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Failure of metal-on-metal hip implants causing pain for patients

Scott Ebert, 48, was so happy to experience relief from pain after receiving a new artificial hip made by Stryker that he named his new puppy after the medical device company. But two months later, Ebert was singing a different tune. Ebert’s artificial joint began slipping, causing his leg to give out unexpectedly. Sharp pains stabbed at his foot, and a sizeable bruise covered his calf. His hip burned with pain, his ears rang. Ebert rattled off an odd list of symptoms that only baffled his doctor, until he drew Ebert’s blood. Ebert’s artificial hip, known as the Rejuvenate, was ... Read More

People still suffering from defective metal-on-metal hip implants

Eighteen months after receiving an all-metal artificial hip, Sally Gration’s pain started. Soon after, she began walking with a limp. But it wasn’t until five years after her surgery that doctors tested her blood and confirmed that the problems she was experiencing with her hip implant were because the metal device was corroding inside her body. “I discovered that I had high levels of chromium cobalt in my body and the implant needed to come out,” Sally told The Telegraph. “But when they removed it, they couldn’t put a new one in because it had affected my body so badly… ... Read More

Orthopedic surgeon warns younger patients to consider pros, cons of joint replacement

Total hip replacement surgeries are increasing in the United States and more are being performed on younger patients, many of whom see this “last-ditch” procedure as a quick means to decreasing pain and increasing mobility. It is a trend that surprises some orthopedic surgeons. “I’m a little surprised sometimes when people come into the office thinking that joint replacement is for anyone. They take it very lightly,” Dr. Joseph Borrelli, an orthopedic surgeon at Texas Health Arlington Memorial Hospital and the Texas Physicians Group told the Dallas News. “It’s important to know the magnitude of putting in a total joint. ... Read More

Younger women with metal hips more likely to require revision surgery

Metal-on-metal stemmed hip implants should no longer be used in patients, and patients with these artificial hips should be carefully monitored, particularly young women whose hip implants have large diameter heads, according to a new study. The study, conducted by researchers from the Universities of Bristol and Exeter, and the Centre for Hip Surgery at the Wrightingdon Hospital in Lancashire, was based on data from the National Joint Registry in England and Wales. Researchers looked at 402,051 first total hip replacements using a stemmed implant between April 2003 and September 2011. They then singled out revision operations carried out on ... Read More

Researchers say it’s too soon to rule out cancer risk with corroding metal hip implants

The BBC announced this week that there is no evidence to suggest that metal-on-metal hip implants cause cancer, but a new study shows that DNA damage could occur if metal debris from the implant gets into the bloodstream, which can ultimately result in medical complications including cancer. The BBC based its decision on a study that found that patients with metal-on-metal hip implants did not have a higher rate of cancer than the general population or patients with artificial hips made with other materials. The study spanned up to seven years post hip replacement surgery. The study was initiated after ... Read More

Knee, hip replacement surgery puts older adults at risk for heart attack

People who are older than 60 who undergo knee or hip replacement surgery are at risk of having a heart attack in the weeks immediately following surgery, a new study shows. One in 200 older patients experience a heart attack in the six weeks following hip surgery, and 1 in 500 experience a heart attack in the six weeks following knee surgery. Elderly patients over the age of 80 are at greater risk. The study does not prove the surgeries cause heart attacks, but doctors speculate the stress of undergoing surgery and the disruption of the flow of blood and oxygen ... Read More

Corroding metal hip implants may cause DNA damage, medical problems

Corroding debris from failing metal-on-metal artificial hips release Cobalt 2+ ions in surrounding tissue, which cause inflammation and may also do damage to DNA which could result in medical complications including cancer, according to researchers from Imperial College London and Ohio State University. Metal-on-metal hip replacement systems were introduced in the early 2000s as a more durable alternative to traditional ceramic or plastic hip implants. But the devices began failing at higher than expected rates after just five years or less. What surgeons found is that the failures were triggered by inflammation in the tissue surrounding the implant. This inflammation was ... Read More

Metal-on-metal implants responsible for most artificial-hip complaints

Nearly three-quarters – or 12,137 – of complaints made to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2011 regarding artificial hips involved a recalled metal-on-metal hip implant made by Johnson & Johnson subsidiary DePuy Orthopaedics, the agency reported. The recall, issued in 2010, involved the DePuy ASR XL Acetabulator Hip Replacement System. But that wasn’t the only metal-on-metal hip implant to cause problems. Metal-on-metal artificial hips from all manufacturers generated about twice the number of complaints in 2011 than implants made with plastic or ceramic parts. The report was announced this week during a review of all-metal hip implants by ... Read More

Medical device lobby results in more red tape for FDA

New legislation that allows the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to approve drugs that appear to have breakthrough potential by accepting smaller, shorter clinical studies also requires that the FDA provide a rationale for denying the approval of medical devices within 30 days of issuing a rejection. The FDA’s oversight of new drugs and medical devices is a topic of much debate. Drug companies are pushing for a faster approval process, especially for first-of-their-kind medicines to treat life-threatening diseases, and for generic drugs. The new legislation will allow the FDA to hire 800 new employees to work through a backlog ... Read More

Health Canada issues advice for doctors who see patients with metal artificial hips

Canada’s drug regulator is advising doctors on how to manage patients who have received metal-on-metal artificial hips, and alerting patients who have received the implants to be on the lookout for signs of failure. Health Canada’s announcement comes after much scrutiny over so-called metal-on-metal hip implants. Traditional hip replacements are made with ceramic or plastic parts, but newer ones have been designed with all metal parts in an attempted to stand up better over time. However, reports show the devices have been failing at a higher than expected rate after just five or less years. Hip implant failures usually involve ... Read More