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New Zealanders who say they were injured by DePuy hip implants find hope in UK litigation

A group of New Zealanders allegedly harmed by metal-on-metal hip implants manufactured by DePuy Orthopaedics is joining an international lawsuit against the company. According to Farifax NZ News, about 30 New Zealanders learned they were eligible to sue DePuy under English law and are currently working with a barrister (lawyer) in the U.K. to file their claims in the British court. Their eligibility comes as good news to all 507 New Zealanders who have been implanted with one of DePuy’s recalled ASR (articular surface replacement) hip devices, which have been implanted in about 93,000 patients worldwide. The plaintiffs are not ... Read More

DePuy hip implant leads to renewed pain, hardship for Minnesota woman

Terri, a mother of twin college-age daughters and a grown son, told the Minnesota StarTribune that the DePuy ASR artificial hip she received in 2008 to counter the chronic arthritis in her right hip gave her a new lease on life. As she recovered from replacement surgery, the pain subsided and her mobility improved dramatically. The increased activity allowed Terri to shed excess weight, and she went from 219 pounds to 165 in just a year. But in late 2009, her right hip popped, the pain came back, and all her progress stopped. In fact, she found herself sliding backward ... Read More

Researchers warn doctors not to use metal-on-metal hip implants

Researchers who conducted studies on metal-on-metal hip implants are asking doctors to stop using the devices because they believe they are much more likely to need repair or replacement, and may leech toxic metals into patients’ bloodstreams. The study, funded by the National Joint Registry of England and Wales, was published online this week in The Lancet. The study involved data of more than 400,000 hip replacement surgeries from the National Joint Registry between 2003 and 2011. More than 31,000 of the surgeries involved metal-on-metal hip implants. The others involved more traditional plastic or ceramic devices. Researchers found that after five ... Read More

Most all-metal hip recipients need yearly testing, British regulators warn

Great Britain’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) on Tuesday advised recipients of certain high-risk all-metal hip implants to be tested annually for the rest of their lives out of concern for illnesses and injuries the implants may cause. Annual blood tests will detect how much cobalt and chromium the hip devices have released into the body through friction between their all-metal parts. Patients with elevated levels of the metals in their blood will need to have magnetic resonance imaging scans (MRIs) to show any injuries the metal hips may have caused. Many patients who have received one of DePuy ... Read More

BBC investigation exposes dire threat posed by all-metal hip implants

A joint investigation led by the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) and the British Medical Journal (BMJ) has found that DePuy Orthopaedics and other manufacturers of all-metal hip implants may have known about the serious risks these devices have posed for years but failed to remove them from the market. The investigative report comes as Great Britain’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) issued a new advisory to nearly 50,000 all-metal hip implant recipients in the U.K., urging them to undergo annual tests to check for possible complications arising from the risky devices. The advisory replaces a previous recommendation that ... Read More

British study links metal hips with elevated cancer risks

Preliminary results of a British study that monitored the health of patients who were implanted with all-metal hips suggest the devices may be exposing patients to increased cancer risks and genetic damage. All-metal hip implants, also called metal-on-metal implants, are artificial hip devices that incorporate a metal ball and metal cup. Friction generated by this metal-on-metal combination releases metallic particles into the patient’s body, often leading to elevated levels of cobalt and chromium in the blood, which may cause local and systemic damage. The recall of DePuy Orthopedics’ all-metal ASR hip devices in August 2010 and escalating concerns over the ... Read More

Congress weighs value of expedited approval process for medical devices

Medical device manufacturers are hoping lawmakers sympathize with them and their efforts to put much-needed medical devices on the market sooner for patients in need, rather than with consumer groups who say the approval process for moderate-risk medical devices is flawed and dangerous, and allows products onto the market before they have been proved safe and effective. The $350 million medical device industry spent a whopping $33 million last year and used 225 lobbyists in an effort to sway federal decision makers in their favor despite records from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that show that nearly 5,000 deaths in ... Read More

Medical device makers to pay more for product approvals

Medical device makers who want to have their products reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in order to be sold in the United States will have to pay twice as much as they have in years past. The agency says it is increasing its rates in order to pay for an additional 200 full-time employees to manage the approval process for moderate risk medical devices. The vast majority of moderate risk medical devices are currently approved through an expedited process that grants approval to medical devices if there is a similar product already on the market. While this ... Read More

FDA increases fees in hopes of improving medical device approval process

Medical device manufacturers will have to double the fees they pay to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in order to have their products reviewed over the next five years as part of a plan to provide faster, more thorough evaluations. The increase would allow the FDA to hire 200 new full-time employees within five years to assist with medical device evaluations. As part of the approval process, evaluators would be required to meet with device applicants midway through the review process in order to address concerns. Medical device makers are in favor of a plan that would allow for ... Read More

All-metal hip implant makers will likely pay billions in settlement fees

Makers of all-metal hip replacement systems, including Johnson & Johnson and Zimmer Holdings, will likely shell out millions, possibly billions, in settlement fees to patients who have suffered after they received the hip implants, according to Forbes. Artificial hips are traditionally made with plastic or ceramic parts, but many newer versions on the market are made with all metal parts. The idea behind the new composition was that they would hold up better over time. But the design, surgeons have discovered, is flawed. When the metal ball rubs against the metal socket, tiny bits of metal debris may fall into ... Read More