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Plumes of Benzene found to be coming from underground pipelines around Houston Ship Channel

When Jay Olaguer, the air-quality science program director at the Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC), and his team of researchers conducted a month-long study in two neighborhoods near the Houston Ship Channel, they found plumes of benzene from the nearby petrochemical industry in expected places. But they were also surprised by some unexpected results. He and his fellow scientists detected many pollutants including benzene coming from the refineries, rail yard and barges in the channel. That was expected. But they also discovered “sporadic, unpredictable belches” of benzene emitted from the ground. Benzene, a key ingredient in gasoline, is a sweet-smelling chemical that is used to make plastics, lubricants, ... Read More

Galveston Bay oil spill already disastrous on Texas’ economy and environment

A collision of an oil barge carrying more than 900,000 gallons of “especially thick” marine fuel and a ship occurred this Saturday at Galveston Bay in Texas, causing an oil spill in the Houston Ship Channel. Known to be black, sticky and unusually heavy, the RMG 380 marine fuel oil will likely sink as opposed to evaporating from the water’s surface due to the oil’s consistency. This could mean the devastating effects on the environment and its wildlife may persist for months or even years. “Fuel oil is not easy to clean off anything,” said Jim Suydam, a spokesman for ... Read More