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Another J&J patch causing deaths in users

Drug maker Johnson & Johnson is recalling another one of its patches, the Duragesic fentanyl pain patch. According to BNet Business Network, the fentanyl patch is highly addictive and has been linked to deaths caused by the patches to leak too much medicine into the body. This is the fifth recall of Duragesic fentanyl patch since 1994. Patches have caused much pain for Johnson & Johnson. Last year, the company paid $68 million to settle lawsuits against the company’s birth control patch, Ortho Evra. The patch was linked to at least 40 deaths caused by blood clots. Ortho Evra was originally ... Read More

consumer group urges Ortho Evra ban

Public Citizen, an 80,000-member nonprofit organization dedicated to consumer advocacy, petitioned the FDA to ban Johnson & Johnson’s contraceptive patch Ortho Evra (ethinyl estradiol/norelgestromin). The organization requested complete removal of the contraceptive within 6 months. Clinical data show that the Ortho-Evra patch carries greater risks compared to standard contraception in pill form without providing any real benefits. Public Citizen’s petition listed several reasons why the patch should be banned, including: Potentially toxic levels of synthetic estrogen, up to 60% more on average Greater variability in estrogen levels than standard oral birth control / inconsistent dosages depending on where on the ... Read More

Ortho Evra lawsuit settled for $1.25m as J&J tries to avoid public trials

Ortho Evra manufacturer, Johnson & Johnson, recently settled a lawsuit with the family of a 14-year-old girl killed by the defective birth control patch. The case is just one of many Ortho Evra lawsuits settled by Johnson & Johnson prior to going trial. It likely hints at the company’s desire to avoid trials where its actions -or lack thereof – regarding safety problems with the defective Ortho Evra birth control patch could be called into question. When Ortho Evra was introduced in 2002, Johnson and Johnson touted the once-weekly patch as a convenient alternative to daily oral contraceptive pills. The ... Read More