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Record number of young patients lured by stronger hip implants

Until recent years, surgeons performed artificial hip surgery almost exclusively on patients 60 years old and up. Once considered a last resort, hip-implant surgery used to be postponed as long as possible for two reasons. First, older patients generally put less wear and tear on hip implants because they are less active, so the artificial hips should last longer. Secondly, the earlier in life a patient receives artificial hips, the more likely he will need future “revision” surgeries to replace the implants because the devices wear out over time. Most artificial hips have a life expectancy somewhere between 15 and ... Read More

Revision surgery to replace defective hip joints is more difficult than first

Revision surgery to replace a defective hip replacement system is “a much more difficult operation the second time around,” Dr. Courtland Lewis, director of quality and research at the Connecticut Joint Replacement Institute, told the New Haven Independent News. A second operation could take two to three times longer than the first, and there is the likelihood of blood loss and other complications from additional scar tissue and less bone to work with. Unfortunately, as many as 15 percent of the 93,000 people who received DePuy Orthopeadics artificial hip will need to have their implants replaced, thanks to defective parts. ... Read More

Artificial hip parts aren’t tested for safety

It sounds almost too crazy to believe. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) puts new drugs through rigorous clinical trials before approving them, but when it comes to new medical devices, ones implanted inside the body through invasive surgery, the standards are far more lax. Implants, such as artificial hips, can be sold without first going through trials. In fact, device makers can bundle components from an unapproved implant into an existing one and sell a device with very little testing, leaving unsuspecting patients to serve as guinea pigs. “You are basically testing these devices in an uncontrolled way on ... Read More

Warn friends, family about artificial hip recall

An estimated 93 million people worldwide have artificial hips manufactured by DePuy Orthopaedics, and an alarming number of them may not know that their hip implant has been recalled due to defects that have left patients with intense pain and disability. Because of this, consumers who have heard of the recall are being urged to tell their friends and family members. Pain and mobility issues are common immediately after hip replacement surgery, but when the pain lingers or returns months or years after surgery, it could be a sign that something with the hip implant has gone seriously wrong. The ... Read More

FDA working to develop registry for medical devices

When medical devices are recalled by the manufacturer, often times the news never reaches the patients who received the defective devices. Or it arrives too late. Richard Stone, 49, of Palm Beach, Fla., was in constant pain since receiving an artificial hip. It took months for doctors to discover that a piece of metal on the implant had broken and was scraping the inside of his femur. But it wasn’t until sometime after Stone’s surgery to replace the broken part that doctors realized that several batches of the same hip replacement system had been recalled months earlier because of similar ... Read More

Top 4 problems with recalled artificial hip implants

An estimated 93,000 people around the world were fitted with artificial hips made by DePuy Orthopaedics, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. Late last summer, those people were notified that their hip replacement systems were being recalled because the implants were failing at an alarming rate much higher than expected. Many patients were experiencing pain and difficultly walking, and required a second surgery to have the implant replaced. In some cases, third surgeries were required. Problems with the devices were detected in some cases just months after the artificial hips were implanted. The parts affected by the recall include the ... Read More

Many people unaware their hip implant has been recalled

Hillary Berthelet knew almost immediately that something was terribly wrong with her artificial hip. “At a certain part of the motion of my leg, the joint would … clunk. There is no other word. It would clunk,” she told CTV news. That was three years ago. Two weeks ago she received a letter from her physician informing her that her hip implant had been recalled by the manufacturer due to a higher than expected failure rate. “Physically, I felt like I had been kicked by a mule and I couldn’t read any more of the letter,” Hillary said. “I was ... Read More

Top five signs of DePuy hip replacement failure

If you are one of the thousands of people who have received a DePuy hip replacement — either the ASR (Articular Surface Replacement) Hip Resurfacing System and ASR XL Acetabular (whole hip) System – you may be experiencing some signs that the implants are failing. Since 2005, when the artificial hip systems first debuted, approximately 93,000 patients have received one of the implants. Medical research indicates that within 5 years of surgery the DePuy hips will fail in 1 out of every 8 patients, and almost all of the hip implants are expected to fail long before the usual 35-year ... Read More

DePuy artificial hip lawsuits consolidated in Ohio

Lawsuits filed against Johnson & Johnson by patients who were harmed by DePuy artificial hip implants will be overseen by one federal judge in Toledo, Ohio. The Judicial Panel in Multidistrict Litigation has stated that the number of lawsuits being filed over the faulty DePuy hip implants prompted the panel to consolidate the cases to “serve the convenience of the parties and witnesses and promote the just and efficient conduct of the litigation.” A number of class action lawsuits and hundreds of individual lawsuits over the DePuy hip implants, which were recalled last August, are being filed in courts throughout ... Read More

Another victim of faulty artificial hip system speaks out

Alison Pulito suffered hip problems for years because of childhood hip dysplasia. When she reached her 40s, she could barely walk and decided it was time to have a hip replacement. A former health care consultant, Alison did thorough homework and decided on an innovative new chromium-and-cobalt hip implant made by DePuy Orthopedics. But what Alison never imagined was that the surgery to improve her life would make it a living hell. Immediately after hip replacement surgery, the results were amazing, Alison recalls. “I sent e-mails to my surgeon saying thank you so much for, you know, taking my pain ... Read More