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Former Atlantic City Police Chief wins whistleblower suit alleging retaliation

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. — A New Jersey jury has awarded Atlantic City’s former chief of police John Mooney $3.7 million, finding that city officials retaliated against him by cutting his job in 2010 after he reported alleged fraud and illegal activity by the City, Mayor Lorenzo Langford, and then-Public Safety Director Christine Petersen. Mr. Mooney’s whistleblower lawsuit alleged that the City Hall retaliated against him, using mass layoffs as a guise because it had no other justification in firing him after he exposed the alleged wrongdoing. A New Jersey Superior Court judge previously ruled that he was not in a ... Read More

New website monitors how corporations, lobbyists are eroding our Constitutional rights

Alarmed by the corporate lobby’s aggressive efforts to undermine the U.S. civil justice system, the American Association for Justice (AAJ) has launched a new website and blog called Take Justice Back. The aim of the website is to keep U.S. citizens informed about how their rights and protections, guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, are being eroded by powerful corporations and lobbying groups trying to escape accountability. Armed with hundreds of millions of dollars, these corporate interests have infiltrated Congress and are using their financial might “scheming up ways to avoid accountability when they hurt someone,” the AAJ says. The “Tort ... Read More

American Idol’s Randy Jackson talks with Dr. Oz about his struggles with diabetes

American Idol judge Randy Jackson came clean to Dr. Oz about struggles with being overweight and a type 2 diabetes diagnosis in a recent episode of the health and wellness show. The musician who has become a household name thanks to the notoriously popular talent show American Idol also published a book on how the disease has changed his life, called “Body with Soul: Shed Pounds, End Diabetes, and Transform Your Health.” Type 2 diabetes is a chronic condition in which the body does not properly regulate blood sugar. People who develop the disease are at greater risk for serious ... Read More

Lawyers plan to prove NASA’s sudden acceleration report wrong

Lawyers representing hundreds of plaintiffs suing Toyota over sudden acceleration incidents are challenging a NASA report that concluded electronic defects aren’t responsible for causing Toyota and Lexus vehicles to accelerate unexpectedly. Toyota has argued the defects that triggered a global recall of millions of vehicles over sudden-acceleration issues are caused by mechanical problems and driver error, not electronic flaws. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration asked NASA last year to test the electronic throttle systems in Toyota cars and determine whether an electronic or software-based defect could be to blame for sudden-acceleration incidents. NASA concluded that it could not establish ... Read More

Judge asks lawyers settle Toyota electronic source code issues

Santa Ana, California — U.S. District Judge James Selna, who is presiding over hundreds of Toyota sudden unintended acceleration cases coordinated in multidistrict litigation, has told plaintiffs’ lawyers to resolve an evidence dispute so that the first cases can go to trial in 2013. One of the main obstacles that needs to be cleared before the cases can proceed concerns the examination of the software source code that governs the electronic throttle system in the recalled Toyota vehicles. Toyota steadfastly insists all incidents of sudden unintended acceleration can be pinned on incorrectly installed or mismatched driver’s side floor mats, sticky ... Read More