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Fungus-contaminated steroid shots likely the cause of strokes in at least three patients

The contaminated steroid shots made and distributed by a compounding pharmacy caused fungal meningitis and fungal infections in at least 749 people, killing 61. But at least three people also suffered strokes that researchers say were likely caused by the fungus, according to a paper published in the journal JAMA Neurology. Autopsy reports from two people who died after receiving the steroid shots and tests performed on a surviving patient showed that fungal infections were likely the cause of blocked, or ischemic, blood vessels which resulted in strokes. All three patients, who were all in their 70s, were admitted to ... Read More

Pharmacy records from medical clinics subpoenaed for fungal meningitis outbreak investigation

Pharmacy records from three Tennessee medical clinics have been subpoenaed as part of a legal investigation into deaths and injuries allegedly caused by contaminated steroids shots manufactured by New England Compounding Center (NECC) based in Framingham, Mass. The subpoenas were sent to St. Thomas Outpatient Neurological Center in Nashville, Specialty Surgery Center in Crossville, and PCA Pain Center in Oak Ridge. The records were requested by attorneys representing patients in a consolidated federal lawsuit against the compounding pharmacy that made the shots. The documents requested include records between the clinics and NECC that would detail purchases, quantities, pricing and dates. NECC manufactured ... Read More

FDA identifies fungus, bacteria in steroid shots made by Tenn. pharmacy

Federal investigators have identified bacterial and fungal growth in two unopened steroid injections used by medical facilities to treat back or joint pain, manufactured by Main Street Family Pharmacy, a compounding pharmacy in Newbern, Tenn. The vials of preservative-free methylprednisolone acetate (MPA) are the same type of compound that has sickened at least 745 people with fungal infections including fungal meningitis, and killed 58. Those injections were compounded by New England Compounding Center, a Massachusetts-based pharmacy. To date, seven infections, none of which appear to be meningitis, but no deaths have been reported in patients who received the Main Street ... Read More

Potentially contaminated steroid shots from Tenn. pharmacy distributed to 13 states

Seven people in Illinois and North Carolina have developed “adverse effects” after receiving steroid shots from a Tennessee compounding pharmacy. The injections, used to treat neck, back or joint pain, are the same drugs as those compounded by New England Compounding Center (NECC) that were identified as the culprit in the multistate fungal meningitis outbreak that – to date – has killed 58 people and sickened 745 with fungal infections including fungal meningitis. The facility where the shots were manufactured was later found a sterility risk. Main Street Family Pharmacy, located in Newbern, Tenn., distributed the injections of methylprednisolone acetate, or MPA, to ... Read More

Adverse events tied to steroid shots made by Tenn. compounding pharmacy

Seven cases of adverse events, including at least one involving a fungus, connected to steroid injections manufactured by a Tennessee compounding pharmacy have been reported to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Tennessee Board of Pharmacy. The FDA is recommending that health care providers not administer any products labeled as sterile from Main Street Family Pharmacy of Newbern, Tenn., and to quarantine them until further guidance is provided. All reported adverse events occurred in patients who had received preservative-free methylprednisolone acetate (80 mg/mL) by injection, the same type of steroid shot made by New England Compounding Pharmacy (NECC) that ... Read More

Illnesses prompt another recall of compounding pharmacy products due to sterility concerns

All sterile products made and distributed by a Dallas-based compounding pharmacy are being recalled after an inspection of the facility uncovered poor sterile production practices. The inspection occurred after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) received reports of fever, flu-like symptoms and soreness at the injection site in patients who received one of the company’s products. The recall affects all sterile products made by NuVision Pharmacy. The adverse events were associated with methylcobalamin injection, which is a form of vitamin B12 supplementation used to treat people with pernicious anemia, those suffering from a temporary B12 deficiency and a symptom of ... Read More

UAB research team to study long-term effects of fungal meningitis outbreak

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will study cases of fungal meningitis and infections in patients who received contaminated steroid shots last year from a compounding pharmacy to determine the long-term effects of the infections that have sickened more than 740 people and killed 55. “These infections are extremely rare. No one has ever seen anything quite like this,” Dr. Peter Pappas with the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) told The Tennessean. The CDC is negotiating a one-source contract with UAB’s Mycoses Study Group led by Pappas, concluding that it is the only group qualified to conduct ... Read More

Legislation aims to give FDA greater oversight of compounding pharmacies that mass produce drugs

A bipartisan group of U.S. senators is proposing legislation that would grant the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) greater oversight of pharmacies that compound sterile drugs and ship them across state lines. The proposal comes on the heels of the deadly fungal meningitis outbreak that killed 53 people and sickened at least 733 across 20 states. Medical investigators determined that the outbreak was caused by contaminated steroid shots made by New England Compounding Center (NECC). About 18,000 tainted shots were sent to medical facilities in 23 states, putting an estimated 14,000 people at risk for fungal infections including meningitis. Pharmaceutical ... Read More

Inspections at compounding pharmacies beefed up since fungal meningitis outbreak

Seven months have passed since investigators with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) discovered that cases of rare fungal meningitis popping up across the country were tied to contaminated steroid shots manufactured by a compounding pharmacy. Since then, at least 733 people have developed fungal infections, including meningitis, and at least 53 people have died. About 18,000 contaminated steroid shots were distributed to medical facilities in 23 states. An estimated 14,000 people received the shots, which are commonly used to treat back, neck or joint pain. The lab at New England Compounding Center (NECC), where the steroid shots ... Read More

All sterile products from compounding pharmacy recalled due to sterility concerns

Green Valley Drugs, a compounding pharmacy based in Henderson, Nevada, is recalling all lots of sterile products compounded, repackaged and distributed by the pharmacy due to lack of sterility assurance and concerns with the company’s quality control processes. The recall is one of several involving all sterile products from compounding pharmacies across the country triggered by the deadly meningitis outbreak traced back to contaminated steroid shots made by a compounding pharmacy. The products affected by the most recent recall were distributed nationwide and include more than 660 lots of various drugs. Products may contain acetylcysteine, ascorbic acid, betamethasone, bupivacaine, cyanocobalamin, ... Read More