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Father of Lead-Poisoned Girl Sues Michigan, Flint Officials Over Toxic Water

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The father of a two-year-old girl has filed a personal injury lawsuit against the several State of Michigan and Flint officials after medical tests revealed that his daughter has been poisoned by extremely high levels of lead in Flint’s water supply. Flint resident Luke Waid told the Detroit Free Press that his daughter Sophia recently went from being a bubbly, energetic child to constantly anxious and irritable. She also suffers from skin rashes, digestive problems, infections, inability to sleep, and excessive crying. But as worrisome as the girl’s condition is now, Mr. Waid told the Detroit Free Press that he ... Read More

Whistleblower Accuses Pennsylvania School of Corruption, Nepotism, Retaliation


A former Pennsylvania elementary school principal who claims he was hired under false pretenses and then fired when he voiced concerns about corruption, fraud, and other wrongdoing among the school board and other school officials, has filed a whistleblower lawsuit in a New Jersey federal court. Plaintiff Todd Dupell filed the whistleblower complaint against Franklin Towne Carter School in Bridesburg, Penn., alleging the school board and several officials terminated him in retaliation for objecting to fraud and misconduct within the school, which houses an elementary school and college preparatory high school. According to The (Philadelphia) Enquirer, Mr. Dupell claimed to ... Read More

Design flaws uncovered with more DePuy metal hip implants


Design defects with metal-on-metal hip implants made by Johnson & Johnson subsidiary DePuy Orthopaedics are in the spotlight again, this time for “size” issues that are allegedly causing pain and injuries, according to an investigation by The Telegraph. The company says that there was an “error in the measuring techniques” with its metal hip implants manufactured at a DePuy plant in Yorkshire, United Kingdom, and that this design flaw could contribute to adverse events experienced by patients. The company said it removed the equipment causing the problems, though it did not say when it discovered the problem or how it ... Read More

Feinberg Predicts Most VW Vehicle Owners Will Settle Through Compensation Fund


Volkswagen Claims Fund administrator Kenneth Feinberg said he is ready to start compensating owners of VW diesel vehicles affected by the automaker’s emissions cheat, predicting that most all of the nearly 600,000 owners would accept offers from the fund. However, Mr. Feinberg told a German newspaper that his “hands are tied” until VW leaders and U.S. environmental regulators have agreed on a plan to repair the vehicles. Mr. Feinberg has not yet disclosed what options VW owners will be given, as much of what the company offers pivots on an acceptable solution to the emissions cheat, which allows certain diesel ... Read More

Should our DNA be used for corporate profit? Human Rights Committee reviews future of Canadian genetic testing


According to CBC News thousands of Canadians are still opting out of genetic testing that could give them valuable information to possibly reduce risks for debilitating or life-threatening illnesses in their own lives, or knowledge that could inform their children’s medical futures. With Canada being the only G7 country with no form of protection against genetic discrimination, its citizens have reason to fear that such tests will be reported to insurance companies, raising premiums or hurting their chances of being eligible for coverage. In some cases, they fear employers requesting this information and that it might compromise their careers. A senate ... Read More

NHL pushes to dismiss concussion-related lawsuits


The National Hockey League (NHL) says a recent federal court ruling in a lawsuit waged by a former NHL player Derek Boogaard alleging the league did not protect him from concussions should be applied to a year-old motion pending in a Minnesota federal court. The pending motion was filed by the NHL to dismiss similar claims made by a group of retired NHL players whose lawsuits are consolidated in a multidistrict litigation (MDL). Late last year, the NHL successfully argued that claims made by the estate of deceased NHL player Derek Boogaard were preempted by the federal Labor Management Relations Act, and that to ... Read More

Johnson and Johnson fights to keep Cherokee Nation’s Risperdal case in federal court


Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceuticals are asking an Oklahoma federal judge to keep in federal court a lawsuit filed against the companies by the Cherokee Nation over undisclosed side effects with its antipsychotic drug Risperdal. The drug companies claim that the rightful plaintiff in the case is not the Cherokee Nation, but a holding company for the tribal businesses, and that the case should remain in federal court on diversity grounds. The Cherokee Nation originally filed the lawsuit in April 2015 in Oklahoma’s Sequoyah County Court seeking restitution for Risperdal the tribe had purchased under the impression ... Read More

Man sues manufacturer, seller of exploding e-cigarette

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A Florida man is suing the maker of his electronic cigarette and the company who sold it to him after he suffered serious burns on his face, neck and lungs when his e-cigarette exploded. Evan Spahlinger says he purchased the “Rig Mod V.2” e-cigarette from the Vaping Station in Naples, Fla., in July. Three months later, the e-cigarette burst into flames while he was using it, causing him to inhale fire, smoke and scorching hot air, which inflamed his esophagus and lungs. He was put into a medically induced coma to recover from his injuries. Spahlinger’s lawsuit is targeting the ... Read More

NFL great Ken Stabler diagnosed with CTE

Ken Stabler

When NFL great Ken Stabler died from colon cancer in July at age 69, he had a severe case of the concussion-related degenerative brain disease that has affected several former football players including Junior Seau and Frank Gifford, Boston University researchers have found. Stabler had agreed to have his brain donated to science after his death to determine if his confusion and headaches were symptoms of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE. The disease can only be diagnosed posthumously. Researchers found that on a scale of 1 to 4, Stabler was a “high 3.” CTE causes dementia-like symptoms including memory loss ... Read More

Gender discrimination lawsuit returns $130K for each of the three female plaintiffs


Gender discrimination in the workplace may seem to be an antiquated subject, but many Americans would be surprised to know how relevant the issue still is today. Last month, three Minnesota women won a gender discrimination case after losing their chauffeur jobs due to a Saudi prince’s demand that he only be chauffeured by males. According to the Insurance Journal, Gretchen Cooper, Barbara Herold and Lisa Boutelle were all awarded $130,000 when U.S. District Judge Joan Ericksen ruled in favor of the three wrongfully discharged women. The damages are broken down into $100,000 each for mental anguish and suffering under ... Read More