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Amazon Warehouse Workers Injured In Bear Repellent Accident

Two dozen Amazon workers were taken to the hospital with respiratory injuries after a warehouse machine punctured a can of bear repellant, sending noxious fumes into a section of its Robbinsville, New Jersey facility. At least one of the injured Amazon workers in the 1.3-million-square-foot fulfillment center at the time of the incident was in critical condition. Most of those injured reported they had difficulty breathing, and burning in their eyes, throat, and chest. Someone from the New Jersey Amazon facility placed a 911 call on the morning of Wednesday, Dec. 5, reporting the incident. Emergency responders arriving at the ... Read More

Amputation Leads To Heavy Fines For Ohio Pallet Manufacturer

A worker’s accidental finger amputation on the job has prompted federal officials to fine an Ohio pallet manufacturer nearly $200,000 for serious safety violations that contributed to the accident. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Buckeye Diamond Logistics Inc. which operates as BDL Supply, will have to pay fines of $191,794 or contest the proposed fines within 15 business days of receiving notice of the penalties. OSHA said the injured employee suffered a finger amputation while working with an electrical pallet stack machine, but didn’t offer details about how the accident occurred other than to say the ... Read More

Worker Disability, Illness An Increasingly Costly U.S. Problem

If ever there were a sound argument for strong occupational safety and health laws, better regulator funding to enforce those laws, and affordable health care for all Americans, it would be this: the simple fact that a full quarter of the U.S. population has a disability that diminishes their ability to work or deprives them of it altogether. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says in its Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report that one in four U.S. adults – about 61 million citizens – has a disability that impacts major life activities. Analyzing data pulled from the ... Read More

Accidental Amputation Leaves Deputy Sheriff Without Trigger Finger

A Michigan Sheriff Deputy suffered an accidental finger amputation and extensive damage to his hand while investigating a fire scene in Oakland County, Michigan. Detroit’s Fox 2 News reports that Deputy Tom Kangas, who works on arson investigations as a canine handler, got his right hand caught in the teeth of the grapple bucket on an excavator. The steel teeth clamped shut on his hand and mangled it. A GoFundMe fundraiser for Deputy Kangas describes the accident and amputation as “catastrophic” because it greatly affects his ability to perform his job. Surgeons tried to save the trigger finger on Deputy ... Read More

Accidental Amputation Leads To $75K Fines for Mobile Manufacturer

A worker’s accidental finger amputation at a fiberglass pipe manufacturing facility in Mobile, Alabama, has led to a dozen citations for safety violations and a fine of nearly $75,000. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) said that the accidental amputation occurred at RPS Composites Alabama Inc. and faulted the company for its failure to properly guard machines, including the one that the injured worker had been using. The agency noted that the worker was wearing safety gloves when using a pipe-winding machine and that the gloved hand was pulled into the machine, resulting in the finger amputation. After an ... Read More

Air Force Officer Injured by Takata Airbag Raises Recall Awareness

A U.S. Air Force officer who still suffers from severe facial injuries sustained when the Takata airbag inside her 2002 Honda Civic exploded in September 2013 urges Honda drivers to get the defective airbags replaced without delay. Stephanie Erdman, now 32, was driving her Honda Civic in Pensacola when another driver pulled out in front of her, triggering the airbags. While the passenger-side airbag deployed properly, the driver-side airbag in front of her exploded, blasting pieces of sharp metal into her face like a pipe bomb. “I feel like there needs to be a real sense of urgency on the ... Read More

Worker Suffers Hand Amputation At New York Food Plant

A worker’s accidental hand amputation triggered a safety inspection and more than $300,000 in penalties for an Upstate New York food ingredients manufacturer and distributor. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) said it launched an inspection of Marshall Ingredients LLC in Wolcott, New York, in July 2017 after being notified that plant worker suffered an accidental hand amputation while using a machine. According to the company’s website, Marshall Ingredients manufactures all-natural dried fruit and vegetable products for use in human and pet food. The worker’s hand amputation occurred when she reached into the rotating airlock of a food dryer ... Read More

Trump Admin ‘illegally withholding’ OSHA Reports, Public Citizen Says

Rolling back workplace safety regulations, downsizing its already overstretched crew of inspectors, and now concealing workplace injury and illness records … the news coming out of Trump’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) these days may signal darker times ahead for U.S. workers. The government watchdog group Public Citizen said it has filed a lawsuit against the Department of Labor and OSHA, alleging the federal agencies are violating the Improve Tracking of Workplace Injuries and Illnesses rule, which was finalized in 2016, by illegally denying requests for injury and illness data it made under the Freedom of Information Act. According ... Read More

Deadly Jobsite Trench Collapse Leads To Manslaughter Charges

The state of Washington has charged the owner of a Seattle construction company with second-degree manslaughter for the death of a worker killed in a trench collapse accident. The charges against Phillip Numrich, the owner of Alki Construction, could signal the state’s intentions to get tougher on employers whose willful negligence puts the lives of workers at risk. According to the Washington Department of Labor & Industries (L&I), the action marks the first time a workplace fatality has prompted a felony charge in Washington state. Mr. Numrich also faces a gross misdemeanor charge for violating a labor safety regulation with ... Read More

Reduced Staff, Budget Cuts Making OSHA ‘Invisible’

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has shrunk significantly under the Trump Administration, escalating concerns that the agency is effectively being rendered ineffective and that U.S. workers face an increasing risk of injury and death on the job. Since Trump took office, OSHA lost 40 inspectors through attrition and its total inspector force – the ground troops responsible for ensuring employers are taking the proper precautions to keep workers safe – fell below 1,000. According to NBC News, “OSHA’s reduced staff reflects Trump’s broader effort to slow the growth of the [government] and is a part of the mass departure of ... Read More