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Toyota recalls 82,000 hybrid SUVs for potential control-system defect

Toyota announced Wednesday it will recall about 82,000 hybrid Highlander and Lexus SUVs with faulty computer-board wiring that could cause the vehicles to lose power. This latest safety recall encompasses model-year 2006-2007 Highlander and Lexus SUV hybrids that were sold in the United States. Toyota said the recall includes about 45,500 Highlander Hybrids and 36,700 Lexus Rx 400h vehicles. No other vehicles are affected. According to Toyota certain transistors on the control board inside the affected vehicles have inadequate soldering that could become heat-damaged from high currents during “high-load” driving. “If this were to occur, various warning lamps will illuminate ... Read More

Toyota suspends Lexus HS250h sales after NHTSA finds gas leak

Toyota has suspended U.S. sales of its new hybrid Lexus car after federal regulators found vehicles spilled too much fuel in crash tests, posing a serious fire risk. Toyota said in a letter to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that it is recalling about 17,000 2010 model-year HS250h sedans. The problem deals another painful blow to a company whose image and reputation are already battered by reports of sudden, unintended acceleration in its vehicles. The problem led to a sales suspension of some of its most popular car models, a record safety recall of more than 8 million vehicles, ... Read More

Toyota apology falls short with angry dealers

Toyota Motor Sales, USA, has a lot of sucking up to do to the dealers that have made the company tops in automotive sales in the United States. First, dealers had to reassure their customers after Toyota issued two separate recalls over the past few months for issues involving sudden and unintended acceleration. Then last week, the company announced that it was recalling hundreds of thousands of its hybrids, the prized Prius and the luxury Lexus, due to problems with the automobile’s anti-lock braking system. In an effort to pacify angered dealers, Toyota apologized and says it plans to launch ... Read More