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Invokana doubles risk of ketoacidosis

A class of type 2 diabetes medications called SGLT2 inhibitors doubles the risk of developing the life threatening condition ketoacidosis, according to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine. The findings arose from the largest study to date investigating whether SGLT2 inhibitors, such as the widely prescribed Invokana, increase the risk of diabetic ketoacidosis, or DKA. It was conducted by researchers with the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. Researchers put the risk of developing DKA at between 5 and 8 per 1,000 for new users of SGLT2 inhibitors. “We found a doubling in the risk ... Read More

Study confirms ketoacidosis risk with diabetes drugs

A new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine confirms that a class of type 2 diabetes drugs increases the risk of a serious blood condition called ketoacidosis and “essentially confirms what doctors had already suspected,” said Dr. Stanislaw Klek, an endocrinologist at NYU Winthrop Hospital in Mineola, New York. “It is important to be aware of this potential complication and monitor for symptoms of diabetic ketoacidosis, particularly during periods of illness,” he added. The drugs in question are in a class of type 2 diabetes medications known as SGLT2 inhibitors. Invokana was the first in the class ... Read More

Farxiga lawsuits consolidated by Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation

The U.S. Judiciary Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (JPML) created a new product liability MDL involving over kidney-related injuries with the type 2 diabetes drug Farxiga. The 18 actions consolidated in New York are currently pending in six federal district courts and share common questions of fact that would benefit from a centralized pre-trial MDL docket, the JPML concluded. The lawsuits, waged at the makers of Farxiga, as well as its so-called sister drug Xigduo XR, Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. and AstraZeneca, allege that use of the diabetes medications can cause acute kidney injury and diabetic ketoacidosis, a serious condition in which ... Read More

Diabetics taking SGLT2 inhibitors should be aware of DKA symptoms

One of the recommended second-line therapies for patients with type 2 diabetes puts patients at risk for diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) a serious condition in which too much acid builds up in the blood. The therapies, known as SGLT2 inhibitors, include the brand names Invokana and Invokamet. The drugs work by removing excess glucose from the blood and excreting it through the urine. The medications are only indicated for patients with type 2 diabetes, but they are being prescribed off-label as well as studied in some patients with type 1 diabetes. But the vast majority of patients taking SGLT2 inhibitors are ... Read More

Class of type 2 diabetes drug may offer heart benefits, but patients must weigh other risks

Data presented at the American College of Cardiology Scientific Session suggested that patients taking a class of type 2 diabetes drugs called SGLT2 inhibitors were at lower risk of being hospitalized for heart failure. But that benefit may come at a cost. People with type 2 diabetes are already at risk for various cardiovascular complications. Heart failure is one of the most common, said Mikhail Kosiborod, MD, professor of medicine at the University of Missouri School of Medicine in Kansas City in an interview with Cardiology Today. “Not only that, but it’s arguably the most morbid of (heart related) complications ... Read More

SGLT2 inhibitor benefits come at a risk

A new class of diabetes drugs called SGLT2 inhibitors launched in the U.S. in 2013 are demonstrating they can effectively drive down blood sugar levels and even help users lose weight. But those benefits come at a risk, according to a speaker at the Cardiometabolic Health Congress. SGLT2 inhibitors, or sodium-glucose cotransporter 2 inhibitors, include the brand name drugs Invokana and Invokana (which contain the active ingredient canagliflozin); Farxiga and Xigduo XR (which contain the active ingredient dapagliflozin); and Jardiance (which contains the active ingredient empagliflozin). SGLT2 inhibitors lower blood sugar by causing the kidneys to remove the sugar from ... Read More

New SGLT2 inhibitors in development despite serious side effects

Since the new class of type 2 diabetes drugs known as SGLT2 inhibitors hit the market in 2013, the drugs have been repeatedly called out by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for various but serious adverse events. Yet, drug makers continue to develop new versions of this drug hoping to cash in on the billions of dollars spent on diabetes treatments. SGLT2 inhibitors currently on the market include Invokana and Invokamet, Farxiga and Jardiance. The drugs work to lower blood sugar by causing the kidneys to remove sugar from the body through the urine. Drug makers Merck and Pfizer ... Read More

Invokana heart benefits may not outweigh other risks for patients with diabetes

A newer class of type 2 diabetes drugs called SGLT2 inhibitors are being credited in recent studies for reducing the risk of hospitalization due to heart failure in diabetic patients, but the news doesn’t overshadow the drug’s laundry list of risks. Patients considering treatment with an SGLT2 inhibitors, such as Invokana and Invokamet, should first consider the potentially life threatening side effects. Invokana was the first SGLT2 inhibitor to hit the market in March 2013. Shortly thereafter, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning that the drugs had been linked to reports of ketoacidosis, a serious condition in ... Read More

Global warming may lead to more cases of type 2 diabetes

There’s another reason to fear global warming. Not only does a mere 1 degree Celsius increase on average raise sea levels, lower crop yields and shrink habitats for vulnerable species, a new study suggests that an additional 100,000 people could develop diabetes as a result of climate change. Climate control experts previously warned that such changes in the world’s temperatures could lead to the spread of conditions like as mosquito-born malaria and dengue fever. It could also lead to the spread of water-borne illnesses like cholera. Diabetes is a breed of its own. The chronic condition isn’t contagious, but those ... Read More

Will the FDA add new amputation warning to popular diabetes drugs?

Last month, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) announced it was adding warnings to the safety labels of a popular class of type 2 diabetes drugs to caution about an increased risk for lower limb amputations, particularly of the foot and toe. U.S. drug regulators have yet to issue similar warnings. The label update stems from a review of data from two ongoing clinical trials involving type 2 diabetes drugs containing canagliflozin, which are known in the U.S. by the brand names Invokana and Invokamet. The data showed that patients who used these medications were more likely to undergo lower limb amputation ... Read More