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CSX Train Derailment Spills Toxic Load in Central Florida

Residents in the vicinity of a CSX train derailment in Lakeland, Florida, were told to shelter in place early Monday morning after crews confirmed the overturned trains spilled toxic molten sulfur. According to WFLA News Channel 8, Polk County Fire Rescue crew returning from a medical call noticed the train derailment at the intersection of Kathleen Road and N. Galloway Road about 1:50 a.m. The Fire Rescue said on its Facebook page that “the crew observed several train cars rolled over and mangled.” Communication with state officials and CSX confirmed that the overturned cars were hauling molten sulfur, a hazardous substance ... Read More

Factory Accident Envelopes Atchison, Kansas, In Chemical Cloud

Health authorities say the air quality in and around Atchison, Kan., has returned to normal after a toxic chemical cloud released from a local food additive and beverage plant enveloped the city Friday morning, sending more than 100 people to the hospital. The accident happened at the MGP Ingredients plant a couple minutes after 8 a.m. when a worker at the facility accidentally combined sulfuric acid and sodium hypochlorite, creating a reaction that sent a massive plume of chlorine gas over the city. The noxious smog was so thick in some areas that it reduced visibility to near zero. “Two ... Read More

Fuel tanker explodes near Houston

The driver of a fuel tanker told police that he heard a loud pop as he traveled along U.S. 59 in Sugar Land, Texas, Thursday night. He exited the freeway about 11:30 p.m. to investigate and found that the back wheels of his truck, which was laden with 9,000 gallons of diesel, were on fire. The flames quickly engulfed the truck and the vehicle exploded, creating a fire so intense that it burned nearby utility poles and knocked out power to homes and businesses in the area. No injuries were reported. Authorities shut down both the northbound and southbound sections ... Read More

Fuel tanker rollover spills thousands of gallons of diesel into Colorado creek

DENVER, Colo. —Environmental Protection Agency authorities were trying to determine the extent of environmental damage caused by a fuel tanker crash that occurred in the Denver area Saturday near Loveland Ski Area. Authorities investigating the crash say that the driver of a diesel tanker was driving too fast to properly navigate a hairpin curve on U.S. 6, causing the truck to rollover on the passenger side and spilling about 4,000 gallons of diesel in Clear Creek, a 66-mile-long tributary of the South Platte River. The driver of the tanker truck received minor injuries in the crash but was not taken ... Read More

Savannah controversy: who would pay for hazmat trucking disaster?

The potential for a “catastrophic event” and the costs associated with it are at the center of a debate in Savannah, Georgia after a liquid natural gas (LNG) processor nearby petitioned federal regulators to allow overland shipping of volatile gas. Southern LNG, which operates a massive LNG import terminal 5 miles downstream from Savannah, currently receives liquid methane by ship and pipes it out as a gas. The company is seeking approval to ship the gas in liquid form by truck through populated areas, including practically through the heart of Savannah. According to the Savannah Morning News, if the federal ... Read More

Unsafe motorist sends gas tanker careening off New York highway

New York State Police say that an aggressive driver was the reason a gasoline tanker truck ran off the highway onto an embankment in Colonie, New York, Wednesday morning, illustrating perfectly how some motorists are completely ignorant about sharing the road with other vehicles, especially commercial trucks that are several times larger and heavier than passenger cars. The tanker truck owned by AR Sandri, Inc. of Greenfield, Mass, was traveling eastbound on Alternate Route 7 when the drivers of two vehicles, apparently engaged in an altercation and gesturing to each other, passed the truck in the passing lane. The driver ... Read More

Possible equipment failure sends diesel tanker plummeting off Oregon highway

A truck driver hauling two tanker trailers full of diesel fuel lost control of his truck on I-84 near Hood River, Oregon, Friday afternoon after experiencing an apparent equipment failure on one of the trailers. Oregon State Police said Eric D. Christiansen, 58, of Vancouver, Washington, jumped from the truck just before it and the diesel-laden tankers toppled over and rolled down an embankment. The truck and its trailers initially came to a stop, partially dangling from a guardrail on the right shoulder of the road, giving Mr. Christiansen time to climb out before the vehicles rolled. Fortunately, the trailers ... Read More

FMCSA announces texting ban for hazmat drivers

Distracted driving killed 5,500 people on American roads and highways last year, and some of those crashes (likely many of them) happened as drivers tried to send and receive text messages behind the wheel – an act that researchers have found is many times more disorienting and deadly than drunk driving. Considering the dangers, you would think that it would be illegal for commercial drivers hauling hazardous materials to text behind the wheel. Technically it isn’t. But the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is working to change that. Although the agency posted final rules on Tuesday prohibiting commercial truck and ... Read More