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Natural remedies for hair loss can’t help Taxotere users

Everyone loses some hair, with the loss of 74 to 100 old hairs per day being normal as hairs reach the end of their four- to six-year lifespan. However, some people experience excessive hair loss. This can be caused by autoimmune disease alopecia; damaging hair treatments and styles; side effects of medications such as chemotherapy; as well as changes such as pregnancy, stress, and weight loss. Health issues such as some vitamin deficiencies, thyroid disease, liver malfunction, and even high blood pressure can also have an effect on your hair, causing unwanted excessive loss. For those who might be dealing ... Read More

Greenville, Alabama, sues opioid makers, distributors

Greenville, Alabama, is the latest city to file a lawsuit against several makers and distributors of highly addictive prescription painkillers in an effort to quell the growing opioid epidemic that is gripping the nation. Lawyers from Beasley, Allen, Crow, Methvin, Portis & Miles, P.C., filed the complaint in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Alabama on behalf of Greenville. The complaint alleges Greenville’s communities have sustained economic damages and continues to incur a significant financial burden due to drug manufacturers and distributors aggressively pushing “highly addictive, dangerous opioids, turning patients into addicts for their own corporate profits,” ... Read More

Tobacco company delays in admitting fault mirror talc litigation

According to Vox, the tobacco companies are finally being forced by a federal court to follow through with the 2006 ruling by US District Judge Gladys Kessle that the companies pay for ads on national television and in newspapers admitting not only the dangers of smoking but also that they tried to make smoking more addictive, among other confessions. For 11 years, Big Tobacco has dragged its feet on complying with the ruling, filing appeals and employing other delays. The strategy of “deny, deny, deny” feels familiar. There have so far been seven completed talc trials in three states, with ... Read More

Lawyer Caught Selling Sealed Whistleblower Suit Pleads Guilty

A former Washington D.C. law firm partner pleaded guilty last week to charges that he attempted to sell copies of sealed whistleblower lawsuits that he took with him before leaving his job at the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ). Jeffrey Wertkin, 41, was arrested in the lobby of a Cupertino, California, hotel in January when he showed up to make an illegal transaction wearing a disguise. Mr. Wertkin had arranged to exchange the sealed whistleblower lawsuit for a duffel bag of cash with an undercover FBI agent. According to Reuters, court records show that Mr. Wertkin pleaded guilty in federal ... Read More

Man Blames Amusement Park Water Ride for Eye-Eating Parasite

A Pennsylvania man is suing a Pittsburgh amusement park for negligence after contracting a parasite that continues to eat away at his eye, which he claims came from dirty water at one of the park’s rides. According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Robert Trostle and his wife Krystsina filed the lawsuit against Kennywood Entertainment, alleging the water surrounding the Raging Rapids ride was “dirty, stagnant and sludge-like.” The lawsuit says the couple noticed this while standing in line for the ride, which simulates a white-water rafting expedition, on July 2. They also observed that the waterfall at the ride was not operating, ... Read More

Passenger Raped By Amtrak Employee files lawsuit

A North Carolina woman is suing Amtrak alleging the rail company failed to protect her from an employee who brutally raped her in her sleeping cabin as the train traveled through Wolf Point, Montana, in April 2015. According to the Great Falls Tribune, the plaintiff was taking a cross-country “bucket list” train excursion from the East Coast with her sisters when 59-year-old Amtrak attendant Charles Henry Pinner entered her cabin, locked the door, and violently raped her. The woman, who was 68 at the time of the rape, argues in her lawsuit that the Common Carrier Doctrine requires Amtrak to ... Read More

Whistleblowers, Taxpayers Lose In Indiana Supreme Court Ruling

There was a huge loss for whistleblowers and taxpayers in Indiana this month. The Indiana Supreme Court ruled against a former state employee who filed a whistleblower lawsuit against the state, alleging she was fired for speaking out against the misuse of state tax dollars and a lack of oversight governing how taxpayer money is spent. According to Indianapolis’ CALL 6 Investigates, Suzanne Esserman, a former senior environmental manager who worked for the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) for 25 years, said she refused to rubber-stamp claims and sought oversight for the Excess Liability Trust Fund Program, a fund ... Read More

Uber Covered Up Massive Data Breach By Paying Off Hackers

A massive data breach exposed the personal information of some 57 million Uber customers and drivers more than a year ago, but those potentially affected never knew about the hack because Uber paid the hackers to keep it a secret. According to Bloomberg Technology, the data stolen by two individuals included the names, email addresses, and phone numbers of about 50 million Uber riders and seven million Uber drivers. The hackers also accessed 600,000 U.S. driver’s license numbers. Federal law requires companies to report data breaches to regulatory authorities promptly, but Uber instead paid the hackers $100,000 to delete the ... Read More

Former Tesla Worker Sues Over Alleged Workplace Racism

Tesla Inc. is working hard to save the world from bad drivers and toxic emissions, but behind the scenes it is battling a problem separate from its production of self-driving electric vehicles: racism in the workplace. A Tesla employee recently filed a lawsuit against the company asserting that its production floor is a “hotbed for racist behavior.” The plaintiff claims that he and other black employees are exposed to severe racism that has infected the entire workplace. “Although Tesla stands out as a groundbreaking company at the forefront of the electric car revolution, its standard operating procedure at the Tesla ... Read More

Nutribullet Explosion Allegedly Burns Latina Superstar’s Mother

The mother of the legendary singer Jenni Rivera is suing the manufacturer of the Nutribullet blender, alleging her blender exploded while she was making chili and left her with severe, disfiguring burns. According to CBS News Los Angeles, Rosa Rivera and her attorney held a press conference Tuesday that offered some details of the alleged Nutribullet explosion. According to Ms. Rivera’s lawyer, infomercials touting the Nutribullet fail to warn consumers about the appliance’s hidden dangers, which include a build-up of pressure inside the canister that can cause it to explode. Ms. Rivera, who lives in Los Angeles, claims that her ... Read More