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Testimony: Johnson and Johnson ignored warnings that DePuy hip implant was defective

A doctor working as a consultant for Johnson & Johnson warned company executives in 2008 that the ASR hip replacement system made by J&J subsidiary DePuy Orthopaedics was poorly designed and suggested the company slow its marketing of the device until it discovered why the hip implant was hurting so many patients. The warning fell on deaf ears. It wasn’t until two years later, after several other doctor-consultants for the company pressed the issue with J&J that the consumer health care products giant issued a recall of the ASR artificial hip. In that time, literally thousands of patients worldwide underwent ... Read More

Johnson and Johnson reaches tentative settlement with shareholders over legal, quality problems

Johnson & Johnson has reached a tentative settlement with its shareholders who filed a lawsuit against the company’s management for allowing serious problems to persist for years with little attempt to fix them. The settlement calls for sweeping changes at the pharmaceutical giant aimed at protecting both investors and patients using Johnson & Johnson products. These changes include appointing a committee of independent board members who will get reports about legal and quality problems directly from key executives so that the problems can be addressed quickly and efficiently. The plaintiffs claim Johnson & Johnson’s decentralized management gave top executives and ... Read More

FDA accuses Tylenol maker of not promptly fixing quality problems

A Johnson & Johnson manufacturing plant will begin shipping bottles of grape-flavored children’s Tylenol this week as the drug company’s chief executive faces a congressional committee to explain how the once-trusted company could have let its quality standards go so far downhill as to result in massive recalls of over-the-counter J&J medicines over the past year. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) investigators uncovered a recurring “failure to investigate and correct product problems in a prompt and thorough manner,” at the company’s McNeil Consumer Healthcare manufacturing plants, agency principal deputy Joshua Sharfstein told lawmakers at the hearing. The problems were of ... Read More