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EEOC complaint filed by U.S. women’s soccer team members alleging gender wage discrepancy

Many Americans rarely stop to consider how the wage disparity between men and women impacts people in different career paths. Would you expect World Cup women’s soccer champions to make less than their male counterparts? This is what five star players from the U.S. women’s soccer team are now alleging in a complaint filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). “I think that we’ve proven our worth over the years,” 2015 FIFA women’s Player of the Year Carli Lloyd told NBC’s Today Show in a recent interview. “Just coming off of a World Cup win, the pay disparity between ... Read More

California Fair Pay Act set to eliminate gender wage gap

The gender wage gap has been a growing problem in the U.S.; however, the state of California decided to put an end to the injustice once and for all by introducing the historic “Fair Pay Act.” According to “The Takeaway,” the Fair Pay Act, which was signed by Governor Jerry Brown this week, requires employers paying men more than women for the same job to verify the pay is based on credentials other than gender. Not only can disgruntled employees challenge alleged discrimination more easily, but they can do so without fear of retaliation as well. “The inequities that have plagued ... Read More