two other vehicles in Tempe, Arizona. Uber, like Google and most major car companies, has been testing autonomous vehicles that can self-drive at length. The company suspended its self-driving vehicle program at least until an investigation of the crash is complete. According to the Tempe Police Department, a driver in a second vehicle attempting a left turn “failed to yield” to the Uber vehicle, a Volvo SUV. “The vehicles collided, causing the autonomous vehicle to roll onto its ... Read More