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Widow Files Benzene Lawsuit Against 30 Companies After Husband’s Leukemia Death

A Texas woman has filed a lawsuit against 30 companies, alleging they exposed her husband to toxic benzene emissions, sickening him and eventually leading to his death. According to the Southeast Texas Record, Peggy Melancon filed the benzene lawsuit in Jefferson County, Texas, District Court Feb. 22, naming Amoco, Atlantic Richfield, BP, Chevron USA, ExxonMobil, Shell Oil, Sunoco, Texaco, and many others as defendants. Ms. Melacon’s lawsuit says that her husband Cecil Melancon was a long-time DuPont employee and that he worked at the company’s Beaumont Works facility as a lab technician. Ms. Melancon claims her husband was continually exposed ... Read More

VA Grants Disability To Marines Sickened By Toxic Camp Lejeune Groundwater

In what was described by one high-ranking VA physician as a “major first,” the Department of Veterans Affairs has passed a new rule that allows U.S. Marines who were harmed by toxic groundwater at Camp Lejeune to receive government disability for injuries not sustained on the battlefield. Outgoing VA Secretary Bob McDonald said there is ample scientific and medical evidence establishing a strong link between contaminated groundwater supplies at Camp Lejeune from 1953 through 1987 and eight potentially deadly medical disorders. In the early ’80s, military officials discovered the presence of various volatile organic compounds, including trichloroethylene, perchloroethylene, benzene, and ... Read More

Marine and military children diagnosed with cancer; bases built on buried oil tanks

Military personnel and their families may have been exposed to high levels of benzene that has made them sick. When many present and former residents of the Laurel Bay community near Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort and Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island were diagnosed with cancer, an investigation was initiated into possible hazardous health conditions. “The Marine Corps requested that the Navy Marine Corps Public Health Center (NMCPHC) conduct a study to determine if an exposure pathway exists for potential health hazards aboard Laurel Bay, Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, and Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort,” The Marine Corps said in an official ... Read More

SC Environmental Groups Sue Pipeline Owner Over 2014 Gas Spill

A pair of South Carolina environmental groups has filed a lawsuit against Kinder Morgan, alleging the Houston-based pipeline company is dragging its feet on cleanup of a 2014 pipeline breach that spilled 370,000 gallons of gasoline into an Anderson County waterway. Upstate Forever and Savannah Riverkeeper claim in their lawsuit that the 2014 spill continues to discharge harmful pollutants into a waterway that empties into three lakes and feeds the Savannah River, a major waterway that forms the border of South Carolina and Georgia. “More than two years after this spill was discovered, Kinder Morgan is still polluting the waters ... Read More

EPA hits Erie Coke Corp. with proposed fines of $500,000 for Benzene Pollution in violation of the Clean Air Act

Erie Coke Corp. is charged with a $500,000 civil fine for benzene emissions that violate the Clean Air Act after having been warned that leaks required repair. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) discovered leaks of benzene during a November 2010 inspection at the Erie, Penn., plant, and immediately required the company to fix them. However, the EPA says Erie Coke Corp. never made the repairs. Now the EPA has filed a lawsuit charging the company with violations of the Clean Air Act, under which Erie can be fined up to $37,500 per day for each violation. The suit also includes claims that Erie “failed to ... Read More

Taos, NM Choked By Air Pollution From Runway Paving Project

The town of Taos, N.M., has been enshrouded for weeks in a noxious smog emanating from a runway paving project at Taos Regional Airport, raising concerns that benzene and a spectrum of other life-threatening chemical compounds and heavy metals are harming local residents and the environment. “If you’re so inclined to take a drive out to the Gorge, you will be treated not only to the beauty of the mesa, but also a noxious belching smoke stack from about 8 a.m. to the late afternoon,” the Taos News said in a recent report. “One will also be able to see that ... Read More

Foundry Coke Maker Pays $500,000 To Settle Benzene Pollution Allegations

A Pennsylvania foundry coke producer has agreed to pay $500,000 to settle a lawsuit brought by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that it violated the Clean Air Act by failing to manage and report emissions of toxic benzene. The EPA sued Erie Coke Corp., a producer of foundry coke, a fuel usually derived from coal that is used to make steel and steel products, after an inspection of its Erie, Penn., plant found that it was releasing benzene into the environment. Benzene is a chemical that has been linked to leukemia and other cancers and life-threatening diseases. The colorless liquid ... Read More

Albany Crude Oil Terminal Will Have to Undergo Entirely New Application for Air Emissions Permit

Community leaders are celebrating the decision Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) made requiring Global Companies to file an entirely new application to proceed with the transport and processing of crude oil at its Albany terminal. Global Companies filed an application with the DEC to renew its air emissions permit. The company also requested permission to add seven boilers used to heat crude oil to the rail site in Albany’s South End. But the DEC decided the material changes to environmental conditions in the area warranted an entirely new application because the benzene levels are concerning. In a press release, DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos said, “Global Companies must restart its ... Read More

First-Ever Precision Medicine Trial for AML Launched

Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) the most lethal of blood cancers, affecting 20,000 Americans annually and is responsible for 10,000 deaths each year. There are a variety of diagnoses under the umbrella of AML, all of which have been found to result from benzene exposure. For the first time in more than 40 years, a new treatment option is being tested via clinical trial. The chemotherapy “cocktail” that was established in 1973 is still considered to be the standard treatment for AML with hardly any changes since its original formula. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved clinical trial, known as Beat ... Read More

Montana Couple Sues for Benzene Exposure they claim led to Leukemia

Montana residents Cynthia Davidson and David Davidson have filed a lawsuit in Madison County Circuit Court against 3M, BP, and The Glidden Company, among other companies, claiming they are responsible for benzene exposure they say led to Mrs. Davidson’s development of leukemia. According to Mrs. Davidson, multiple companies are to blame for her 2014 diagnosis of acute myelogenous leukemia (AML), a blood cancer. The lawsuit alleges the companies failed to “implement proper safety measures” to prevent her benzene exposure. She is seeking $50,000 in compensatory damages plus court costs. AML happens when the DNA of a developing bone marrow cell is damaged, and the cell becomes a leukemic cell, ... Read More