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Readers warn people with metal hip implants to have their blood checked for metal ions

“If you have a metal-on-metal (hip) replacement, it is imperative to have the metal ion test as soon as possible,” warned BJackson, in a comment on Missoulian’s Letters to the Editor. “My neighbor’s wife passed away a little over a year ago because of cobalt and chromium poisoning. .. she had the offending metal-on-metal (hip implant) removed and a new hip put in, (but) it was too late for her. They had spent three years telling her that she had ALS, but they were incorrect, and it was the metal-on-metal (hip implant) that killed her.” The comment was posted in ... Read More

Newly discovered lube may help improve performance of metal hips

A newly discovered lubricant may help keep metal-on-metal hip implants from breaking down and poisoning the blood. Researchers at Northwestern and Rush University Medical Center in Chicago discovered that the naturally occurring lubricant is graphite-based and not comprised of proteins from the patient’s body. This lubricating substance acts much like motor oil in a combustion engine, allowing the parts to move together smoothly. More research is needed to identify the origin of the lubricating graphite, but the discovery of the lube gives hope that one day it can help extend the life of metal hip implants. Traditional artificial hips are ... Read More

Recalls of medicines, devices continue to tarnish J & J’s image

The hits keep coming for Johnson & Johnson. The pharmaceutical giant announced Friday that it was recalling even more of its popular over-the-counter drugs from wholesalers because of lax manufacturing practices. This latest recall involves 43 million packages of Tylenol, Benadryl, Sudafed and Sinutab, and another four million packages of Rolaids Multi-Symptom Berry tablets, all of which were manufactured at J&J’s McNeil Consumer Healthcare plant. That is the same facility that has been plagued with quality-control problems and the primary reason why, since last year, more than 330 million OTC medicine bottles, blister packs, vials, boxes and other objects manufactured ... Read More

DePuy accused of using deceptive tactics for hip recall defense

People suffering from pain and disability from faulty hip replacement devices made by DePuy Orthopaedics, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, are urged not to share information with DePuy, Johnson & Johnson, or allow a physician to release medical records to a third party company as that information may be used against a plaintiff as evidence in court. At the end of August, DePuy and Johnson & Johnson announced they were recalling parts used for hip replacements because of the high rate of repeat surgeries needed by people who had received the implants. An estimated 93 million people are affected ... Read More