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Google Ending Forced Arbitration for Sexual Harassment, Assault

Responding to internal pressures, Google will end forced arbitration for its current and future employees starting March 21. Spurred by employee protests and walkouts last year, the Menlo Park, California-based tech giant says it will no longer include a forced arbitration clause in its regular employee contracts. The arbitration agreements Google is ditching required workers to waive their right to sue the company for sexual harassment and sexual assault. Google will also strike mandatory arbitration requirements for employees of Google subsidiary companies, including X research and development lab, the DeepMind AI program, and the Access broadband unit. But the changes ... Read More

Google employees stage walkout to protest handling of sexual misconduct of top execs

Google employees from around the world are staging walkouts to protest the company’s handling of sexual misconduct claims against senior executives. The protest occurred Nov. 1 at locations around the globe including Singapore, Tokyo, London and Dublin. The walkouts were organized following a New York Times report about sexual assault claims involving the company’s creator of Android mobile software, Andy Rubin. According to the report, Google chief Larry Page sang Rubin’s praise when Rubin left the company in 2014 with a $90 million package paid in installments of about $2 million a month over four years. What Google didn’t disclose ... Read More

Waymo Autonomous Vehicle Crashes In Arizona

Autonomous vehicle manufacturer Waymo and Chandler, Arizona authorities are investigating a crash between a self-driving minivan and a Honda sedan Friday, April 4. The Chandler Police Department said that an autonomous Chrysler Pacifica belonging to Google’s self-driving car unit Waymo was hit by the Honda. According to auto blog Jalopnik, the Honda swerved to avoid striking a third vehicle but the evasive maneuver put it in the path of the Waymo van, which was driving at a low rate of speed. The two vehicles collided, injuring the driver of the autonomous van. According to the Chandler Police Department’s crash report, ... Read More

Waymo Begins Testing Self-Driving Tractor-Trailers

Waymo, an autonomous driving research and development firm spun from Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc., has started testing its self-driving technology on Class-8 heavy trucks. “We’re taking our eight years of experience in building self-driving hardware and software and conducting a technical exploration into how our technology can integrate into a truck,” Waymo said in a statement to Forbes. Waymo is testing its self-driving tractor-trailers at its private track in California using a Peterbilt truck. Road tests will come later this year in Arizona, where the company is actively enlisting residents to join its first public trial of self-driving cars. A professional ... Read More

FSU Student’s Google Phone Bursts Into Flames

A Florida State University student talked to the press recently about his Google smartphone bursting into flames on a desk near his bed. Joseph Zilonka, an FSU freshman, told WCTV Tallahassee that he woke up Jan. 31 to a crackling noise followed by his Google Nexus 6p smartphone bursting into flames. “I didn’t expect this kind of phone to do this,” he told WCTV. Mr. Zilonka said before he went to bed, he connected the Google phone to its charger next to the bed like he does every night. Only that night, instead of being wakened by an alarm, it ... Read More

Hit By A Google Self-Driving Car? Newly Patented Product Could Make You Stick Around

Google has been hard at work making the roads safer with its development of self-driving “autonomous” cars that may be better equipped than human drivers to avoid accidents. But when accidents do happen, the cars could be equipped with a patented adhesive coating that sticks pedestrians and animals to the hood and bumper instead of running them over. The new patent illustrates the concept of a strong fly-paper-like adhesive coating on the car’s hood, front bumper, and side panels. This sticky layer would be covered by covered by another “protective coating” designed to shatter in the event of an accident, ... Read More

Google Self-Driving Car May Be At Fault In Collision for First Time

An autonomous “self-driving” Lexus operated by Google seems to be partially to blame for a minor collision, according to California Department of Motor Vehicle records. The incident is the first time that a collision involving one of the tech giant’s autonomous cars, which have been driving on U.S. roads since 2014, could be to blame. The report states that both a Google self-driving car and a bus traveling behind it in another lane were attempting to merge into the same lane. The Google car noticed this, but made a judgement that the bus would slow down and allow it to ... Read More

Safety Record Of Google’s Self-Driving Cars Underscore Distracted Driving Dangers

Google announced in September that it is expanding its testing of self-driving cars from Southern California to Austin, Texas. The announcement came after the tech company logged more than 1.16 million miles of safe driverless diving. Google’s fleet of driverless cars drives more than 10,000 miles per week. Testing on the driverless Lexus cars, which are equipped with a multitude of sensors and cameras that feed information to the car’s controls, first started in 2009. Since that time, the autonomous cars have been involved in 16 accidents, all of them minor. Incredibly, none of the accidents were caused by the ... Read More

Google develops contact lens aimed at replacing blood glucose monitors

Could contact lenses replace finger-pricking to measure blood sugar levels? Google is banking on the possibility. The company earlier this month unveiled a prototype of a wearable smart device, a soft contact lens that can measure the amount of sugar in tears. The special contact lens has a tiny pinhole that lets tear fluid seep in and pass over a sensor that acts as a glucose monitor. The lens currently can get a level reading once every second. A small antenna, capacitor and controller allows the information gathered to be transferred to a handheld device for reading. More than 25 ... Read More

Google recalls 145,000 “HP Chromebook 11” chargers after reports of overheating and melting

A recall of nearly 145,000 HP Chromebook 11 power supplies/chargers has been announced by one of the most well-known Internet-related corporations in the world, Google. The recalled chargers have a tendency to overheat and possibly melt, causing fire and burn hazards to its consumers. Sold with the HP Chromebook 11, the recalled chargers are black with outlet pins, measuring 1 ¾ inches by ¾ inches. The charger’s cord is 6 feet long, containing a micro-USB connector on the end. Stamped on the face of the battery charger, the model number of the recalled charger is MU15-N1052-A00S. Google has been held ... Read More