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Town and Country minivan design defects led to crash deaths and injuries, lawsuit claims

A 2011 crash on a Fort Stockton, Texas highway that was so horrific and devastating it compelled pop star Justin Bieber and scores of others to organize fundraising efforts is now the subject of a lawsuit against Chrysler over alleged flaws in its Town and Country minivan. In July 2011, Joshua and Robin Berry were returning home to Houston with their three children, Peter, Aaron and Willa after a family vacation in Colorado when a Toyota 4Runner veered into their lane and struck them head-on at highway speed. The crash killed Josh, 41, and Robin, 40, and left their sons ... Read More

FMCSA safety inspector imprisoned for accepting trucking companies’ bribes

A Department of Transportation official was sentenced to 18 months in prison Thursday after pleading guilty to accepting bribes from the trucking companies he was supposed to be inspecting, a felony under U.S. law. In addition to the prison sentence, James H. Wood, 45, of Delevan, New York, was also ordered to forfeit $41,300 to the federal government. Wood served as a former field office supervisor for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) in Buffalo, N.Y. In January 2011, the U.S. Attorney’s Office charged him with accepting tens of thousands of dollars in bribe money “in exchange for initiating ... Read More

Unsafe motorist sends gas tanker careening off New York highway

New York State Police say that an aggressive driver was the reason a gasoline tanker truck ran off the highway onto an embankment in Colonie, New York, Wednesday morning, illustrating perfectly how some motorists are completely ignorant about sharing the road with other vehicles, especially commercial trucks that are several times larger and heavier than passenger cars. The tanker truck owned by AR Sandri, Inc. of Greenfield, Mass, was traveling eastbound on Alternate Route 7 when the drivers of two vehicles, apparently engaged in an altercation and gesturing to each other, passed the truck in the passing lane. The driver ... Read More

Nominations for 2010 Highway Heroes announced

Heavy trucks get a bad rap in the news all the time, so it’s nice when some of the heroes of the trucking industry get the attention they deserve for their courageous, lifesaving acts on the road. Thanks to the Goodyear North America Highway Hero Awards, commercial truck drivers are celebrated every year for their good deeds. The 28th annual Highway Hero Award ceremony was held last Thursday in Akron, Ohio. The four finalists announced were a Texas truck driver who administered CPR to a victim of a high-speed crash; a Washington truck driver who pulled an unconscious driver from ... Read More

Bill addresses loading dock detention time impact on productivity, safety

Independent truck operators have voiced concerns over the time they and their drivers are detained at loading docks waiting for cargo to be readied for pickup or unloading, and a new study has been ordered to that could change trucking industry rules from compensation to Hours-of-Service regulations. Oregon congressman Peter DeFazio introduced legislation last Thursday directing the U.S. Department of Transportation to study just how much time truckers typically lose while waiting at loading docks and to establish a maximum number of hours drivers my be detained without compensation. “Over the years I’ve heard anecdotes from truck drivers that detention ... Read More

Professional truckers offer safety tips for holiday motorists

To help motorists stay safe on the road during holidays and every other day of the year, the America’s’ Road Team Captains, an elite group of professional drivers with millions of accident-free miles between them, used their unique point of view to develop a list of safety tips for their fellow drivers. Safety threats abound on America’s roads and interstates at any given time, but holidays are particularly dangerous due to a normally dramatic increase in traffic. Given the long hours they spend on the road, commercial truck drivers have seen some of the worst that drivers have to offer. Many accidents ... Read More

Task force says sleep apnea is serious threat to truck drivers

A task force of medical professionals is calling for better screening procedures for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) among drivers of commercial trucks and busses. The sleep disorder, which is characterized by frequent pauses in breathing during sleep, can cause extreme drowsiness and fatigue in waking hours and is known to be prevalent among commercial drivers. In 2002, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the American Trucking Associations sponsored a study that found nearly one in three commercial truck drivers suffered from mild to severe OSA. In addition to sleeplessness and fatigue, the condition can cause acid reflux and other ... Read More

Motorists must use extra caution around heavy commercial trucks

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 37,261 fatal crashes occurred on U.S. roads and interstates in 2008, the agency’s last complete statistical year. These accidents killed more than 42,000 people — the equivalent of more than 16 average-size passenger airplanes every month or 200 every year. Many of these crashes are the result of driver behavior (two-thirds of all traffic fatalities may be caused by aggressive driving behaviors) or a lack of awareness about various hidden dangers present on the roads every day, such as the unique and often deadly dynamic between passenger cars and heavy commercial trucks. ... Read More

Lower maximum speed equals more mileage, less pollution, safer roads

The formula for making deliveries as profitable as possible and adding more money to the bottom line seems easy enough: More weight + higher speed = more deliveries / month. The only problem is that there are limits on weight and speed, and exceeding those limits is both illegal and unsafe for commercial carriers. However, slowing down not only saves money, it saves lives and drastically reduces emissions.  “Fuel savings can be achieved and pollution reduced immediately if you order speed governors already installed on big trucks to be set at 65 mph,” wrote Steve Owings, President and co-founder of Roadsafe ... Read More