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E-cigarette Battery Explosion Severely Burns NY Man

An e-cigarette battery explosion left a New York man with severe burn injuries Monday, Jan. 28, as he and a co-worker arrived at a home to begin some repair work. Jacob Dudhnath, 27, of Mamaroneck, New York, had just arrived at a job in Larchmont when the spare e-cigarette battery in his pocket exploded, engulfing his leg in flames. “All I knew was I had a fire in my pants, and it kept moving down,” Mr. Dudhnath told WABC Channel 7 Eyewitness News. “And it just kept getting hotter, so we just worked on getting it off of me as ... Read More

Smoldering E-Cigarette Triggers Boston Logan Airport Evacuation

A lithium-ion battery for an e-cigarette overheated inside a checked bag at Boston Logan International Airport, prompting an evacuation of a section of the busy airport and reminders from federal security agents that the batteries are prohibited in checked luggage. The smoldering e-cigarette battery was discovered on a busy Saturday morning after Thanksgiving when smoke began pouring from a suitcase inside the baggage screening room. According to NBC 10 Boston, the smoldering bag was discovered moments before it was loaded onto an airplane. Transportation Security Agents evacuated the baggage screening area and called in Massport Fire & Rescue and a ... Read More

Lithium-Ion Battery Explodes Inside North Carolina Post Office

A lithium-ion battery for an e-cigarette exploded inside a woman’s handbag in a Salisbury, North Carolina post office Thursday, Oct. 4. The explosion was the latest in a series of mishaps involving lithium-ion batteries and e-cigarettes, which form the basis of numerous personal-injury and consumer product lawsuits throughout the U.S. According to the International Business Times, nobody was injured in the North Carolina incident, but the explosion was serious enough to warrant an emergency response by local fighter fighters and police officers. Fortunately, the only casualty of the lithium-ion battery explosion was the woman’s Michael Kors handbag, the IBT reported. ... Read More

Exploding Lithium-Ion Batteries for E-Cig Burn Louisiana Woman

A Louisiana woman is recovering from serious burns after a lithium-ion battery for an e-cigarette exploded in her hand. Kimberly Wright of Downsvile, Louisiana, told NBC 10 News that the lithium-ion battery burn is “the most violent acute pain that I have ever felt” and described the sound of the explosion as “like the combination of a bottle rocket and pipe bomb.” As she was dealing with the burning battery, dragging a burning rug out of her house, a second lithium-ion battery “skyrocketed to the roof and exploded,” NBC 10 reported. “The second battery blew up and it was even ... Read More

NY Woman Sues Samsung Over Galaxy Note 9 Smartphone Fire

A new lawsuit filed against Samsung Sept. 15 indicates the Korean Tech giant’s lithium-ion battery problems may not be entirely over. The lawsuit, filed by Long Island resident Diane Chung, claims her brand-new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 caught fire inside her purse just days after she bought the smartphone. The complaint alleges that Ms. Chung was in a building elevator when she noticed her phone had become “extremely hot” after using it. After putting the Samsung phone back in her purse, she “heard a whistling and screeching sound” followed by “thick smoke,” according to Newsweek. Ms. Chung burned her fingers ... Read More

Man Badly Burned By E-Cigarette Blast in Anaheim Store

Exploding e-cigarettes have been making headlines in recent years, leaving scores of people with severe burns and/or blast-related injuries. But despite all the media attention e-cigarettes are getting for their risk of explosion, some users haven’t gotten the message about the potential dangers. On Saturday, surveillance cameras in The HDTV Outlet store in Anaheim, California, captured a moment one of the store’s customers suddenly had pants of fire due to an e-cigarette that exploded in his pocket. In the video, the man appears to be shopping for a TV when he suddenly becomes engulfed in sparks, explosions, and flames. The ... Read More

Lithium-Ion Battery Malfunction Causes Savannah Airport Scare

A lithium-ion battery inside an air traveler’s e-cigarette caused some alarm at the Savannah-Hilton Head International Airport recently when the carry-on bag containing the device began to smoke at the security checkpoint. Surveillance video at the time of the incident shows passengers and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers going about business as usual when one of the bags on the x-ray conveyor belt erupts in clouds of smoke. The incident caused one nearby passenger to yell in distress while others looked on nervously, unsure of what was happening. TSA lead security officer Darrell Wade is seen rushing over to the ... Read More

E-cigarette Explosions Trigger Two Product Liability Complaints in Bakersfield

Two Bakersfield, California, men who were seriously injured in separate e-cigarette explosions have filed product liability lawsuits against the manufacturers and sellers of the devices. According to Bakersfield.com, e-cigarette user Vincent Garza alleges his device exploded in his mouth in the course of regular use. Bakersfiled.com reports that court documents state Mr. Garza was vaping when his e-cigarette blew up in his face, causing severe injuries to his mouth, tongue, and index finger. In addition to undergoing surgery on his tongue immediately after the e-cigarette explosion, Mr. Garza also had to have his left index finger amputated at the knuckle. ... Read More

Man Sues ZTE For Devastating Cell Phone Fire

A New Mexico man whose Chinese-made ZTE smartphone caught fire as it was charging overnight has filed a lawsuit against a U.S. subsidiary of the manufacturer, alleging the phone’s defective design burned his home and all his possessions and left him with crippling burn injuries. According to the Albuquerque Journal, plaintiff Jose Perez filed the lawsuit in the Judicial District Court in Santa Fe last week. He seeks compensatory and punitive damages for economic losses, future medical expenses, and future pain and suffering, among damages. Mr. Perez says he was charging his ZTE Zmax Pro Blu phone overnight next to ... Read More

Overheated iPhone 7 Burns Virginia Teen’s Arm

A Virginia teen who fell asleep with her iPhone 7 next to her says the device overheated and burned a hole through the skin of her arm. Eighteen-year-old Raele Manning-Moore told Norfolk, Virginia’s WAVY Channel 10 that the pain from the burn injury is the worst pain she’s ever felt. “I’ve never been in that much pain ever,” Ms. Manning-Moore said. She told WAVY that she believes the iPhone overheated while she was lying in bed with it next to her arm. The searing pain from the burn injury woke her up. She said the burn was so severe that ... Read More