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Comatose nursing home patient may have suffered during childbirth

The woman in a decade-long persistent vegetative state who gave birth to a healthy baby boy last month to the surprise of her family and the staff at the Phoenix, Arizona nursing home where she lived, may have suffered great pain during labor and delivery, a maternal fetal medicine expert told CNN. “I can tell you that to go through labor and deliver a baby with absolutely no analgesic is difficult, but I can’t speculate as to what this patient felt, if she felt any pain, if she knew it was happening,” said Dr. Deborah Feldman, director of maternal fetal ... Read More

Black Hawk Defects Caused Deadly Maryland Crash, Lawsuit Claims

The widow of an Army specialist who died in a Black Hawk helicopter crash in Maryland last year and two other servicemen who were critically injured in the same crash are suing Sikorsky Aircraft and its parent company Lockheed Martin, alleging a defect in the helicopter’s tail rotor caused the aircraft to spin out of control and plummet to the ground. Spc. Jeremy Tomlin, 22, of Chapel Hill, Tennessee, was killed in the Black Hawk UH-60 helicopter crash. Capt. Terikazu Onoda, the pilot, and Chief Warrant Officer Christopher Nicholas were critically injured and continue to suffer from permanent physical and ... Read More

Insurance companies fret J&J’s multibillion-dollar verdict in talc case

The $4.69 billion judgment against Johnson & Johnson over claims that its talcum powder products contain asbestos and caused women to develop ovarian cancer has the insurance industry in a tizzy wondering how much of the cost insurance companies will have to shoulder. “The J&J news prompted us to revisit this topic,” Buckingham Research Group analyst Amit Kumar told Reuters. He brought up the issue during W.R. Berkley Corp’s recent call. “I wanted to get a sense as to whether this is going to turn into a bigger deal and catch us by surprise.” Since the verdict, analysts have tapped talc ... Read More

Several Injured in Explosion at Connecticut Inn

Several people were injured in an explosion at the Spring Hill Inn in Mansfield, Connecticut on Saturday, Oct. 21. At the time, the Inn was the location of an event hosted by the Windham Area Interfaith Ministry, reports WFSB.com. According to police, six people were injured when a mystery explosion rocked the building. At least one person was transported to Hartford Hospital by Life Star. Although the injuries reported so far are non-life threatening, the incident was traumatizing. The evening of the incident, the Windham Area Interfaith Ministry was hosting an event to raise money for a mission for “providing ... Read More

Fired Hartford Whistleblowers will be Compensated

Three whistleblowers are finally getting some relief after federal authorities determined they were wrongfully terminated from a Hartford, Connecticut, health care facility in retaliation for addressing serious public health concerns. Charter Oak Health Center, which provides health care services to underserved communities in the Hartford area, and its former CEO agreed to settle a complaint initiated in early 2012, when the whistleblowers turned to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for help. According to OSHA, Charter Oak’s interim senior vice-president for operations, director of nursing, and coordinator of its Healthy Start program actively tried or helped with efforts to ... Read More

Bristol-Myers Squibb to pay states $19.5M over improper marketing of Abilify

Bristol-Myers Squibb will shell out $19.5 million to 42 states and Washington, D.C., to settle allegations that the drug maker improperly marketed its antipsychotic drug Abilify. Abilify, which contains the active ingredient aripiprazole, is currently approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat adults and adolescents with schizophrenia, adults and children with bipolar disorder, adults with major depressive disorder, and pediatric patients who exhibit irritability with autism. In 2006, the FDA warned that Abilify should not be used in elderly patients with dementia-related psychosis because the drug increased their risk of death. The states argued that Bristol-Myers Squibb ... Read More

Six Children Suffer Electrical Shocks On Connecticut Amusement Park Ride

Six children were taken to a hospital with minor injuries after experiencing electrical shocks on a ride at a Connecticut amusement park Tuesday afternoon. The children had been riding the Scrambler at Ocean Beach Park in New London and were exiting the ride when an electrical current apparently ran through the ride’s metal surfaces. The ride’s operator reported that he also was shocked when he went to turn the ride off. The incident occurred around 2 p.m. Eastern time. The children were taken to Lawrence and Memorial Hospital in Waterford, Conn., for evaluation and treatment. One of the victims suffered ... Read More

Psychiatrist To Pay Connecticut $400,000 To Settle Medicaid Fraud Case

A Connecticut psychiatrist and her husband have agreed to pay the state $400,000 to settle a False Claims Act lawsuit alleging they engaged in schemes designed to cheat Medicaid. Dr. Ashwini Sabnis, a licensed psychiatrist enrolled as a provider in the Connecticut Medical Assistance Program (CMAP) and her husband Saurav “Sam” Mohanty, co-own a practice called Brighter Concept Inc. with offices in New Haven and Fairfield. According to a complaint originally filed by Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen, Dr. Sabnis and her husband illegally billed the state’s Medicaid program for services that they never actually provided. Dr. Sabnis allegedly scheduled ... Read More

Long Beach, Calif., Sues Monsanto For Environmental Contamination

The city of Long Beach, Calif., filed a lawsuit against Monsanto and subsidiary companies of Pfizer and Eastman Chemical in federal court Thursday in an effort to recoup escalating costs involved in the cleanup of the Port of Long Beach, which is heavily contaminated with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) that allegedly entered the water from the defendants. The complaint is nearly identical to other public nuisance and equitable indemnity lawsuits filed by the cities of Oakland, San Diego, and San Jose, which claim a previous version of Monsanto (referred to as “Old Monsanto”) that splintered into the other defendants knew about ... Read More

Lightning Strike On S.C. Airport Tarmac Leads To Wrongful Death Lawsuit

A Connecticut family is suing American Airlines, South Carolina’s Columbia Metropolitan Airport, and others for negligence in making passengers disembark an airplane onto the tarmac during a severe thunderstorm last June, leading to the lightning-strike death of a family member. Sonya Dockett, 52, was struck by lightning as she was walking with her husband and two children across the tarmac at Columbia Metropolitan Airport on June 27, 2015. Her flight from Hartford’s Bradley International Airport to Charlotte, N.C., had been diverted to Columbia due to severe weather. The lighnting strike “caused Ms. Dockett severe injuries, including electrocution, which caused her ... Read More