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Readers warn people with metal hip implants to have their blood checked for metal ions

“If you have a metal-on-metal (hip) replacement, it is imperative to have the metal ion test as soon as possible,” warned BJackson, in a comment on Missoulian’s Letters to the Editor. “My neighbor’s wife passed away a little over a year ago because of cobalt and chromium poisoning. .. she had the offending metal-on-metal (hip implant) removed and a new hip put in, (but) it was too late for her. They had spent three years telling her that she had ALS, but they were incorrect, and it was the metal-on-metal (hip implant) that killed her.” The comment was posted in ... Read More

Johnson and Johnson to pay $2.5 billion to resolve thousands of ASR metal hip lawsuits

Johnson & Johnson will pay more than $2.5 billion to resolve more than 7,500 lawsuits involving defective ASR metal-on-metal hip implants made by its subsidiary DePuy Othopaedics. DePuy issued a worldwide recall on an estimated 93,000 of its ASR all-metal hip replacement systems in 2010 after reports that the devices were failing at a faster than expected rate. Traditional hip implants can last 20 years or more before needing to be replaced. However, a large number of DePuy’s ASR devices were failing in five years or less. Unlike traditional hip implants that are made with ceramic or plastic parts, the ... Read More

Judge denies metal hip maker’s request to dismiss lawsuit in multidistrict litigation

A lawsuit in a multidistrict litigation (MDL) will move forward against Biomet Inc. over its allegedly defective metal-on-metal hip implant after an Indiana federal judge declined the company’s request for dismissal. Biomet argued that the claim against the company was preempted by federal law because the device was approved for use as part of a clinical investigation to determine safety and efficacy. The lawsuit was filed by Leslie Caccia who claimed he received a defective M2A-Magnum hip replacement system, made by Biomet. The complaint states the device damaged bone and tissue surrounding Caccia’s implant and he required multiple revision surgeries ... Read More

DePuy discontinues two of its hip replacement systems

DePuy Orthopaedics, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, announced it will stop selling two of its less popular hip replacement systems. The company said discontinuations are not the result of safety or effectiveness concerns, and the devices were not being recalled. DePuy will discontinue both the Ultamet Metal-on-Metal Articulation and the Complete Ceramic-on-Metal Acetabular systems in August. The devices were distributed worldwide but now represent less than 1 percent of DePuy bearings sold in the United States and Europe. Physicians are now opting for artificial hips made from metal-on-polyethylene, ceramic-on-polyethylene, or ceramic-on-ceramic parts. One reason why surgeons have turned away ... Read More

DePuy’s tests on metal artificial hip system failed to show potential dangers of device

Orthopedic doctors were optimistic when metal-on-metal hip replacement systems were first introduced around the world. They offered a seemingly more durable alternative to traditional ceramic or plastic artificial hips. The devices were especially attractive to younger recipients, who wanted to go back to a more active lifestyle. DePuy Orthopaedics, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, introduced the DePuy ASR metal-on-metal hip replacement system and hip resurfacing system. The hip replacement system was quickly approved in the United States without prior human testing because it was similar to devices already on the market. However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) refused to ... Read More

British MPs call for criminal inquiry into toxic DePuy hip implants

British MPs have called for an investigation into DePuy Orthopaedics after testimony from a U.S. court case revealed that the medical device company continued to sell defective artificial hip implants despite knowing for at least three years they were toxic to patients. DePuy, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, recalled the ASR hip replacement system and hip resurfacing system after mounting reports that the device was failing at a higher than expected rate. The recall affected an estimated 93,000 people worldwide. The DePuy device was made to be more durable with all-metal parts, as opposed to plastic or ceramic parts ... Read More

DePuy recalls device used in knee revision surgery

DePuy Orthopaedics is recalling the LPS Diaphyseal Sleeve used in knee revision surgery because of a defect that can result in loss of function or loss of limb, infection, compromised soft tissue or death. The recall is classified as a Class 1, which is the most serious type of recall and involves situations in which there is a reasonable probably that use of the products will cause serious adverse health consequences or death. The recall involves the LPS Diaphyseal Sleeve intended for use with the LPS System, which is an end-stage revision knee product that allows surgeons to reconstruct severe ... Read More

Johnson and Johnson recalls another metal-on-metal hip implant

Johnson & Johnson is recalling thousands more metal-on-metal hip replacement systems because of early failures. The recall comes 2 ½ years after the company recalled the DePuy Orthopaedics ASR metal-on-metal hip replacement system and hip resurfacing system for similar problems, an event that brought to light serious flaws with all-metal hip implants. Most artificial hips are made with plastic or ceramic parts. During the past decade, some medical device companies began using all-metal parts. It turned out to be a grievous design flaw. The metal parts were prone to corroding inside the body, leading to early failure of the devices, ... Read More

Johnson and Johnson internal analysis shows recalled hip implant could have 40 percent failure risk

Not long after health care giant Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary DePuy Orthopaedics issued a worldwide recall of the ASR hip replacement system and ASR hip resurfacing system due to a higher rate of premature failures than competitive devices, the company launched an internal analysis of its recalled metal-on-metal devices. What the company discovered is that the devices were far more defective than first thought. The analysis showed that the hip implants could be expected to fail within five years in an estimated 40 percent of patients who received the all-metal hip. It was data from the National Joint ... Read More

Johnson and Johnson to focus on medical devices, new drugs in 2013

Medical devices, new prescription drugs in development, and righting manufacturing problems will be the focus of health care giant Johnson & Johnson’s efforts in 2013, the company announced. Johnson & Johnson is rolling out this week its fourth-quarter results along with its 2013 forecast and providing a periodic update for analysts on its medical device and diagnostics division, which has grown to be the company’s largest segment bringing in about $26 billion in annual revenue. Johnson & Johnson makes everything from artificial joints and contact lenses to surgical devices and diabetes testing supplies. In 2010, its DePuy Orthopaedics subsidiary made ... Read More