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Hotel Pools and Hot Tubs Cause A Third of Swimming-Related Illness

Swimming pools are a major source of injury and death for children in the U.S., but they are also responsible for many outbreaks of waterborne disease, government health officials warn. One-third of all recreational waterborne disease outbreaks from 2000 through 2014 occurred in hotel pools and hot tubs, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says in a new report. The pathogens Cryptosporidium (also known as “Crypto”), Pseudomonas, and Legionella were responsible for the largest number of outbreaks in swimming pools throughout the U.S. during the 14-year time period analyzed, according to the CDC report. The Crypto parasite is tough enough to ... Read More

For young children, drowning hazards abound around the home

“Too many young children are drowning,” Inez Tenenbaum, Chairwoman of the U.S Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC), warned in a recent announcement about drowning risks around the home. Surprisingly, Ms. Tenenbaum wasn’t speaking of the dangers posed by swimming pools and hot tubs, but by other less obvious and potentially deadly products around the home – essentially, anywhere an accumulation of water is present. “Just as with pools, I urge parents and caregivers to childproof their home and constantly supervise young children around bathtubs, bath seats and buckets,” Ms. Tenenbaum said. “Taking extra safety steps at home can help prevent ... Read More