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Pedicure Nearly Causes Leg Amputation For North Carolina Woman

A North Carolina woman who had a pedicure at a “grade A salon” says she almost lost her leg to a severe strep infection that set in because of dirty pedicure tools. Tracy Lynn Martinez, 35, went to a local salon in Winston Salem, North Carolina on June 22 for a pedicure. But by the next day she was experiencing full-body chills, fever, nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. Thinking she came down with a virus, Ms. Martinez tried to sleep at first but when her leg swelled to three times its normal size, she knew she was in danger, according to ... Read More

Measles Exposures Possible at Two Major U.S. airports, Health Officials Warn

Public health officials are warning air passengers and others who passed through two major U.S. airports of a potential exposure to measles due to infected international travelers. Airport authorities at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport have reported passengers that may have spread the measles virus to other people in the airport. According to the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), anyone who visited O’Hare on the morning or afternoon of Wednesday, Jan. 10 and who has not had a measles vaccination may need to be tested after a passenger with a confirmed case of the highly ... Read More

San Diego Grapples With Major Hepatitis A Outbreak

Facing an epidemic of homelessness on its streets, the City of San Diego now has a new related problem: a rapidly growing outbreak of Hepatitis A. San Diego County health officials declared a public health emergency in the city as the rate of Hepatitis A infection continues to surge. So far the outbreak has sickened about 400 people and killed at least 15. These numbers are likely larger however because they only reflect the illnesses that have been reported and confirmed. The health officials painted a picture of a downtown San Diego that is akin to an undeveloped country. A ... Read More

Recognizing Sepsis Is The Key To Treating It

Sepsis is a leading cause of death in the U.S. but most people know nothing about it. U.S. health officials, however, hope to change that with the creation of a new initiative called Get Ahead of Sepsis – a program that teaches Americans what sepsis is and how it can be detected and treated. Sepsis occurs in people of all ages when the body releases chemicals into the bloodstream to fight an infection, triggering inflammation throughout the body. This extreme response and subsequent inflammation can cause a multitude of changes that can damage vital organs. If sepsis isn’t treated on ... Read More

Indiana Nail Salons Under Fire for Infection, Amputation Risks

Severe injuries, including a toe amputation, have prompted regulators in Indiana to crack down on a number of beauty and nail salons that may be using dirty razors and scalpels to remove foot calluses. According to The (Muncie, Indian) Star Press, several salons in the Muncie area have been placed on probation as investigators try to determine whether they may be a threat to public health and safety. The Star Press reported that Indiana resident Kenneth Jackey developed a severe infection in his right foot that led to the amputation of his big toe. He says the infection occurred after ... Read More

IVC Filter Perforates Duodenum, Causing Infection

When a 47-year old woman came to the emergency room with a fever, a stabbing sensation in her stomach, nausea and vomiting, doctors found that her IVC filter had pierced through her small intestine. According to BMJ Case Reports, when doctors learned of her recurrent deep vein thrombosis with an intolerance to blood thinners, they inquired about an inferior vena cava (IVC) filter. The patient advised she was implanted with one 20 years prior. A CT scan was immediately ordered, revealing strange metal prongs piercing through the wall of the patient’s duodenum, the small intestine just beneath her stomach. The area around the perforation ... Read More

Wood-based Burn Injury Treatment Shows Promise

Biotech researchers in India have developed a new burn injury treatment using an organic polymer extracted from wood. TopExaminer reports that scientists with the University of North Bengal’s Department of Biotechnology are extracting lignin from wood sources to create a burn injury ointment that can ward off infection on burns for longer periods of time, thereby promoting faster healing. The gel is comprised of 15 to 30 percent lignin, a substance found in vascular plants that is essential to the formation of cell walls and overall plant structure. Burn injuries are highly susceptible to infection from airborne pathogens that accumulate ... Read More

Olympus Execs Mum During Depositions Over duodenoscope Contamination

Olympus Corp. executives refused to answer questions about their e-mail correspondence discussing how to handle the deadly U.S. superbug outbreaks linked to Olympus duodenoscopes during two days of recent depositions. Lawyers for plaintiffs suing Olympus for wrongful death, negligence, or fraud interviewed three top-ranking Olympus officials in Tokyo on Nov. 30 and Dec. 1, seeking answers as to why the company warned European customers about the risks of infection posed by their medical camera devices but failed to alert U.S. customers. At least 35 patients have died in U.S. hospitals after undergoing procedures performed with an Olympus duodenoscope – a ... Read More

Hawaii Grapples With State’s Largest-Ever Hepatitis Outbreak

Federal and state health authorities have not identified the source of a Hepatitis A outbreak in the Hawaiian Islands that has sickened at least 135 people since mid-July and continues to grow. The outbreak is the largest outbreak of Hepatitis A ever to strike Hawaii. Most of the Hepatitis A cases are concentrated on the island of Oahu with seven cases so far reported in the neighboring islands and one out-of-state visitor. Hawaii health authorities and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have found that many of the infected people work in the food service industry. Hepatitis ... Read More

Texas Cyclospora Outbreak Grows, Health Authorities Suspect Produce

Health official in Texas investigating a rising number of Cyclospora parasite infections in the state are focusing on fresh produce as the possible source. On Aug. 1, the Texas Department of State Health Services had reports of 55 Cyclospora cases in the state. By Thursday, the number of infections reported to health authorities rose to 72. Cyclospora cayetanensis is a parasite composed of one cell, too small to be seen without a microscope. This parasite causes an intestinal infection called cyclosporiasis, and symptoms usually begin two days to two weeks after ingestion of the parasite in contaminated food or water. The illness ... Read More