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Do acid-reducing PPIs cause kidney damage?

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Kaiser Health News reports on the growing body of research that has linked acid-reducing proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) to kidney damage. Some popular brand names include Prevacid, Nexium and Prilosec. Particularly concerning were two very large studies published last year including data from hundreds of thousands of patients taking prescription PPIs. Kaiser Health News noted that these types of observational studies, as opposed to clinical trials, suggest associations, but were not designed to prove cause and effect. Both of these studies compared PPI users to those taking another type of heartburn medication, H2 blockers, which include Pepcid, Tagamet and Zantac. ... Read More

Woman says Physiomesh stretched, hernia recurred


A Canada woman says the Physiomesh hernia repair mesh used to repair her hernia”stretched out,” resulting in her hernia recurring, more painful than before. Colleen Copeland is a 34-year-old Canadian who had hernia surgery in February 2016. Doctors repaired the hole in her abdomen left after the surgery with plastic hernia mesh, called Physiomesh, made by Ethicon, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. She says the mesh has since stretched, leaving her in excruciating pain. “The pain is always there. It feels like my insides are going to explode,” Copland told CTV News. “If I cough or sneeze I have to hold my stomach. It is a ... Read More

Father of Worker Killed in Louisiana Packaging Facility Explosion Files Lawsuit


Three workers were killed and several more were injured in an explosion at a Louisiana packaging facility two months ago. Joe Gooch, the father of one of the victims, has filed a lawsuit over his son’s death, KFDM News reports. The lawsuit has been filed against Packaging Corporation of America (PCA), where Jody Gooch was killed during an explosion ignited by “hot work” performed on a containment vessel. Combustible byproducts were still present in the tank, emanating flammable vapors, while a worker was welding on or near the vessel. The case also includes Elite Industrial Services of Pasadena, Jody’s employer at the time. “We ... Read More

False Claims Act Complaint Against DynCorp Over Iraq Billing Fraud Stands

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Government contractor DynCorp International will have to face the bulk of allegations made in a False Claims Act lawsuit that accuses the company and a subcontractor of grossly and fraudulently overcharging the U.S. Department of State for security work performed in Iraq. While most False Act Claim lawsuits are filed by private parties under the Act’s whistleblower provisions, the complaint against DynCorp was initiated by the U.S government. Federal Judge Ellen Segal Huvelle in Washington D.C. trimmed some claims from the government’s $135 million complaint but allowed the bulk of them to move forward, Law360 reported. Judge Huvelle said May ... Read More

ExxonMobil Not Cooperating in Discovery, Family of Man Killed in Texas Plant Claims

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The family of a worker who died in an industrial accident at an ExxonMobil petrochemical plant in Beaumont, Texas, has filed a motion to compel discovery in the case, alleging the corporate energy giant refuses to cooperate. According to the SE Texas Record, Hector Barron filed suit against ExxonMobil in Jefferson County, Texas, Court, May 17, 2016, seeking damages of more than $1 million for the death of his brother and coworker Miguel Barron. The lawsuit also names AltairStrickland, an industrial engineering company that specializes in petrochemical plant turnarounds, and B&G Crane Service. The lawsuit alleges that on May 11, ... Read More

Connecticut Woman claims IVC Filter injury

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A Connecticut woman has filed a lawsuit against Rex Medical for injuries she claims are linked to her failed inferior vena cava (IVC) filter. IVC filters are devices resembling a spider inserted into the vena cava for the purpose of catching blood clots before they cause pulmonary embolism by travelling to the heart or lungs. The Daily Hornet reports that Peggy F. from Connecticut was inserted with an IVC filter on Feb. 2, 2014, at Yale New Haven Hospital in Connecticut. The filter was called an Option retrievable filter made by Rex Medical. Retrievable models are fashioned with a hook at the tip ... Read More

Dietary supplement makers face off in court

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Phoenix, Arizona-based dietary supplement maker Nutritional Distribution LLC is suing Arizona-based rival Total Fitness Warehouse alleging the company sold body building products that contained dangerous and illegal anabolic steroids. By doing this, Nutritional Distribution claims that Total Fitness Warehouse not only put consumers’ health at risk, but the company has also damaged Nutritional Distribution’s online marketing and sales. Nutritional Distribution’s lawsuit claims that Total Fitness targeted body builders and competitive athletes with ads that its products were safe and effective, when in reality they contained hidden drug that could cause serious risks to the liver, heart, and other organs. The ... Read More

CVS/Omnicare Settle Whistleblower Lawsuit for $8 million

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A lawsuit filed under the False Claims Act by a whistleblower who accused CVS subsidiary Omnicare of cheating Medicare and Medicaid through its prescription verification system has been resolved with an $8 million settlement, New Jersey U.S. Attorney William Fitzpatrick announced. The deal resolved civil claims that Omnicare, in an effort to increase business efficiency and profit, designed and implemented an automated label verification system that used improper drug codes, resulting in the submission of claims for generic drugs differently from those actually dispensed to Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries. The whistleblower complaint also alleged that the false, patient-specific information on ... Read More

Invokana cases progress amid new warnings


The federal multidistrict litigation (MDL) involving nearly 300 lawsuits alleging the type 2 diabetes drug Invokana caused ketoacidosis or kidney damage continues to move forward in the U.S. district Court of New Jersey, as new concerns over the medication come to light. Within the past three weeks, the court has established an initial discovery plan that also covers how the selection of bellwether cases will be conducted, a well as scheduling and trial dates. The first bellwether is expected to begin in September 2018. The lawsuits name Invokana manufacturer Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceuticals. The companies are ... Read More

Soybean Plant Explosion kills worker


The family of a man killed in a soybean plant explosion has filed a wrongful death lawsuit alleging the company’s negligence led to the man’s death. The Argus Leader reported that Randy Lee Satter, a 39-year-old employee of CCM Welding Repair and Fabrication of Minneota, Minnesota, had been sent to the South Dakota Soybean Processors plant in Volga to install a catwalk on an industrial tank. According to the lawsuit, Satter was allowed to “drill, cut, grind and weld in the location and during the construction of the catwalk” under a “hot work permit” given to him when he arrived at the ... Read More