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‘The Bone – er, Joint – Collector’ studies artificial implant technology

Steven Kurtz, biomedical engineer and director of the Implant Research Center at Drexel University, is the proud owner of an unusual collection of more than 7,000 artificial knees, hips, and other implants from around the U.S. He receives boxes of discarded devices from 15 hospitals in eight states, all in the name of making artificial implant technology better. “We study the tough things that happen to good implants,” said Kurtz. Kurtz has found that the most common reasons for the failure of joint replacement are infection, a loosening of the device, or dislocation, specifically in hip replacements. It’s less common for the ... Read More

Patients claiming injuries from Hip Implants continue quest for compensation despite roadblocks

Patients in New Zealand who claim they have been injured by metal-on-metal hip implants have hit another roadblock in their fight for compensation, but are not giving up. Justice David Collins in the High Court at Wellington has ruled that New Zealand’s method of accident compensation disallows plaintiffs from suing the hip implant manufacturer, DePuy International, which is based in Leeds, England. The three plaintiffs represent a larger group of 38 claimants that are seeking to file claims against DePuy, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, for compensation in regards to their failed devices. One of the claimants, James Elliott, who has become an unofficial ... Read More

Live Satellite Testimony Permitted for Metal-on-Metal Hip MDL Trial

Live satellite testimony has been permitted by U.S. District Judge Ed Kinkeade for a trial in a multidistrict litigation (MDL) over metal-on-metal hip implants made by Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary, DePuy Orthopaedics. In Texas court, DePuy executive Pam Plouhar is scheduled to give testimony via satellite video, as well as witnesses in Los Angeles and Minneapolis. “It’s a form of harassment. It’s court-sanctioned harassment,” said the co-chair of the life sciences and product liability practice groups at the attorney’s office defending the J&J and DePuy. “Courts and litigants have been relying on deposition transcripts and video for decades, so they’re not less reliable. They may ... Read More

Study Shows Cystic Lesions in Asymptomatic Patients with Metal-on-Metal Hips

A recent study of patients that had received a metal-on-metal hip system found they had adverse reactions to their new hip, despite being asymptomatic. Although the patients had not complained of pain and had not shown any signs of hip implant failure, 31 percent of them had cystic lesions, according to researchers. Many of the patients involved in the study returned a year later with symptoms of a failing hip, and required revision surgery. In a multidistrict litigation (MDL) against Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary, DePuy Orthopaedics, the number of lawsuits aimed at the medical device manufacturer has reached 8,800. Other manufacturers such as Stryker and Wright ... Read More

New Zealand Lawyer/Comedian and Metal-on-Metal Hip Recipient Becomes Advocate for Fellow Suffering Patients

James Elliott says the first hip operation he underwent resulted in immediate pain. He had received a DePuy ASR metal-on-metal hip implant, which had not been grafted properly. The device was loose and causing Elliott excruciating agony. “It would feel like I had been shot in the leg,” he said. Elliott says he endured 18 months of pain, which negatively affected his ability to father his two young children. Finally, he underwent a revision operation. Instead of providing relief, he says the healing process was brutal, and he admits that he was “mentally unprepared for the rehabilitation.” In the years following ... Read More

World’s Toughest Plastic May Offer an Allergy-Free Hip Implant Alternative

Polyethylene, the same plastic that is used in high-voltage cable insulation, is now being used to make hip implants as an alternative to patients that may have an allergy to other hip implant materials. This new resurfacing procedure is called Polymotion Hip Resurfacing. The 3mm-thick cup is made with cross-linked polyethylene, one of the toughest plastics ever made. The procedure removes only a small amount of bone as opposed to traditional hip replacements. Because the plastic is abrasion-resistant and doesn’t melt, it is often used for industrial purposes. The material also doesn’t trigger an allergy response. Dr. Derek McMinn, a consultant orthopaedic surgeon ... Read More

New Lab-Made Metal Four Times Tougher Than Titanium May Be the Future of Hip Prosthetics

It was discovered by accident – a lab-made metal alloy that is four times tougher than titanium. It can be used for joint prosthetics such as hip replacement devices, allowing the hip to last forever. Even hip implants made with titanium, one of the few metals that bones can grow around solidly, have to be replaced about every 10 years. The new metal, a 3-1 combination of titanium and gold, is easy to make. It is formed at high temperatures, which produces an “almost pure crystalline form beta” titanium-3-gold. The alloy is being investigated by researchers at Rice University. “It’s four times ... Read More

Patients Experience Cobalt Poisoning after Hip Replacement Surgery

Dr. Steve Tower specializes in hip, knee and shoulder surgery as well as general orthopedics and trauma care. In 2006, Tower had hip replacement surgery and received a metal-on-metal hip implant design made of chrome cobalt. A year after the hip was replaced, he began experiencing pain. Having replaced “about a thousand” hips in patients himself, Tower knew this was not the norm. Remembering that the hip was made of cobalt, he decided to have his blood levels checked. He found the cobalt levels in his blood to be extremely high. Three years after replacement, the hip became so painful that revision ... Read More

Recent Study Claims Metal Wear from Metal-on-Metal Hip implants Impairs Bone-Forming Cells’ Function

In a recent study, physicians and researchers from Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin and DRK Klinikum Westend tested the effects of metal wear from metal-on-metal hip implants looking for changes possibly linked to exposure to excessive metal ions. A Berlin-based team of researchers tested adjacent tissues, joint fluids and bone marrow that had been exposed to cobalt and chromium from the metal-on-metal hip implant. They found that dissolved metals were absorbed into the bone marrow, impairing the cells that are responsible for bone mineralization, a vital process in the forming of bone. Metal-on-metal hip device makers such as  DePuy Orthopaedics, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson,  Smith & Nephew, Wright Medical, Zimmer ... Read More

Number of hip implant revision surgeries on the rise; physicians link osteolysis to metal components

For the past 20 years, researchers at Rush University Medical Center have been studying the durability of hip implants, following the results from 204 total hip replacements performed at the center. The patients were aged anywhere from 20 years old to 84 years old. During the course of the study, the number of revision surgeries had increased because of osteolysis, which is bone resorption. Doctors explain osteolysis is how the body reacts to metal debris, which may be created by wear and corrosion of metal-on-metal hip implants. “With time, the number of repeat surgeries due to wear and osteolysis has increased, as have the numbers of ... Read More