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Generic drug maker Ranbaxy settles Texas Medicaid fraud lawsuit for $40 million


Indian generic drug manufacturer Ranbaxy Laboratories has agreed to pay the State of Texas nearly $40 million to resolve a Texas Medicaid fraud lawsuit alleging the company defrauded the Texas Medicaid program by reporting inflated market prices for its drugs, resulting in larger reimbursements. The agreement calls for Ranbaxy to pay the Texas general revenue fund and the federal government each $17.875 million and another $4 million in attorney fees to the state’s attorney general office. The federal government receives a percentage of the settlement funds because it subsidizes state Medicaid programs. The payments, totaling $39.75 million, will be made in ... Read More

BP oil spill fine money gives Louisiana coastal restoration plans new hope


In the last 80 years, Louisiana has lost a football field of land every day to the sea – the fastest known case of coastal erosion in the world and one triggered, then accelerated, by more and more shipping canals carved through fragile wetlands by offshore oil drillers. Today, a push to reverse the erosion and rebuild some of the land that now lies under the Gulf has pinned its hopes on funds that will come from Louisiana’s share of pollution fines BP will pay for violating the Clean Water Act with its 2010 oil spill. Last month, U.S. District ... Read More

Diabetes drug Farxiga label updated to include new warnings for bladder cancer risk

Actos (pioglitazone) Type 2 diabetes medication

The safety labels of the new type 2 diabetes drug Farxiga (dapagliflozin) have been updated to advise patients and health care professionals not to monitor glycemic control with urine glucose tests in patients taking Farxiga or similar drugs in the class because the drugs increase urinary glucose excretion and will lead to positive glucose tests. Alternative methods are advised to monitor glucose control. Farxiga was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in January to help lower blood sugar levels in patients with type 2 diabetes. Manufactured by AstraZeneca and Bristol-Myers Squibb, Farxiga had been previously rejected because of ... Read More

Statins linked to weight gain, increased blood sugar, type 2 diabetes


Statins were once considered the holy grail of medications, lowering cholesterol levels and promising protection against heart attacks, strokes and premature death. But decades later, with millions of user side effect reports filed away, the ugly truth comes out – statins can make you resist exercise, gain weight, increase your blood sugar levels, and raise your chances of developing type 2 diabetes. Statins, including the widely prescribed Lipitor, are one of the most prescribed drugs in the world. New guidelines offered by the American Heart Association and other organizations are recommending wider use of the drugs, which means even millions ... Read More

Knowing symptoms, risk factors of ovarian cancer can improve chances of survival

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Ovarian cancer is known as “The Silent Killer” because often symptoms are not detected until the cancer has spread, making it more difficult to diagnose. Women should be aware of the signs, symptoms and risk factors of ovarian cancer. The ovaries are hidden away inside the pelvis among other organs and fatty deposits. Thus, cancer in the ovary can grow quite large and spread before it starts to trigger symptoms. When symptoms do arise they are easily mistaken for other less serious ailments. This can delay diagnosis, which can worsen the odds of survival. Researchers from the University of Minnesota ... Read More

Anti-insurance-fraud coalition objects to Illinois court’s ruling against whistleblower


The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud has filed an amicus brief in Illinois state appellate court following a lower court’s ruling that struck down a physical therapist’s whistleblower complaint. According to the Property Casualty 360, the Coalition believes the Illinois court’s decision will weaken the state’s whistleblowing laws and diminish fraud-fighting efforts there. The objectionable ruling centers on complaint brought by Jocelyn Zolna-Pitts against her former employer accusing the clinic of routinely overbilling insurers for patient services. Ms. Zolna-Pitts filed her whistleblower lawsuit in an Illinois Circuit Court under the state’s Insurance Claims Fraud Prevention Act. The court dismissed the lawsuit, ... Read More

Jury awards $73 million to plaintiff in transvaginal mesh lawsuit


A woman injured by transvaginal mesh intended to treat urinary incontinence has received the largest jury award of any plaintiff to date in a transvaginal mesh lawsuit. Boston Scientific was ordered by a West Virginia jury to pay plaintiff Martha Salazar $73 million for injuries she received from the company’s bladder sling device. Salazar, 42, claims she was a healthy woman with a full-time job when she underwent surgery to repair a condition causing urinary incontinence. But she says the transvaginal mesh that was implanted in her – the Obtryx mesh – was defective, causing severe chronic pain. The $73 million ... Read More

Baby powder No. 1 on list of ‘chemicals and toxins to avoid’

baby powder contains talc

There are millions of products on the market that promise to protect and nourish your baby’s skin, but buyer be ware, says Katherine Martinko with TreeHugger.com. “The unsurprising irony is that none of that is necessary. Your baby’s skin is far better off with minimal intervention,” she writes in an article titled, “7 chemicals and toxins to avoid when buying baby products.” “Mainstream baby products contain numerous toxic ingredients that will enter your baby’s body if used,” she writes. The first ingredient she warns mothers about is talcum powder, the main ingredient in baby powder. Talc is used as a ... Read More

Whistleblower case against guardrail manufacturer to be re-tried this week

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A whistleblower who claims a leading guardrail manufacturer secretly changed the design of its guardrail systems, making them extremely dangerous and in some cases deadly, will have his case heard again this week after the first trial ended in a mistrial. Joshua Harmon, a safety advocate from Virginia, is suing Trinity Industries Inc. under the qui tam provisions of the federal False Claims Act, which allow private individuals to sue on behalf of the U.S. government. Mr. Harmon alleges that Trinity secretly changed the design of its widely used ET guardrail system to save money, shortening the end terminals. But ... Read More

Regular use of baby powder for personal hygiene linked to ovarian cancer

baby powder contains talc

“I have heard things as random as baby powder can cause ovarian cancer,” Basketball Wives LA star Brandi Maxiell told CocoaFab entertainment, struggling to understand her own diagnosis at age 24. Seven years later, she says she is focused on staying healthy and living life to its fullest. “It was really hard for me to deal with the news. I was crying and I thought cancer meant death. I couldn’t understand what I did to deserve the diagnosis,” she said. “It got to the point where I knew I had to figure out what to do to fight for my life. ... Read More