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Apple Removes Benzene from Assembly Process

Apple was the focus of concern due to its use of specific chemicals in its manufacturing process, particularly benzene and n-hexane. Benzene is a clear, colorless liquid with an odor similar to gasoline. Workers in oil refineries, chemical plants, and foundries can be exposed to high levels of the chemical. It is highly flammable, and is a chemical to which we’re exposed on a daily basis through gasoline and car exhaust. Although it evaporates easily, it can still be inhaled through vapors and can be absorbed through the skin. Long-term exposure to benzene even in low concentrations is linked to serious blood disorders, anemia, leukemia and other ... Read More

Activist documents coal ash dangers in letter to EPA

“Are the people of Perry County, Ala., less valuable than the people in Kingston, Tenn.?” asks Hurricane Creekkeeper John Wathen. The activist sent a complaint letter to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator Lisa Jackson this week in an effort to stop shipments of coal ash recovered from the east Tennessee spill site to a poor, black community in Alabama. Residents near the Uniontown, Ala., landfill say the coal ash is stinking up their town. And they, too, worry that the same toxic sludge that poured down on the community of Kingston causing serious damage and threatening human health, may create ... Read More

Rep. Davis fights for people of Perry County in coal ash debate

Toxic coal ash recovered from a massive spill site in east Tennessee was deemed too dangerous by the state of Pennsylvania to be stored there, but some Alabama officials welcomed that coal ash with open arms. One U.S. Representative from Alabama is standing up for the people, urging the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to establish consistent standards at the federal level that would fully address legitimate concerns about the content of coal ash waste. “If coal ash poses an unacceptable level of risk, inconsistent state standards should be immediately replaced with national guidelines that would put the safety of the ... Read More

Uniontown residents plead with EPA, ‘Will you help us?’

“Lisa Jackson, will you help us?” The phrase is repeated over and over in a short film by Alabama activist Betsy Ramaccia. You can view the film on www.AshHoles.org. Last month at a Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) meeting in Tennessee, Ramaccia dressed in a haz-mat suit and handed out fake newspapers with the headline “The New Ash Hole of Alabama,” and directed them to the Web site. There, viewers can hear the voices and see the faces of several Uniontown, Alabama residents pleading with EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to protect them from the dangers of coal ash. The Web site ... Read More