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Injectable Reglan, Zofran recalled due to hazardous vial defect

Some injectable medications used to treat severe acid reflux and other gastrointestinal conditions are being recalled because tiny strands of glass were found in some vials. If the glass comes loose and is injected in to patients, it could cause serious and potentially life threatening consequences. The nationwide recall involves one lot of metoclopramide injection and two lots of ondansetron injection. Metocloparmide is known by the brand name Reglan and is used to treat gastric esophageal reflux disease (GERD), and a heartburn condition known as gastroparesis in diabetics. Ondansetron, known by the brand names Zofran and Zuplenz, prevents nausea and vomiting ... Read More

Metozolv label has new tardive dyskinesia warning

The new chewable heartburn medication Metozolv, an orally disintegrating version of Reglan (metoclopramide), has added a warning to its label alerting users of a risk of the serious movement disorder Tardive Dyskinesia with long-term use of the drug. The change to the drug’s safety label was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and announced this month. The updated information to the drug’s WARNINGS section reinforces the Boxed Warning that was added to all metoclopramide-containing drugs in June 2009. The new warning states, “Treatment with metoclopramide can cause Tardive Dyskinesia (TD), a potentially irreversible and disfiguring disorder characterized by ... Read More

Restless leg syndrome turns out to be movement disorder caused by Reglan

PHOENIX, ARIZONA – Ron, a musician and artist, was having trouble sleeping. His legs would move involuntarily back and forth under the sheets. At first, both Ron and his doctors thought he suffered from restless leg syndrome. But after a battery of tests conducted by neurologists, and a review of his medical history and medications, doctors determined that Ron suffered from a Parkinson’s-like condition known as Tardive Dyskinesia. They say it was caused by the heartburn medication Reglan. Reglan, also known by the generic metoclopramide, is a prescription medication used to treat severe heartburn, acid reflux, gastroparesis and other gastrointestinal ... Read More

Reglan as morning sickness treatment still carries risks for mom

A study into the safety of the anti-nausea drug metoclopramide, also known as the brand name Reglan, on pregnant women indicates that the drug is safe in mothers and their unborn children, according to a first-time study of the drug’s affects on expectant mothers. The drug is not indicated for pregnant women but the drug has an off-label indication for the treatment of morning sickness. Metoclopramide is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat severe heartburn, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), and gastroparesis. Last year, the federal agency ordered a black box warning be placed on the drug ... Read More

Reglan users blame depression, suicidal thoughts on heartburn drug

The prescription drug Reglan, also known by the generic metoclopramide, is taken by more than 2 million people to treat the symptoms of gastrointestinal problems such as severe heartburn, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and gastroparesis. Many people have become aware of the drug’s serious side effects, including the debilitating neurological disorder known as Tardive Dyskinesia in which the muscles move involuntarily. Reglan’s safety label now includes an FDA black box warning for the risk of the disorder. But another serious condition is being blamed on the medication – suicidal ideation. “My life is unbearable because of Reglan, and if the ... Read More

Teenager finally finds relief from gastroparesis

Doctors said Gentrie Hansen’s uncontrollable bouts of nausea and vomiting were caused by bulimia, the eating disorder in which victims force themselves to throw up food they eat to keep from gaining weight. But 14-year-old Gentrie knew better. “The worst part of my whole sickness was people telling you ‘you have an eating disorder’ and you know something else is wrong and you really want your food,” she told the Today show. For several months, Gentrie was unable to eat solid food, and in at least one occasion was rushed to the hospital for her severe vomiting and dehydration. It ... Read More

Clinical trial seeks diabetics for new gastroparesis treatment

Diabetics who suffer from nausea, vomiting, bloating, or abdominal discomfort after eating may be eligible to participate in a study for an investigational medication to reduce the symptoms associated with delayed stomach emptying, also known as gastroparesis, a condition many diabetics experience. The study is being conducted at institutes in 37 cities in numerous states across the country. Additional criteria to participate includes being 18 years of age or older and free of cancer for five years. Qualified participants will receive all study-related exams and investigational study medication at no cost. Compensation is also provided. Currently, there are few options ... Read More

Forum discusses side effects of heartburn drug Reglan

Wendy from Oklahoma sought advice from fellow gastroparesis sufferers on Inspire.com’s group forum after her doctor recommended she take Reglan (metoclopramide) to treat symptoms of her condition. Gastropareses causes pain and nausea from slow emptying of the stomach contents. Wendy was concerned, she said, because “I read (Reglan) was the leading prescription cause for tardive dyskinesia,” a debilitating involuntary movement disorder similar to Parkinson’s. The numerous responses tell the same story. “My experience with Reglan was absolutely frightening,” says SoCal. “I developed severe Parkinson’s-like tremors and anxiety. And, I don’t even have a history of anxiety. I stopped the drug ... Read More

Drugs that block dopamine receptors can cause Tardive Dyskinesia

An estimated 250,000 to 400,000 people in the United States have Tardive Dyskinesia, a disfiguring and debilitating involuntary movement disorder involving symptoms such as lip smacking, tongue thrusting and protruding, eye blinking and bulging, head jerking, facial grimacing, and puckering and pulsing of the lips. The muscle spasms can become painful and embarrassing and often are permanent. But what is most disturbing is that in many cases, the condition could have been prevented. Tardive Dyskinesia is caused by the long-term use of drugs that block dopamine receptors known as dopamine-receptors antagonists or DRAs. Most of the drugs in this category ... Read More

Using Reglan can make you depressed

You can’t turn on the TV these days without hearing that the heartburn medication Reglan, also known by the generic name metoclopramide, has been linked to the serious involuntary movement disorder, Tardive Dyskinesia. But the drug also carries another serious warning – it can cause depression and suicidal thoughts. Reglan was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of gastrointestinal conditions such as chronic heartburn, severe acid reflux or GERD, nausea, and gastroparesis. One year ago, after numerous reports of people using Reglan developed the often permanent and debilitating movement disorder, the FDA placed a black ... Read More