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Severely Injured Tesla Model S Driver Sues Over Autopilot Crash

When Shawn Hudson bought a 2017 Tesla Model S for his long commutes to and from work, he invested $5,000 for the autopilot add-on, convinced that it would make his four-hour drives easier. He never thought the safety feature would send his car into the path of a disabled vehicle while going 80 mph. Mr. Hudson survived the crash, but he suffers from severe and permanent brain and spinal injuries, according to a lawsuit he filed against Tesla. The basis of his complaint is that Tesla often describes its autopilot as a driver assistance feature, indicating that drivers need to ... Read More

Gyrocopter crash into retirement community kills two

Two people died and another was injured after an experimental gyrocopter crashed into a retirement community in Highlands County, Florida, and exploded. Pilot Christopher Lord, 45, and passenger Christopher Brugger, 52, took off Oct. 30 from Sebring Regional Airport and were headed to an airport in Manatee County when a witness said the aircraft appeared to be in distress before it clipped a power line and crashed into a mobile home in the Sebring Falls Retirement Subdivision. No one was in the motor home at the time of the crash, but a man working on a home next door suffered ... Read More

TwitchCon Attendees Surprised By Lax Security Measures

Lax security measures at the annual gaming convention TwitchCon in San Jose last month left several attendees feeling disturbed and uneasy that they could be sitting ducks in another mass shooting. Fears about gun violence in public events among attendees of the convention, which drew tens of thousands of people from around the world, were stoked by the mass shooting at the Madden NFL 19 video game competition in Jacksonville, Florida, Aug. 26 that left three people dead and 11 others injured. Victims of that act of domestic terrorism claim in a lawsuit that the organizers and hosts of the ... Read More

TSA official promoted a month after sexual misconduct claims settled

A 2014 federal lawsuit and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Complaint involving scathing reports of sexual misconduct and physical assault by a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) official were settled with taxpayer money just one month before he was promoted to a top position within the agency, according to The Daily Beast. Former police officer and air-marshal supervisor Sonya Labosco aired her complaints last month to Fox46 about her claims in the federal complaint alleging branch manager Charles “Chas” Cook put his hand over his penis and told her he had “eight inches of c—k” for her whenever she wanted it. ... Read More

Lithium-Ion Batteries Blamed for Florida House Fire

Lithium-ion batteries are the culprit in an Oct. 22 house fire in Port St. Lucie, Florida, local firefighters said. Investigators determined that lithium-ion batteries used for model cars were to blame for the fire, which left the house with a lot of smoke damage. Fortunately, nobody was injured in the blaze. Capt. Paul Langel of the St. Lucie County Fire Protection District said the lithium-ion batteries in this case were charging and left unattended, according to WPTV West Palm Beach. He said lithium-ion batteries cam ignite while they’re charging, especially if the batteries aren’t charged on the proper charger. Rechargeable ... Read More

Woman claims hip injury occurred during massage aboard cruise ship

A woman is suing Carnival Corp. and the ship’s spa alleging her hip was fractured during a rather forceful massage aboard the Carnival cruise ship, requiring surgery and follow up care after the cruise ended, according to Lexis Legal News. Dawn Dawsey argued that Carnival and the ship’s spa, Steiner Transocean Ltd., were negligent because they did not properly investigate the experience and qualifications of the massage therapists hired by the spa or train them in appropriate massage methods. Conversely, the cruise line claims that Dawsey reported having previous back pain and didn’t complain of any injury during or after ... Read More

Royal Caribbean cruise line to face trial in death of man who fell overboard

A jury will decide whether Royal Caribbean Cruises was negligent in the death of a 22-year-old passenger who went overboard from the 12th-level deck of the Independence of the Suns ship in the early morning of Dec. 22, 2016. Todd and Lisa Skokan filed the lawsuit in the U.S. District court in Miami, Florida, alleging the ship’s employees served their son, Nathan, too much alcohol, delayed search-and-rescue efforts, caused the family emotional distress by suggesting their son committed suicide by intentionally jumping, and forced family members into their stateroom against their will during search-and-rescue efforts. According to a witness, Nathan ... Read More

Smokers, workers exposed to asbestos from Kent-brand cigarettes

In the 1950s, the Lorillard Tobacco Co., advertised in the former New York Daily News that its Kent-brand cigarettes were the safest smokes in town with an exclusive micronite filter that removed seven times more nicotine and tars than any other leading cigarette filter. The filters were so pure they were ideal for sensitive smokers, the company claimed. The company even encouraged consumers to try them for a week or two to give them “time enough to allow your taste to adjust to so much less irritants in the smoke.” What the company didn’t tell consumers is that its exclusive ... Read More

Pilots Killed in Greenville, SC Charter Plane Crash Weren’t Properly Certified

A deadly plane crash at Greenville Downtown Airport (GMU) in South Carolina last month was likely caused, at least in part, by inadequate pilot training and certification, federal investigators found. The Sept. 27 plane crash killed pilot John Christian Caswell, 49, of Port St. Lucie, Florida, and his co-pilot, Stephen George Fox, of Indian Rocks, Florida. Two passengers – a wife and husband – were critically injured. Video footage of the accident shows the Dassault Falcon 50 jet landing on runway 19 at GMU before plunging off an embankment at the end of the landing strip. The crash caused the mid-size ... Read More

Miami Bridge Collapse Leads To OSHA Penalties for Five Contractors

Federal authorities investigating a deadly pedestrian bridge collapse in Miami have cited five companies involved in the construction of the structure for multiple safety violations that created an unsafe work environment for employees. On Thursday, March 15, a pedestrian bridge connecting Florida International University campus with the community of Sweetwater collapsed onto SW 8th Street just before 2 p.m., crushing several vehicles and their occupants. The bridge collapse killed six people and injured nine others. While the cause of bridge collapse remains under investigation, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulators inspected the site and found seven violations that together constituted ... Read More