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Judge says there will be talc trial in St. Louis this month

The next Missouri talc trial will move forward this month over defense objections, as determined by the Missouri Circuit Court for St. Louis City in a hearing held on Sept. 18, reports HarrisMartin Publishing. These talc cases center on allegations that Johnson and Johnson’s talc-containing products can cause ovarian cancer with prolonged use in the genital area. There have already been five completed trials in St. Louis with four plaintiff wins totaling verdicts of more than $300 million. In June, more than two weeks into trial, the sixth Missouri talc ovarian cancer case to go before a jury was declared ... Read More

High cost of talc litigation: J&J’s finances and reputation at risk

This week The New York Times featured an article about the high cost of the talc litigation as one woman after another brings suit against Johnson and Johnson alleging that its talc-containing products caused her ovarian cancer. “The tally of damages from verdicts against Johnson & Johnson is already in the hundreds of millions of dollars. And the harm to the company is not just financial: Its reputation could suffer if baby powder, one of its longest-standing products, is seen by the public as unsafe,” according to The Times. Financial analysts are drawing similar conclusions. For comparison, look at the past experience ... Read More

Financial analyst questions J&J’s adherence to Credo

Analysts at Investment website Seeking Alpha, which features stock market insights and financial analysis provided by investors and industry experts, have been asking questions about the cost of talc litigation and Johnson and Johnson’s reputation. One recently wrote an in-depth piece highlighting the vast number of products that J&J has faced liability claims over in the recent past, specifically calling attention to the company’s “criminal admissions.” DoctoRx says that the will list, “several legal issues which both challenge the company’s adherence to its highly promoted ‘Credo’ and may challenge its finances.” The following quote is posted on the company’s “Our ... Read More

Woman says J&J has self to blame for $417M talc verdict

In August, California resident Eva Echeverria stood up to corporate giant Johnson and Johnson, taking the company to court over allegations that her terminal ovarian cancer was caused by its talc products. The first to go to trial of hundreds of women who’ve filed complaints in California, she won a $417 million verdict, by far the largest of verdicts yet in talc-related trials. Previously, four separate Missouri juries had awarded verdicts to plaintiffs of $72 million, $55 million, $70 million and $110 million. More than a thousand cases are pending in courts across the country. On Sept. 15, Johnson and Johnson ... Read More

Talc ovarian cancer verdicts cause Indian consumers to exercise caution

The American verdicts against international pharmaceutical giant Johnson and Johnson has been raising awareness about the link between talc-based powders and ovarian cancer around the world. Last month, a California jury ordered the company to pay $417 million in damages over its failure to warn consumers of its products’ ovarian cancer risk. Previously four Missouri juries found in favor of the women who had brought suit against Johnson and Johnson, with verdicts totaling more than $300 million: Best Media Info, in an article on brands that have lost consumer trust, said of Johnson and Johnson in a discussion of the ... Read More

What should a woman’s body smell like?

Racism, misogyny and capitalism in the beauty industry Emilie and Bridget of Stuff Mom Never Told You from How Stuff Works recently aired an impassioned episode of their podcast about talcum powder and ovarian cancer and how Johnson and Johnson profited off women’s insecurities about their bodies, specifically targeting minority women even though they were aware of their products’ cancer risk. “Why are we all sprinkling powders in our underpants in an attempt to make our body parts smell less like body parts?” asked Bridget. The ladies asked where and when did we begin to feel disgusted and repulsed by ... Read More

Is ovarian cancer preventable?

Experts such as those featured in a recent Cosmopolitan article are advising women that talc is an easily avoidable exposure associated with a serious cancer, with no real health benefits and safe alternatives, such as corn starch powders already on the market. Why take the risk when ovarian cancer is the fifth leading cause of cancer deaths among women, it has subtle, easily missed symptoms and no adequate screening? Dr. Roberta Ness, a recognized expert in women’s health research and former Dean of The University of Texas School of Public Health, advocates, “It is time for doctors and women to ... Read More

Magazine shares info on Baby Powder cancer risk

In light of the recent California jury verdict of $417 million against Johnson and Johnson for not warning consumers about its talc products’ ovarian cancer risk, popular women’s magazine Cosmopolitan tells women “9 Things You Need to Know About Baby Powder and Cancer,” starting with the warning, “If I were a woman using it, I probably would stop.” The popular magazine starts out by explaining to women that baby powders prior to the 1970s may have contained carcinogenic asbestos; since then the mineral has not been permitted in personal care products. However, asbestos-free talc, which is sold today, is independently associated ... Read More

Investment advisor says JNJ is a strong sell in light of talc ovarian cancer verdicts

Investment website Seeking Alpha, which features stock market insights and financial analysis provided by investors and industry experts, featured an article on Johnson and Johnson’s (JNJ) recent loss in California court over allegations that its talc products cause ovarian cancer. The $417 million verdict was in favor of 63-year-old Eva Echeverria, who developed ovarian cancer after 50 years of using J&J’s products such as Johnson’s Baby Powder and Shower to Shower for feminine hygiene. This is the sixth jury in three states to have found J&J’s products responsible for the development of a woman’s cancer and the company guilty of ... Read More

Responsible companies warn consumers of talc ovarian risk

With the largest verdict yet in a talc ovarian cancer case, $417 million having just been awarded to California plaintiff Eva Echeverria, some hearing the news for the first time may be asking if Johnson’s Baby Powder is safe. The answer is, it depends on how you use it. The health issue being discussed in the recent court cases is talc allegedly increasing women’s risk of ovarian cancer. This only becomes an issue when the powder is used for feminine hygiene; however Johnson and Johnson refuses to warn women of the risk in using its powder this way. By six ... Read More