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Patients Experience Cobalt Poisoning after Hip Replacement Surgery


Dr. Steve Tower specializes in hip, knee and shoulder surgery as well as general orthopedics and trauma care. In 2006, Tower had hip replacement surgery and received a metal-on-metal hip implant design made of chrome cobalt. A year after the hip was replaced, he began experiencing pain. Having replaced “about a thousand” hips in patients himself, Tower knew this was not the norm. Remembering that the hip was made of cobalt, he decided to have his blood levels checked. He found the cobalt levels in his blood to be extremely high. Three years after replacement, the hip became so painful that revision ... Read More

Whistleblower Lawsuit Alleges West Virginia Internet Provider Squandered U.S. Stimulus Funds


Allegations of gross misuse of federal stimulus grants for private profit are the basis of a whistleblower lawsuit filed by one West Virginia internet provider against another under the federal False Claims Act. Bridgeport, W. Va.-based provider Citynet is suing Frontier Communications, accusing the defendant of misusing $40.5 million it received in federal stimulus funds. Rather than building an open, high-speed broadband network for more than a thousand public facilities as it was supposed to do under the term of the grant, Frontier instead built a closed network connecting the public buildings to its existing fiber utility poles, Citynet claims. ... Read More

Young man files Risperdal lawsuit after growing female breasts


Shaquil Byrd’s childhood was difficult enough, with a mental condition that required antipsychotic medication. At age 10, things got increasingly worse when he grew female breasts. He dealt with constant teasing from his classmates. “I was going to war to protect myself from the things people would say to me,” he said. His mother, Eugenia Jordan, says her son’s tender and lactating breasts robbed him of a normal childhood. “He did a lot of crying. He was very uncomfortable around other people,” she said. When she and Shaquil, now 22, learned that his condition, called gynecomastia, was possibly caused by ... Read More

Lawsuits Against C.R. Bard for allegedly Faulty Retrievable IVC Filters Converge in Phoenix

IVC filter

A federal judge in Phoenix has been appointed to oversee an upwards of 400 cases in a multidistrict litigation (MDL) in which patients claim C.R. Bard manufactured a defective product with the retrievable inferior vena cava (IVC) filter. IVC filters are cage-like devices that are implanted in the largest vein of the body. Their purpose is to catch blood clots, preventing them from reaching the heart or lungs, particularly in patients that cannot take anticoagulation medication. Retrievable IVC filters are meant to be temporary, and the FDA recommends retrieval between 29 and 54 days after insertion. Bard’s retrievable filters are the Recovery, G2 and G2 Express. ... Read More

NY Man Files Lawsuit Over Exploding E-Cigarette Injuries

e-cigarette vaping - photo by the-best-electronic-cigarette-review dot com

An Albany, N.Y., man has filed a personal injury lawsuit against the maker of an e-cigarette that allegedly exploded while in his mouth. Kenneth Barbero was seriously injured May 16 when he hit the power button on his vaping device. He told the press that he saw a flash of bright light and experienced a blast that “was like an M-80 went off in my mouth.” The next thing he remembered was lying on the floor of his home, on fire, with paralyzed arms. Alone at the time, Me. Barbero said he was afraid he would burn alive. Mr. Barbero ... Read More

Whistleblower Lawsuit Leads To $30 Million Settlement With Bristol-Myers Squibb


California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones reached a $30 million settlement with pharmaceutical giant Bristol-Myers Squibb over allegations of drug marketing fraud and physician kickbacks. The settlement stems from charges in a whistleblower lawsuit filed by three former Bristol-Myers Squibb sales representatives. After investigating the allegations made in the complaint, Insurance Commissioner Jones opted to join the whistleblowers in the lawsuit. The whistleblower lawsuit accused Bristol-Myers Squibb of violating the California Insurance Frauds Prevention Act by employing and using sales representatives for the purpose of defrauding private commercial health insurers by using kickbacks to acquire patients or clients. Commissioner Jones said ... Read More

Metal-on-Metal Hip Implant Linked to Heart Failure Risk in Men


Men who received a large-head metal-on-metal hip implant had nearly double the risk of heart failure than men who received a metal-on-polyethylene, said Stephen Graves, M.D., at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Annual Meeting. According to a study led by Dr. Graves, 2,115 men had total hip arthroplasties between January 2003 – December 2012. Of those men, 2,028 received metal-on-polyethylene and 87 received the ASR XL, the DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction. The ASR XL recipients had “significant increased risk” of heart failure – one in 10, to be exact. The study strongly suggests that the men who have received the ASR XL should have “close ... Read More

California federal court selected for Viagra MDL


Lawsuits making similar claims that Pfizer has continued to aggressively market and advertise Viagra without warning consumers of its melanoma risk were consolidated this past spring. Researchers in Germany, Sweden and the United States have all published studies finding that sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra, increases melanoma risk. The U.S. study, published in 2014, found men taking Viagra were 84 percent more likely to be diagnosed with melanoma, but not other forms of skin cancer. Biochemists in Germany this year showed how exactly how sildenafil opens up metabolic pathways that cause melanoma to grow more rapidly. According to AL.com, ... Read More

Johnson & Johnson reaps profits from allegedly dangerous drugs


Johnson & Johnson is swimming in profits. The company announced its 2016 second quarter results that shows sales of $18.5 billion, an increase of 3.9 percent over 2015 second quarter. “We continue to see good momentum through the first half of 2016, delivering solid results in the second quarter, supported by strong underlying growth across our enterprise,” said Alex Gorsky, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “We saw notable strength in our Pharmaceuticals business due to the continued success of new products, and also achieved significant clinical milestones, advancing our robust pipeline.” Johnson & Johnson increased its sales guidance for the ... Read More

Nation’s Leading Pallet Manufacturer Settles Whistleblower Retaliation Claim

whistleblower retaliation

The nation’s largest pallet manufacturer must pay an employee it terminated for voicing concerns about workplace health hazards $105,000 in back wages, damages, and other compensation, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) said. According to OSHA, for more than two months, the worker repeatedly told her employer, IFCO Systems Worldwide, about health hazards related to toxic mold exposure at the company’s Biglerville, Penn., plant. The employee found the mold growing behind filing cabinets in one of the plant’s offices. Worried about the health risks posed by toxic mold, the employee submitted a complaint to OSHA when the company ... Read More