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Nurses convicted of crimes still in good standing in California

Nurse Haydee Parungano was an independent contractor who traveled Southern California to provide nursing services to Medicare patients. Her records show she worked every day between April 1, 2002, and August 31, 2003, including all weekends and holidays, averaging 20 visits per day. During this time span, there were 60 days that Parungano claimed to have seen more than 32 patients – a feat that, at 45 minutes per patient, would take more than 24 hours to accomplish. Last year, Parungano was sentenced to 57 months in federal prison for her role in a health care fraud scheme that ultimately ... Read More

UnumProvident federal trial in progress

UnumProvident’s trial has begun in federal court in Boston. The insurance conglomerate has been accused of fraudulently sticking the federal government with several million dollars in disability claims. Some of the allegations made against the UnumProvident include an apparent cost-cutting scheme in which the company directed its claimants to file for Social Security disability insurance benefits first, knowing that they were completely unqualified for such benefits. Claimants who failed to follow this procedure by not filing a claim with Social Security first had their benefits cut. Eligibility for Social Security disability is much more narrowly defined and harder to receive ... Read More

Nursing home deaths were not merciful

A truly disturbing report out of Illinois this week. A series of suspicious deaths at a Chicago-suburban nursing home in 2006, the so-called “mercy killings” of one nurse, now appear to be ruthless murders committed by a caregiver who became “fed up” with certain patients. According to The Daily Herald, a 15-month investigation into the deaths at the Woodstock Residence in Woodstock, Ill., led to the indictment in April of two nurses – Marty Himebaugh of Lake in the Hills, Ill., and her supervisor, Penny Whitlock of Woodstock, Ill. Himebaugh faces charges of criminal neglect, obtaining morphine by fraud and ... Read More

Rising abuse in at-home care

The Wall Street Journal published a disturbing new report this week, exploring the issue of elder abuse by those hired to care for them in their homes. According to the report, studies show a rising trend in cases of abuse, neglect, fraud, and even death, perpetrated by in-home caregivers on their frail and ill charges. The report estimates about 1.6 million people are employed in home care. Home caregivers fall into two basic categories – those who provide basic health services, and those who provide non-medical services like housekeeping, cooking and nonmedical help. The WSJ reports these are the second- ... Read More