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Vape Shop Insurer Prevails in E-Cigarette Explosion Coverage Dispute

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Atlantic Casualty Insurance Company is off the hook for claims filed against a vape shop over serious injuries she sustained when her e-cigarette exploded in her face. Spokane, Washington-based Lilac City Vapor said its insurer, Atlantic Casualty, should be liable for the e-cigarette victim’s claims, but a Washington federal court judge granted Atlantic summary judgment on Sept. 7. According to Law 360, Atlantic based its argument for summary judgment solely on an exclusion that the company said precludes coverage for any personal injuries that occur off the store’s premises. Law 360 reports: In the underlying suit, Marlene Rubertt says she ... Read More

Lawsuit filed after IVC Filter Embedded in Vein

IVC filter

A Michigan woman whose inferior vena cava (IVC) filter became embedded in her vein has filed a lawsuit against the device’s maker, claiming it sold a defective filter. Leah C., who received an Option Elite retrievable IVC filter, has filed the lawsuit, saying the device is dangerous. The manufacturers are Rex Medical and Argon Medical Devices, who are familiar with lawsuits over their IVC filters, reports The Daily Hornet. A retrievable IVC filter is a metallic device that resembles a spider with a hook at its apex to snare for removal. They are inserted into the inferior vena cava, the largest vein in the body, ... Read More

Honda Reaches $605 Million Takata Airbag Settlement

Honda Takata airbags

Honda Motor Co. agreed Friday to pay $605 million to settle its part of multidistrict litigation (MDL) over defective Takata airbags, opening the door to compensation for customers who have incurred out-of-pocket expenses and speeding up replacement of the faulty airbags in remaining vehicles. The preliminary deal includes an outreach program that is designed to help owners of about 16.5 million of Honda and Acura vehicles get their Takata airbags repaired more quickly, including payments up to $500 per owner, free rental cars, and providing reimbursements for lost wages, childcare, and other expenses vehicle owners rack up to get their ... Read More

Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission Whistleblower Awarded $2.48 Million

whistleblower retaliation

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has upheld a lower court’s 2016 ruling that the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission wrongfully terminated a whistleblower employee who accused a preferred IT contractor of waste and wrongdoing surrounding the implementation of a new data systems project. Ralph Bailets alleged the Turnpike Commission fired him in November 2008 in retaliation for his complaints about Ciber Inc., a contractor whose officers had developed a corrupt and cozy relationship with Turnpike Commission leaders though “a steady flow of gifts and targeted campaign contributions,” PennLive reported. In February 2014, Commonwealth Court Judge Rochelle Friedman rejected Ralph Bailets’ lawsuit against the ... Read More

TV producer sues Punkin Chunkin event over critical injuries

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A television producer shooting last year’s “Punkin Chunkin” event for the Discovery Channel has filed a personal-injury lawsuit blaming the event’s organizers and others for critical injuries she suffered when one of the pumpkin launchers exploded. According to the Associated Press, Suzanne Dakessian filed her lawsuit Aug. 16 in a Delaware federal court against World Championship Punkin Chunkin Inc., Wheatley Farms Inc., Discovery Communications, the State of Delaware, and other defendants. During the filming of the event on Nov. 6, a cannon being used to launch a pumpkin exploded, blasting a metal plate about the size of a car door and other ... Read More

Woman Blames IVC Filter for Husband’s Death

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A Georgia widow has filed a lawsuit against the manufacturers of her husband’s IVC filter, blaming the companies for his death. Marcia S., the widow of now-deceased Larry S., claims the Option ELITE retrievable inferior vena cava (IVC) filter could have saved her husband’s life had it actually performed the job it was designed to do — catching blood clots. The manufacturers are Argon Medical Devices Inc. and Rex Medical, L.P., two companies that Marcia’s lawyers allege knew or should have known that the IVC filter device had such high potential to fail, according to the Daily Hornet. Larry received the IVC ... Read More

Lawyers will continue to fight for Xarelto victims


Jurors in the third bellwether trial involving bleeding risks with the blood thinner Xarelto took just three hours to return a verdict in favor of drug makers Johnson & Johnson, Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Bayer. But attorneys representing the nearly 18,000 people who have filed Xarelto lawsuits say they will continue to fight for justice for those injured or killed after using the drug. “The makers of Xarelto need to be candid about the risks posed by this blood thinner,” said Andy Birchfield, one of the lead plaintiffs’ attorneys, a principal at Beasley, Allen, Crow, Methvin, Portis & Miles in Montgomery, ... Read More

Arkansas Woman Joins Thousands in IVC Filter Lawsuit

IVC filter

An Arkansas woman has filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer of her IVC filter, joining thousands of others seeking justice for their pain, which they say is a result of the medical device. Kelly B. was the recipient of a Gunther Tulip made by Cook Medical LLC for the prevention of pulmonary embolism (PE), a deadly condition in which a blood clot travels through the blood stream and reaches the lungs. The device was implanted on May 23, 2011, at Baptist Health Medical Center in Little Rock by Dr. Kenneth V. Robbins. Kelly says she was injured when the filter failed, resulting ... Read More

Woman Sues KFC For Hot Gravy Burn Injuries

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A UK woman undergoing treatments for a serious burn injury she suffered when boiling hot gravy spilled onto her lap is suing KFC, claiming the unapologetic fried chicken chain is bound to injure others with its scalding hot food. Beth Smale, 22,  told The Sun that she and her boyfriend were running late for a family birthday party so they decided to have a quick lunch at a KFC in Milton Keynes, England. “We ordered the meal – a bucket of chicken – and got a side of gravy. We were eating in, but they gave it to us as ... Read More

Wells Fargo Says Unauthorized Accounts Scandal May Be Much Larger

Wells Fargo fraud

Wells Fargo warned in an Aug. 4 filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that it expects to find a “significant increase” in the number of unauthorized deposit and credit card accounts it opened for customers. “We expect that our review of the expanded time periods … may lead to a significant increase in the identified number of potentially unauthorized accounts,” Wells Fargo said in its SEC filing, according to CNBC. The bank added it does “not expect any incremental customer remediation costs as a result of these efforts to have a significant financial impact on the Company.” That ... Read More