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Refinery to pay nearly $11 million to settle Clean Air Act violations

Wood River Refinery in Roxana, Illinois, will spend just shy of $11 million to settle a federal lawsuit accusing the company of violating the Clean Air Act by emitting an excessive amount of dangerous chemicals. The lawsuit was brought by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Department of Justice, and the Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan. Wood River Refinery, located on the Mississippi River about 15 miles northeast of St. Louis, is owned by Phillips 66 and Cenovus Energy and is operated by WRB Refining LP. In 2009, the refinery made operation changes that resulted in more than a dozen ... Read More

New Opioid Fraud Lawsuits Say Medical Groups Contributed to Crisis

A number of communities in Cook County, Illinois, are taking opioid manufacturers and distributors to court for their role in fueling the deadly opioid epidemic sweeping across the U.S. Now three more Chicago-area towns have joined the fray, but adding three medical societies as defendants in addition to the usual defendants for their alleged contributions to the opioid epidemic. According to the Cook County Record, the towns of Bedford Park, Lyons, and Summit filed lawsuits last week in Cook County Circuit Court. Though filed separately, the complaints each name as defendants Purdue Pharma; Abbott Laboratories; Teva Pharmaceuticals; Cephalon, Johnson & ... Read More

Truck Driver Awarded $5.4 Million After Amputation Accident

A federal jury in West Virginia ordered two trucking companies to pay a commercial truck driver more than $5.4 million after his foot was severely crushed on the job and he was forced to undergo a partial leg amputation. According to Land Line mag, plaintiff Richard Edwards Jr., a commercial truck driver, was helping his boss, David McGowan, to load metal pipes onto his truck with a forklift. Mr. Edwards drove trucks for McElliotts Trucking, a Huntington, West Virginia-based trucking firm owned by Mr. Edwards. Mr. McGowan first secured the forks of the forklift to a strap that wrapped around ... Read More

Man claims asbestos-containing products caused cancer

An Illinois couple filed a lawsuit against several product manufacturers alleging asbestos in the products contributed to the man’s cancer diagnosis. The lawsuit was filed by Steven and Sandy Akey in St. Clair County (Illinois) Circuit Court against several defendants including ABB Inc., Cleaver-Brooks and Vermont Talc. According to the complaint, Steven worked with products that contained asbestos fibers for several years while working as an electrician and a general laborer. In October 2017, Steven was diagnosed with cancer, which he claims was caused by the inhalation or swallowing of microscopic asbestos fibers that he worked around. Asbestos is a ... Read More

Analysts try to track steel mill’s pollutants

ArcelorMittal’s Burns Harbor steel mill along Lake Michigan about 20 miles southeast of Chicago is responsible for baking coal into high-carbon coke and processing iron ore for its blast furnaces in order to produce steel. The mill emitted nearly 18,000 pounds of toxic lead and 173,000 pounds of benzene in 2016, yet environmental regulators have no clue where those hazardous emissions are going after they are released into the air. The state of Illinois conducted an analysis of local wind patterns, which suggested the pollution could be blowing northward toward Chicago, or even southward toward Chesterton, Indiana. This summer, the ... Read More

CDC: McDonald’s Salads Sickened Hundreds in 15 States

Federal health authorities said an outbreak of Cyclospora parasite linked to McDonald’s restaurants in the Midwest has sickened about 400 people in 15 states. A U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) update said that U.S. Food and Drug Administration officials traced the Cyclospora to Fresh Express salad mix with romaine lettuce and carrots. Fresh Express supplied the salad mix to McDonald’s. When people throughout the Midwest started getting sick last month, public health officials discovered that the majority of them had eaten salads from McDonald’s. That finding prompted McDonald’s to stop selling salads at about 4,000 of its ... Read More

Several Ritz Cracker Products Recalled For Salmonella Risk

The manufacturer of Ritz crackers is recalling several of its Ritz cracker sandwich and Ritz Bits products over the risk of potential Salmonella contamination. Deerfield, Illinois-based Mondelez Global, one of the world’s largest producers of snack foods, confections, and beverages, announced the voluntary recall on Saturday, July 21.  The company said the potential Salmonella contamination stems from the whey powder it uses in certain Ritz products. An external supplier provides the whey powder to Mondelez. The Ritz products covered by the recall have been sold in every state, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Mondelez said it is not ... Read More

Del Monte Vegetable Trays Linked to Second Midwest Cyclospora Outbreak

Del Monte vegetable trays have been linked to one of two separate outbreaks of cyclospora parasite in the Midwestern U.S., public health officials warn. Combined, the cyclospora outbreaks have sickened at least 400 people in every Midwest state along with Montana, Kentucky, and West Virginia. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported 237 cases of cyclosporiasis in people who ate vegetables from Del Monte Fresh vegetable trays containing broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, celery, and dill dip. Reports of illnesses linked to cyclospora-contaminated Del Monte vegetable trays came from Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Of the people sickened after ... Read More

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Leads To Steep Penalties for Illinois Company

An Illinois pallet manufacturer whose employees were sickened with carbon monoxide poisoning on the job earlier this year faces more than $216,000 in fines for safety and regulatory lapses that expose its workers to the risk of injury and illness. The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) cited Cleary Pallet Sales Inc. of Genoa, Illinois, for multiple safety violations after inspecting its facility in January. The inspection was prompted when 10 employees required emergency medical treatment for carbon monoxide exposure, OSHA said. Some of the sickened workers were hospitalized. OSHA’s inspection of the plant found that workers were exposed ... Read More

Kellogg’s Honey Smacks Salmonella outbreak sickens 100

Boxes of Kellogg’s Honey Smacks cereal tainted with Salmonella are still being sold in some stores despite being recalled last month by the company, increasing the number of people who have fallen ill after eating the sweetened puffed wheat cereal to 100 in 33 states, 30 of whom have been hospitalized. No deaths have been reported to date. Kellogg Company agreed to recall affected boxes of Honey Smacks in June after consulting with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and state partners. The products had been distributed across the United States including Guam ... Read More