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Helios bond funds set for liquidation

Three former Regions Morgan Keegan bond funds that were renamed under the Helios brand when Hyperion Brookfield Asset Management acquired them are now set for liquidation, pending stockholder approval. The troubled funds were acquired after suffering significant and sudden losses during the subprime mortgage crisis. Regions Morgan Keegan is defending hundreds of arbitration lawsuits regarding the funds, which were backed by risky mortgage-related assets. Investors allege the funds were represented as low-risk securities, but when the mortgage crisis hit beginning in the middle of 2007, the funds suffered staggering and sudden losses. Some funds dropped between 62 and 82 percent ... Read More

McCarver gets $100,000 in RMK claim

Noted baseball announcer Tim McCarver, who entered an arbitration case against Morgan Keegan & Co. in November 2008 claiming $1.6 million in losses has received $100,000 in compensatory damages, The Memphis Daily News reports. The Memphis native best known for his Major League career with the St. Louis Cardinals wanted to work with his hometown brokerage firm when he selected Morgan Keegan – based in Memphis and owned as a subsidiary of Birmingham, Ala. based Regions Financial Corp. – for his investments, the News says. However, his funds were placed in high-risk funds, resulting in unusually fast and severe losses. ... Read More

Regions selling off RMK Select Funds

Today the Birmingham Business Journal reported that Regions Financial Corp., which is headquartered in Birmingham, Ala., is selling off its 11 Regions Morgan Keegan (RMK) Select Funds. These funds are currently managed by Regions’ investment arm, Morgan Keegan & Co., based in Memphis. The funds will be sold to Pioneer Investment Managment, Inc., the Journal reports. The deal is pending approval by Regions shareholders, but if approved will remove the financial company from the mutual funds business entirely, according to the Journal. This news follows on the heels of other efforts by Regions to divest itself of investment funds following ... Read More

RMK fund set for liquidation

The Memphis Daily News recently reported that Hyperion Brookfield Asset Management, which in July took over administration of seven Regions Morgan Keegan funds under fire for misrepresentation, will liquidate one of the funds, pending shareholder approval. The fund in question is the Regions Morgan Keegan Select Short Term Bond Fund. Hyperion took over management of the Morgan Keegan investment arm of Regions after several funds suffered steep and sudden drops in value as a result of their connection to the subprime mortgage securities market. On Dec. 30, the Daily News announced that Hyperion had changed the names of seven former ... Read More

RMK funds change names to reflect new Helios brand

According to a report in the Memphis Commercial Appeal today, seven former Regions Morgan Keegan investment funds have changed their names, and six have new trading symbols. The changes reflect the change in management from Regions Financial to Hyperion Brookfield Asset Management, which took over the troubled investment arm in July. Each fund name now starts with Helio, which is Hyperion’s brand name. The Commercial Appeal quotes Marion Hayes, a spokesperson for Hyperion, as saying, “It’s not right for these funds to be named Regions Morgan Keegan funds when they’re managed by us.” The change affects four closed-end funds and ... Read More

New MK fund managers tight-lipped

On Aug. 18, we reported that Regions Morgan Keegan had shifted management of its seven failed investment funds to Hyperion Brookfield Asset Management company. This week, a report in the Memphis Commercial Appeal said the new managers have begun reworking the funds, but in a conference call with investors would not make any guarantees about results. Hyperion is working to reposition and revamp the funds, which faltered badly as a result of ties to subprime mortgage lending. It is estimated that investors, who were promised low-risk funds but were instead placed into high-risk securities, suffered losses up to 90 percent ... Read More

MK funds get new asset manager

After seven Regions Morgan Keegan investment funds took a nose dive because of their ties to the subprime mortgage lending crisis, stockholders found themselves holding greatly devalued portfolios. Because the funds had been initially represented as low-risk, when in actuality they were tied to the volatile subprime lending market, stockholders are bringing suit against Regions Morgan Keegan for their losses. Now, the investment portfolios have a new manager, Hyperion Brookfield Asset Manager. According to a report in the Memphis Commercial Appeal, Hyperion Brookfield, based in New York, NY, took over the management of three open-end funds and four closed-end funds ... Read More