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Flint Water Crisis Investigation May Reopen Under Democrat-Led House

U.S. Representative Elijah Cummings says he intends to reopen investigative hearings on the Flint water crisis when he takes the helm of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee next month. Rep. Cummings (D-Maryland) has indicated he plans to put outgoing Michigan Governor Rick Snyder back in the hot seat to clarify the extent of his knowledge of the Flint water crisis and an outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease in the city after state officials changed its water supply from Detroit’s water system to the heavily contaminated Flint River. Gov. Snyder told the committee in previous hearings that he “has no ... Read More

Toxic Lead Exposure blamed for Sickening Georgia Battery Plant Worker

Federal authorities are investigating a Georgia-based lead battery manufacturer after a woman complained that her husband is being exposed to dangerously high lead levels on the job. Lakecia Demmons told Augusta, Georgia’s WRDW Channel 12 that blood tests showed her husband Timothy Demmons has levels of lead in his system that are considered toxic by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Mrs. Demmons told Channel 12’s I-Team that her husband works at the U.S. Battery plant in Augusta, where he routinely lifts and stacks pieces of lead on his work release from prison. OSHA confirms it is investigating ... Read More

California’s Lax Lead-Poisoning Laws Leave Workers Unprotected

California’s lack of a lead-poisoning benchmark for workers and the reluctance of state agencies to adopt tougher rules governing lead exposure in the workplace have become a serious occupational hazard, the Los Angeles Times reports. Unlike the majority of other states, California hasn’t adopted the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) standard for lead, which sets a “red line” of 25 micrograms of lead per deciliter of blood. Under the standard, any reading above that level automatically triggers an OSHA inspection of the workplace. California, however, lacks a lead-poisoning benchmark that would prompt an inspection by the California Division ... Read More

How the Flint Water Crisis Starred in the Miss America Pageant

Miss America 2019 contestant Emily Sioma used her brief introduction during the pageant Sunday night to call the nation’s attention to the water crisis in Flint and her home state of Michigan. “From the state with 84 percent of the United States’ fresh water but none for its residents to drink, I am Miss Michigan, Emily Sioma,” she said. The words were brief, honest, and unspecific, yet they served as a scathing indictment to the public officials in her home state and their failed leadership that have contributed to “the Flint Water Crisis and the broader issues surrounding unsafe water ... Read More

High Lead Levels Prompt Detroit to Shut All Public School Taps

Dangerously high levels of lead in the Detroit public school system have prompted the city’s Public Schools Superintendent to order the taps in all of the city’s 106 public schools to be closed. Students who started school on Tuesday, Sept. 4, were provided water from coolers and bottled water. Superintendent Nikolai Vitti took over Michigan’s largest school district last year after it had been under state management for years.  He ordered the testing of every water outlet in every public school building in the spring – a decision motivated largely by the water crisis in the neighboring city of Flint ... Read More

CA sues toddler formula makers for excessive lead in products

Nutraceutrical Corp. and Graceleigh Inc., were hit with a lawsuit by California Attorney General Xavier Becerra over claims that the companies’ toddler formulas contained dangerously high levels of lead – 14 to 16 times higher than state requirements for businesses to issue lead exposure warnings. Natraceuticals, which makes Peaceful Planet Toddler Supreme, and Graceleigh, which makes Sammy’s Milk Free-Range Goat Milk Toddler Formula, agreed to stop selling their products in California after receiving a cease-and-desist letter from the attorney general earlier this month. Becerra called the issue “a parent’s worst nightmare. Toddler formula should contain nutrients that help children grow, ... Read More

Top Michigan Official Charged In Connection With Flint Water Crisis Death

Michigan’s former chief medical officer has been charged with involuntary manslaughter for her part in the Flint Water crisis and a deadly outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease that stemmed from it. Dr. Eden Wells is the sixth Michigan official to be charged with involuntary manslaughter in connection to the Flint water crisis, created by government officials after a cost-cutting measure led to widespread water contamination that sickened city residents. The Michigan Attorney General’s office announced on Monday, Oct. 9, that it filed manslaughter charges against Dr. Wells, about three months after she was charged with obstruction of justice for allegedly misleading ... Read More

Flint Water Study Shows Alarming Lead Corrosion in Pipes

A new University of Michigan study reconfirms the generally accepted understanding that the Flint Water Crisis stemmed from untreated pipes that allowed lead to leach into the water supply after the city’s water source was changed. The study, “Forensic Estimates of Lead Release from Lead Service Lines during the Water Crisis in Flint, Michigan,” documents a “Swiss cheese pattern” inside 10 lead services line samples collected from around Flint, Michigan, indicating heavy lead corrosion, according to the University of Michigan News. Although the study may seem like old news to many, it’s actually the first direct evidence that the government’s failure ... Read More

Detectable lead found in baby food samples

Detectable levels of lead were found in about 20 percent of 2,164 baby food samples, posing a risk to children’s development, according to an analysis of 11 years of federal data conducted by the Environmental Defense Fund. Lead was most commonly detected in fruit juices, root vegetables baby foods and teething biscuits and cookies, CNN reported. The analysis focused on baby foods and beverages because of the risks lead exposure poses to infants and children during development. Even at low levels, exposure to the toxic metal can cause neurocognitive issues leading to problems with behavior, attention, cognitive development, the cardiovascular system, ... Read More

FDA, CDC warn about faulty lead test

Certain tests manufactured by Magellan Diagnostics to check for lead exposure in adults and children may provide inaccurate results, warns the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). As a result, parents of children younger than 6 years of age, currently pregnant women, and nursing mothers who have been tested for lead exposure should consult with a health care professional about whether they should be retested. “The FDA is deeply concerned by this situation and is warning laboratories and health care professionals that they should not use any Magellan Diagnostics’ lead tests with ... Read More