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Family Blames Apple for Deadly iPad Fire

The family of a New Jersey man who died from severe burns in a fire allegedly caused by an iPad is suing Apple, alleging the device was “unreasonably dangerous and unsafe” due to defects in its design or manufacture or both. Bradley Ireland, 64, of Parsippany, New Jersey, was severely burned on Feb. 22, 2017, when the lithium-ion battery pack in his Apple iPad exploded in the kitchen of his apartment, triggering a fire that ultimately led to his severe burn injuries and his death later the same day. In their lawsuit, Mr. Ireland’s daughter Julia Ireland Meo and son ... Read More

KeyRaider malware infects jailbroken Apple devices and steals user data

More than 225,000 Apple accounts were discovered to be stolen by new iOS malware known as “KeyRaider.” According to Palo Alto Networks, KeyRaider is now responsible for the largest known Apple account theft ever caused by malware. The KeyRaider malware targeted “jailbroken” iOS devices and was distributed through Cydia, a third-party repositories company located in China. The following 18 countries were affected by the Keyraider malware:  United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Russia, France, China, Canada, Germany, Australia, Israel, Italy, Spain, Singapore and South Korea. Basically, jailbreaking means freeing the device from the restrictions imposed on it by its creator. Users install ... Read More

FDA approves two new drugs to treat neuroendocrine pancreatic cancer

Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, stepped down as CEO last week stating that he could no longer perform the duties of his job due to health reasons. The mastermind of the iPhone and iPad first acknowledged in 2004 that he had pancreatic cancer and underwent surgery to remove the mass. Pancreatic cancer has a bleak diagnosis primarily because it is often has no symptoms until after the cancer has metastasized. However, Jobs had a rare type of pancreatic cancer, known as a neuroendocrine, which is generally more treatable. In 2009, Jobs had another health setback when he received a ... Read More