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Another Samsung Galaxy Phone Reportedly Exploded, But Not The Note 7

A French woman claims her Samsung Galaxy J5 smartphone caught fire and exploded at her home in Pau, France, raising concerns that the Korean electronics manufacturer’s problems go beyond its Galaxy Note 7 devices. Lamya Bouyirdane, a mother of three, said she felt the Samsung phone becoming extremely hot after her 4-year-old son handed it to her at a family gathering in their home. She then realized that the phone was swelling and smoking, so she tossed the phone away from her. “I panicked when I saw the smoke and I had the reflex to throw it away,” Ms. Bouyirdane ... Read More

Feds Warn Commercial Drivers About Samsung Note 7 Risks

Samsung may have killed production of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones over their insurmountable safety defects, but concern over the potential disaster posed by the recalled phones remaining in use lives on. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has a safety advisory warning drivers of tractor-trailers, buses, and other commercial vehicles about the risks of driving with portable electronic devices containing damaged, defective, or recalled lithium-ion batteries, including Samsung Note 7 smartphones. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the lithium-ion battery in the Samsung Galaxy Note7 smartphones can overheat and burst into flames, posing a serious ... Read More

Galaxy Note 7 Is Samsung’s Biggest Fail, But Not Its Only One

Samsung has officially killed production of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones after a September recall of the devices and a costly production of their replacements failed to fix the flaw that caused the phones to burst into flames. The recall, extra production, and lost revenues directly related to the Galaxy Note 7 disaster cost the Korean electronics giant as much as $5 billion, but that figure is small compared to the $18-billion loss in the company’s valuation following the Note 7’s funeral. The Samsung name has been tarnished and faith in the brand has been eroded. Many industry analysts predict ... Read More

Samsung Replacement Phone Burns In Minnesota Teen’s Hand

A Minnesota teenager who recently exchanged her recalled Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone for a replacement says the new device melted in her hand, burning her thumb. Thirteen-year-old Abby Zuis of Farmington, Minn., had her replacement phone only a few days after exchanging her original phone under a safety recall amid reports that the Samsung devices could overheat, explode, and burst into flames. On Friday afternoon, Abby was holding her phone and waiting for her siblings to get out of school when she felt what she described as a “weird, burning sensation … like pins and needles, except a lot more ... Read More

Southwest Flight Evacuated After Samsung Replacement Phone Combusts

A Southwest Airlines flight was evacuated on the runway in Louisville, Ky., Wednesday morning after a passenger’s replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone burst into flames and reportedly burned a hole in the floor of the aircraft. Southwest flight 994 passenger Brian Green had just powered down his Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone as the Baltimore-bound plane was preparing for takeoff when it burst into flames. A nearby passenger said Mr. Green immediately dropped the flaming device on the floor. Passengers remained calm as airline attendants consulted with pilots in the cockpit. Within seconds, the captain came out and told ... Read More