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Universal flu shot undergoes world-first human trial

The National Health Service (NHS) has launched the world’s first widespread human testing of an experimental flu vaccine designed to better protect people 65 years and older against influenza. NHS, the public health services of England, Scotland and Wales, hopes to recruit more than 10,000 people aged 65 and older in the study, supported by the National Institute for Health Research and delivered by the University of Oxford in Berkshire and Oxfordshire. If deemed safe and effective, the vaccine could have a major impact no the worldwide fight against influenza, a virus that sickens about a billion people worldwide each ... Read More

Children given flu shot, Prevnar 13 together more likely to suffer fever side effect

Children and infants who are given both the flu vaccine along with the Prevnar 13 vaccine for specific bacterial infections are likely to develop a fever, according to a new study in JAMA Pediatrics. Fever is a common side effect following either vaccination. Researchers set out to find if giving children both vaccines at the same time increased this risk. For the study, researchers asked the parents of 530 children to check their child’s temperature the evening after they were vaccinated and text the results. Researchers assessed the likelihood of children developing a fever of 100.4 after receiving either the ... Read More

Elevated testosterone levels can weaken one’s immune response to flu shot

Higher levels of the male hormone testosterone can weaken the immune response to some types of flu vaccine and should be a word of caution for those who use testosterone replacement therapy, researchers say. Researchers with the Stanford University School of Medicine’s Institute for Immunity, Transplantation and Infection analyzed samples from 53 women and 34 men and found that women had significantly stronger antibody response to the trivalent inactivated seasonal flu vaccine (TIV). They also found that men with higher levels of testosterone had the lowest antibody responses to TIV. “This is the first study to show an explicit correlation ... Read More

Pregnant women should be especially careful with over-the-counter, prescription medications

Pregnant women should be extra careful when taking medicines because they may be unsafe for the mother or the child, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cautions. The agency issued a reminder to consumers that the risks and benefits of medicines should be carefully weighed in general, but especially in women who are expecting. Pregnancy causes changes in the body, including how medicines are processed. In some cases, dosage may need to be adjusted. Even everyday medicines, including over-the-counter pain relievers, can be unhealthy for both mother and baby. Some medications, including antidepressants known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), have been linked ... Read More

Study questions effectiveness of Tamiflu in reducing hospitalizations, complications

Both Hoffman-LaRoche, manufacturer of the anti-viral drug Tamiflu (oseltamivir), and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are urging people to ask their doctors for Tamiflu at the first sign of illness that could be flu. And, their paid advertisements and public service announcements appear to be reaching their target. People are flooding doctor’s offices and emergency rooms asking for the drug by name. Doctors are obliging, likely because they’ve seen the Tamiflu ads that claim the anti-viral medication can cut hospital admissions by 61 percent and reduce complications such as bronchitis, pneumonia, and sinusitis by 67 percent. In ... Read More

CDC: Flu shot less effective in older adults

This season’s flu shot is doing a poor job of protecting older people from getting the virus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports. The vaccine is only 9 percent effective in preventing people 65 and older from getting the most predominant flu strain circulating this season. The findings help explain why so many older people have been hospitalized this year with the flu, but it doesn’t explain why the flu vaccine has failed to work in so many older adults. The research also shows the vaccine isn’t working as well across all age groups studied. Among all ... Read More

FDA approves first four-strain flu vaccine

A new seasonal flu shot that targets four strains of the virus has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to immunize adults and children age 3 and older. Fluarix Quadrivalent, made by GlaxoSmithKline, is the first intramuscular vaccine to protect against four different strains. Current influenza vaccines protect against only three strains. The new vaccine protects against flu virus subtypes A and B. The currently available three-strain flu vaccines protect against the two most common A virus strains and the B strain that public health authorities anticipate to be the predominant one each year. However, since 2000, ... Read More

Hundreds of Georgia elementary kids accidentally given two flu shots

Nearly 400 Bibb County, Georgia, students were accidentally given two flu shots during a campaign to inoculate children against seasonal influenza. North Central Health officials were tipped off by a parent who said his child had received a flu shot at school when he had already been given one previously. This prompted an audit that found 383 elementary school students unnecessarily received a second dose of the flu vaccine. Health officials blame the accident on paperwork oversight and said the school will not be charged for the extra shots. The district also says there is no cause for alarm. “We ... Read More

FDA approves first flu shot using animal cell technology

The first seasonal flu vaccine using animal cell technology instead of the 50-year-old egg method has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The new flu shot, Flucelvax, is made by Novartis and is approved for people 18 years and older. The newly approved vaccine is desirable because it takes less time to produce than the egg method, which medical experts say is ideal in the event of a pandemic. The older flu shots are made from virus samples that are injected into specialized chicken eggs. The eggs are incubated and, after some time, the egg fluids are ... Read More

FDA investigating febrile seizures in young children following flu shot

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is investigating reports of febrile seizures following vaccination with a Sanofi-Aventis flu vaccine. Febrile seizures are a convulsion in a child triggered by a fever and in general are not harmful. The seizures following the Fluzone flu shot have primarily been reported in children younger than 2. As of Dec. 13, 42 cases of febrile seizures have been reported. Thirty-six of the cases reported involved babies and toddlers aged 6 months to 2 years. Ten of the cases were listed as serious. Thirty-eight of the cases occurred within a day of getting Fluzone. Both ... Read More