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New talc trial alleging ovarian cancer risk underway in Missouri

Johnson and Johnson’s attorney said in opening arguments of the fifth talc trial that is now underway in Missouri that government agencies have not determined that talc is a risk factor for ovarian cancer. However, the plaintiff’s attorney promises to show evidence that J&J and co-defendant Imerys Talc America used corporate power to influence government agencies, successfully preventing talc regulation. “In internal documents, the mantra of the defendants has consistently been, ‘It’s time to create more confusion,’” said the plaintiff’s attorney Allen Smith, according to the St. Louis Record. “Johnson & Johnson has never warned the public about this hazard,” Smith told jurors, ... Read More

Know the symptoms and risk factors of ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer, the deadliest cancer of the female reproductive system, is only detected early 20 percent of the time. Once it spreads beyond the ovaries to other organs it is much more difficult to treat. Improving chances of early detection is an important goal in fighting this disease that is expected to affect more than 22,000 women in 2017. More than half of those diagnosed are expected to die as a result of the disease, 14,000 women in 2017. News outlets such as SimpleMost have taken up the challenge to spread knowledge about the symptoms of ovarian cancer, which are often ... Read More

Johnson and Johnson accused of valuing corporate profit over human life

Johnson and Johnson is accused of putting corporate profit over public safety. The Daily Hornet cites the company’s six massive product liability losses in 2016 and the nearly 103,000 lawsuits filed against it just surrounding alleged injuries from five products: vaginal mesh, anti-psychotic drug Risperdal, blood thinner Xarelto, hip implants, and talcum powder. “The lawsuits involve different products, but all claim that Johnson & Johnson knew the products were dangerous and downplayed risks, putting corporate profits over public safety,” said The Daily Hornet. The news source goes on to give one specific example, saying that the J&J exec in charge ... Read More

Judge supports punitive damages in talc litigation

The fifth Missouri talc trial started April 10 before Judge Rex M. Burlison of the 22nd Circuit Court of St. Louis. Burlison presided over all of the court’s talc trials, including three last year resulting in verdicts in favor of plaintiffs who claimed Johnson and Johnson’s talc-containing products contributed to the development of their ovarian cancer. The St. Louis Record reports that as this new trial begins defendants Johnson and Johnson and Imerys, the company that supplies talc to J&J, are still busy arguing against last year’s losses. Specifically, both have filed post-trial motions against last October’s $70 million verdict. Among their arguments, ... Read More

Next Missouri talc trial to begin April 10

Next week the second talc trial of 2017 is scheduled to begin in Missouri. Sixty-one-year-old plaintiff Lois Slemp alleges that her ovarian cancer is caused by four decades of using Johnson and Johnson’s talc products for feminine hygiene and she claims that J&J and its talc supplier Imerys Talc America should have warned her of the products’ cancer risk. “Opening statements are set to begin on April 10 before Judge Rex Burlison, the same judge who presided over the four previous talcum powder trials in St. Louis. Plaintiffs won three of those cases, saddling J&J with nearly $200 million in damages ... Read More

Johnson and Johnson suffers record courtroom losses in 2016

“Johnson & Johnson had a year for the record books — it lost six of 2016’s seven largest jury verdicts in the U.S. over product defect claims. This year may be no better,” wrote Bloomberg in an article titled “Why Johnson & Johnson Would Like to Forget 2016: QuickTake Q&A.” The news site discusses the harsh realities of J&J’s courtroom losses last year. Johnson and Johnson’s losses far exceeded $20 million. Bloomberg reports that most companies only suffer two or three verdicts exceeding $20 million related to product defects in a year. Losses are more than merely a verdict, as the ... Read More

Cancer benefits of birth control pill last 30 years, study says

Researchers from the University of Aberdeen in the UK have just published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology the results of 44 years of follow up on 46,000 women who were classified as “ever” and “never” users of oral contraceptives. The purpose of the study was to assess the very long- term safety of these drugs, specifically cancer risks and benefits. “These results from the longest-running study in the world into oral contraceptive use are reassuring. Specifically, pill users don’t have an overall increased risk of cancer over their lifetime and that the protective effects of some specific ... Read More

Analysis: ‘Judicial Hellhole’ designation motivated by big business, not accurate assessment of talc litigation

Missouri Lawyers Weekly recently talked to Thomas Stewart, director of the trial advocacy program at Saint Louis University School of Law about his city’s reputation and tort reform in regard to the recent talc litigation. “So much of this tort reform business is based on the idea that you file your case in the city of St. Louis, and the jury automatically gives you money. Of course that’s nonsense,” Stewart said. “City judges and juries analyze on a case by case basis.” St. Louis drew the ire of tort reform groups last year, when three separate juries returned verdicts for plaintiffs ... Read More

Talc litigation moving forward in multiple venues, Courtroom View Network is watching

Courtroom View Network (CVN) is closely watching the talc litigation as it progresses across the country. It offered a live webcast and recorded the St. Louis talc trial that concluded last week with a verdict in favor of Johnson and Johnson. The news site will also webcast the St. Louis trial scheduled to begin next month on April 10. CVN points out that last week’s verdict was in a case selected for trial by the defense and the site questions whether or not J&J can win in a case selected by plaintiffs. Last year, the plaintiffs won three trials in ... Read More

The origins of the talc ovarian cancer lawsuits

This week Full Measure interviewed the first ovarian cancer victim to sue Johnson and Johnson over the company’s talc products’ alleged link to this devastating cancer, Deane Berg. A physician’s assistant when diagnosed with ovarian cancer at age 49, Berg researched the disease and was shocked to discover studies linking ovarian cancer to talc, which she had been using for feminine hygiene since she was 16. “Sometimes it was baby powder. Other times it was the Shower to Shower, because that came out and it was specifically for women. ‘A sprinkle a day keeps the odor away,’” she said, quoting ... Read More