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Overheated iPhone 7 Burns Virginia Teen’s Arm

A Virginia teen who fell asleep with her iPhone 7 next to her says the device overheated and burned a hole through the skin of her arm. Eighteen-year-old Raele Manning-Moore told Norfolk, Virginia’s WAVY Channel 10 that the pain from the burn injury is the worst pain she’s ever felt. “I’ve never been in that much pain ever,” Ms. Manning-Moore said. She told WAVY that she believes the iPhone overheated while she was lying in bed with it next to her arm. The searing pain from the burn injury woke her up. She said the burn was so severe that ... Read More

iPhone Cases Recalled Due to Skin Irritation, Burns

Consumers looking to accessorize their iPhones should be aware that New Jersey-based MixBin Electronics LLC, has recalled approximately 263,000 of its Liquid Glitter iPhone cases after customers reported the cases caused skin irritation and chemical burns, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. There have been 24 reports of skin irritation and chemical burns, including 19 injuries in the U.S. CNN reports that the injuries are a result of the liquid substance contained in the cases leaking out and coming into contact users’ skin. The liquid can leak out if the case cracks or breaks. One consumer has been permanently ... Read More

iPhone investigates Reports of Exploding iPhones in China

A number of reports of iPhones catching fire and exploding have emerged in China, stoking fears amongst Chinese consumers that the Apple smartphones might be prone to the same defects that prompted Samsung to put its newly launched Galaxy Note 7 phones to rest. According to the BBC, the Shanghai Consumer Council called on Apple to investigate iPhone 6 models after receiving eight reports of iPhone 6 series devices spontaneously combusting or exploding. Nasdaq reported that the Shanghai Consumer Council said Apple had “earlier in the year, replaced a woman’s iPhone that exploded with a new one without ‘addressing the ... Read More

KeyRaider malware infects jailbroken Apple devices and steals user data

More than 225,000 Apple accounts were discovered to be stolen by new iOS malware known as “KeyRaider.” According to Palo Alto Networks, KeyRaider is now responsible for the largest known Apple account theft ever caused by malware. The KeyRaider malware targeted “jailbroken” iOS devices and was distributed through Cydia, a third-party repositories company located in China. The following 18 countries were affected by the Keyraider malware:  United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Russia, France, China, Canada, Germany, Australia, Israel, Italy, Spain, Singapore and South Korea. Basically, jailbreaking means freeing the device from the restrictions imposed on it by its creator. Users install ... Read More

Lifeguard Press to recall 25,000 plus cell phone chargers that may overheat, pose shock hazard

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) along with Lifeguard Press has issued a recall of about 25,400 units of iPhone, iPod and iPad charging kits. There have been multiple reports of these wall chargers overheating and emitting smoke from the wall. Also the prongs of the plug can remain stuck in the electrical outlet and pose a threat of electrical shock. There are a total of seven different models of this charging kit with universal serial bus (USB) connectors that are being recalled. The recalled USB connectors are used to recharge Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod devices. They were being ... Read More

New FMCSA app lets travelers, trip planners check bus company safety

People who frequently travel by bus and those in charge of chartering commercial buses for group travel may find the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) new SaferBus application for smartphones a valuable tool and a potential lifesaver. The new app is free and available for the iPhone and Android, allows users to quickly and easily check the safety record of a bus company before choosing a carrier. “There’s more to consider than just price and convenience,” the FMCSA said, advising potential passengers and group trip planners to “Look before you book.” “If you are purchasing a bus ticket or ... Read More

FDA approves two new drugs to treat neuroendocrine pancreatic cancer

Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, stepped down as CEO last week stating that he could no longer perform the duties of his job due to health reasons. The mastermind of the iPhone and iPad first acknowledged in 2004 that he had pancreatic cancer and underwent surgery to remove the mass. Pancreatic cancer has a bleak diagnosis primarily because it is often has no symptoms until after the cancer has metastasized. However, Jobs had a rare type of pancreatic cancer, known as a neuroendocrine, which is generally more treatable. In 2009, Jobs had another health setback when he received a ... Read More