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Bill aims to protect young ATV riders from brain injury

Charleston, South Carolina’s WCSC reports that one local emergency room physician is giving his support to a proposed bill that would toughen restrictions for young riders of all-terrain-vehicles in that state. Dr. Keith Borg, an emergency room physician at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, told WCSC he would like to see less kids admitted to his hospital with traumatic brain injuries (TBI) caused by ATV accidents. “We can fix broken bones,” Borg told WCSC. “But we don’t have good treatments for traumatic brain injuries and those losses are devastating and life long.” According to South Carolina’s health ... Read More

Alabama quarterback played against Florida with head injury

University of Alabama football coach Nick Saban told the press Wednesday that quarterback Greg McElroy received a head injury in the second quarter of last Saturday’s game against the Florida Gators. According to Saban, McElroy displayed such poise during the game that his head injury went unnoticed until the fourth quarter, when he started calling plays wrongly. A few days ago we reported how concussions and other forms of traumatic brain injury are affecting football players from the high school and college levels all the way to the NFL. Some researchers say that modern football helmets may be giving players ... Read More

Safety researchers say texting bans may be causing accidents

Although U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has been working furiously to make texting behind the wheel illegal in all 50 states, a study conducted by the Highway Loss Data Institute (HDLI), an affiliate of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), suggests the anti-texting laws are not yet helping to drive down accident rates. In fact, according to HDLI, evidence collected in four states (California, Louisiana, Minnesota, and Washington) where texting bans have been adopted reveal that the new laws are actually associated with a slight increase in the number of traffic collisions. Researchers compared their findings to collision-related insurance ... Read More

New law would ban BP from new offshore drilling in U.S.

In a 27-21 vote, the House Natural Resources Committee has approved new legislation that would effectively ban BP from future offshore drilling leases in the United States and its territories. The bill, which also strengthens offshore drilling safety standards, now makes its way to the full House for a vote. “While the incident in the Gulf does not signal the end of drilling off America’s coasts, it certainly is a game changer and is proof positive that broad reforms are needed,” Representative Nick Rahall, a West Virginia Democrat and the panel’s chairman, said in a statement. Oil companies with a ... Read More

Five girls injured in Yamaha Rhino rollover

A 5-year-old girl from Iron County, Utah has been hospitalized with injuries she received when the driver of a Yamaha Rhino she was a passenger in lost control of the vehicle and struck a tree. Four other girls ages 5 to 9 were also in the vehicle and suffered minor injuries. According to Iron County Sheriff Mark Gower, the girls were riding the Rhino on a private ranch about 40 miles west of Cedar City in southwestern Utah near the Nevada and Arizona borders. The Rhino’s driver, a 9-year-old girl, hit the tree at a high rate of speed. Gower ... Read More

Public health and safety often sacrificed for pro-business legislation

What’s good for business isn’t always good for the average American taxpayer. Ken Sobel, a civil attorney and a member of the Florida Justice Association’s Board of Directors, recently wrote an editorial for South Florida’s Sun-Sentinel, calling attention to a number of bills pending in the Florida legislature that favor corporate interests at the expense of public safety and taxpayer money. According to Sobel, in the bills currently being considered by the Florida legislature, “corporate responsibility gets reduced, people get injured, and the state’s tax payers are being called upon to pay for the increased medical expenses that will follow.” One ... Read More

Legislators seek sweeping overhaul of NHTSA

The recent Congressional hearings that took Toyota to task for the sudden unintended acceleration problems that trouble so many of its cars also exposed how ineffective the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has become in protecting American consumers from defective automobiles. Now a number of legislators are calling for an overhaul of the broken agency, saying it is woefully understaffed, underfunded, and much too complacent with the automakers it’s supposed to regulate. Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV), whose family has been close friends with the Toyoda family for decades, is one of the lawmakers leading the charge to reform NHTSA. “We ... Read More

March is brain injury awareness month, concussions take spotlight

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month, and this year the Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) is calling attention to concussions, which are often overlooked, ignored, or not taken seriously. To help boost awareness of concussions and the threats they pose, especially to children and adolescents, the BIAA is launching a year-long education and advocacy campaign called under the banner “A concussion is a brain injury. Get the facts.” The campaign, which launches this month, will be coordinated through the BIAA’s 44 chartered state affiliate groups. The organization plans a spectrum of public service announcements and awareness proclamations, which will ... Read More