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Tractor-Trailer Group Seeks Further Changes to Anti-Fatigue Rules

Is it possible to settle hours-of-service (HOS) regulations for tractor-trailer drivers to everyone’s satisfaction? Nearly a year after federal regulators overturned parts of hours-of-service reforms instituted in 2013, the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) is petitioning the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to further loosen the rules, which limit the consecutive driving hours and mandate periods of rest for tractor-trailer drivers. The OOIDA is asking the FMCSA to allow drivers to pause their 14-hour daily clock for up to three consecutive hours and eliminate the 30-minute rest break mandated under the current regulations. HOS rules are intended to reduce ... Read More

FMCSA: Tennessee Truck Driver A Deadly Threat To Other Motorists

Federal authorities have declared a Tennessee commercial truck driver to be an imminent hazard to public safety and ordered him to stop operating any commercial motor vehicle after he caused a deadly accident and left the scene. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) said that Earnest Paul Biddwell, who holds a commercial driver’s license from Tennessee, was operating a large commercial truck on Tennessee State Route 305 in McMinn County in August when the gooseneck trailer hitched to his truck came loose and separated. When the gooseneck trailer, a long flatbed trailer that can support other structures, detached from ... Read More

FMCSA To Test Hours-of-Service Rule Change For Commercial Drivers

Federal transportation regulators are planning to test new hours-of-service regulations for commercial truck drivers that would allow them to split their off-duty time into two shorter segments without exceeding current on-duty driving limits. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) hopes to enroll about 200 commercial truck drivers in the pilot program, which essentially rolls back hours-of-service regulations to a previous standard that allowed drivers to split their sleep berth time. Under the program, commercial truck drivers who regularly use a sleeper berth would be allowed to divide their 10 hours of off-duty time into two separate sleeper berth splits ... Read More

Multiple Offenses Prompt Feds To Bar Idaho Truck Driver From Commercial Driving

Federal safety regulators have declared a commercial truck driver from Idaho to pose “an imminent threat to public safety” and ordered him to immediately stop driving any commercial motor vehicles. Justin Dennis’ troubles with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the law started in January of last year when he was subjected to a random test for controlled substances. The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) requires random controlled-substances tests to be performed on holders of a commercial driver’s license. The test administered to Mr. Dennis revealed the presence of methamphetamine in his body. The positive result for meth ... Read More

Canadian Truck driver Arrested In Maine After Illegal Turn Sends Motorist To Hospital

Maine State Police arrested a Canadian truck driver on a charge of aggravated driving to endanger after he illegally used the “authorized access” lane on Interstate 95, causing another motorist to crash and suffer life-threatening injuries. Authorities said that Dario Dosen, 49, of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, was driving a tractor trailer on I-95 August 25 when he missed his exit in Hampden and attempted to make a U-turn onto the southbound lanes from the left northbound lane by using an access restricted to law enforcement and Department of Transportation vehicles. Brian Richardson, 33, of Veazie, Maine, was forced to ... Read More

Feds Order Tennessee Truck Driver Off The Road After Deadly Crash

Federal traffic safety regulators have ordered a Tennessee commercial truck driver to cease driving after an investigation of a fatal crash in Maine turned up multiple safety violations. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) deemed driver Randall Weddle an imminent hazard to public safety – a measure the agency takes when it believes a driver is too dangerous to allow behind the wheel of a large truck. The order for him to cease operating was issued on June 22. According to the FMCSA, Mr. Weddle was driving a tractor trailer for Tennessee-based R&E Logistics Inc. on March 18. While ... Read More

Profits Driving Hours-of-Service Rollback, Safety Takes a Back Seat

Putting business profits above public safety is the root of the problem with new measures being pushed through Congress that roll back hours-of-service (HOS) rules for commercial truck drivers to their 2011 form, allowing trucking companies to impose longer work days and driving shifts on drivers. The unsafe provisions, which have been attached to the fiscal year 2017 Transportation, Housing and Urban Development (THUD) funding bill by legislators in the pocket of trucking industry lobbyists, raise the number of hours drivers are permitted to drive each week from 60 to 73, plus an additional 10 hours of non-driving work, such as ... Read More

Feds Shut Down Limousine Company After Deadly Crash Exposes Multiple Safety Violations

Federal officials this month ordered a Wisconsin limousine service to “immediately cease all intrastate and interstate operations” after an investigation found the company’s noncompliance with critical safety rules posed “an imminent threat to public safety.” The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) said it served Mary and Patrick Lyons, who do business as Lyons Limousine LLC, an order to cease all business operations. The government’s order was primarily based on what it found investigating a fatal March 25 crash of a Lyons limousine in Elgin, Ill. The driver of the single-vehicle crash, which killed one passenger and injured several others, ... Read More

Canadian Truck Driver Barred From Operating In U.S. After Multiple Violations In Four Days

Federal safety authorities have deemed a Canadian truck driver to be “an imminent hazard to public safety” and barred him from operating a commercial vehicle in the U.S. following a series of incidents including “dangerous and erratic operation” of a truck, falsifying records, and other offenses. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) said that Inderjit Singh Gill, who holds a Class A commercial driver’s license issued in Ontario, Canada, was stopped by U.S. authorities on four separate occasions in as many days last month, starting on March 4 when roadside safety inspectors pulled him out of service for falsifying ... Read More

Truck Driver Barred From Road For Poor Health, HOS Violations

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) announced Tuesday that it is revoking the commercial driver’s license of a Minnesota truck driver who the agency says poses an imminent hazard to public safety for medical reasons. The FMCSA said that John Ray Carpenter, a licensed commercial truck driver and chief executive officer at Carpenter Brothers Services, Inc. of Hibbing, Minn., is “medically unqualified to operate a commercial motor vehicle” and was served a notice barring him from operating a commercial motor vehicle in Minnesota as well as outside of the state. According to the agency, Mr. Carpenter was driving a ... Read More