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BP’s new tar sands refinery spills crude oil into Lake Michigan

CHICAGO — A new unit at BP’s Whiting facilities used to process Canadian tar sands oil into gasoline and other fuels spilled an unknown amount of crude oil into Lake Michigan Monday, just a few miles from an intake at one of Chicago’s municipal water plants. Neither BP officials nor government regulators have been able to determine yet how the spill occurred or how much damage it has caused. Workers at the tar sands refinery, which BP built as the centerpiece of a $4-billion overhaul of the Whiting refinery less than a year ago, discovered an oil slick on the ... Read More

Antibiotic-resistant salmonella in Foster Farms chicken worries health officials

An outbreak of salmonella that has sickened 300 people in 18 states has public health officials investigating the sources of contamination worried that the particular strain of bacteria is extremely antibiotic-resistant. The massive outbreak is linked to raw chicken from Foster Farms facilities in California and is the second major salmonella outbreak this year traced to the company. Earlier this year, at least 134 people in 13 states were sickened by Foster Farms poultry. Thirty-three of those people required hospitalization to treat the illness. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), hospitalization rates are more than ... Read More

BP using Lake Michigan as refinery waste dump

BP is emptying dangerous levels of ammonia, mercury, and factory sludge that contains other toxic heavy metals into Lake Michigan, thanks to Indiana politicians and regulators who have practically given the oil giant and its massive Whiting refinery, the seventh-largest in the nation, a carte blanche on waste dumping. According to the Chicago Tribune, BP vowed six years ago to develop “cutting-edge technology that could sharply reduce toxic mercury discharged into Lake Michigan” at its Whiting refinery, about 20 miles southeast of Chicago across the Illinois-Indiana border. BP promised to clean up its act when it faced mounting public outrage, ... Read More

Big Pharma earns 77,500-percent return on lobbying investments, at taxpayers’ expense

Until November 2010, an opioid painkiller called Darvocet (Dextropropoxyphene) had been prescribed to millions of people since the 1950s, despite its known risks for overdose and heart arrhythmia. It remained on the market for decades, despite multiple attempts by safety groups to ban it. Pfizer’s anti-smoking drug Chantix is aggressively advertised and widely prescribed in the U.S., even though it consistently lands on lists of the most dangerous drugs in the U.S. and receives the FDA strongest possible warnings. DePuy Orthodpaedics manufactures an all-metal hip implant system that scores of patients blame for serious injuries stemming from the device’s early ... Read More

Report finds hip-implant manufacturers may influence surgeons with large payouts

Medical device manufacturers still exert a strong influence over orthopedic surgeons and academics, even after a 2007 lawsuit challenged the kickbacks those surgeons received from device manufacturers touting their products. According to a report published Tuesday by the Archives of Internal Medicine, four years after settling the kickback case, in which five orthopedic device companies agreed to pay $310 million in fines for persuading surgeons to use their products with large cash payouts, the manufacturers are paying fewer surgeons with more money. The companies cited in the report – DePuy Orthopaedics, Biomet Orthopedics, Stryker Orthopaedics, Smith & Nephew, and Zimmer ... Read More

Oil spill hearings continue, failures revealed, blame game intensifies

Executives from BP, Transocean, Halliburton, and other corporations tied to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill appeared before the House Energy and Commerce Committee today trying to explain why their “failproof” systems failed, creating an unprecedented threat to the wildlife, industries and communities along the Gulf Coast. BP’s internal documents, which were marked as “classified,” but declassified today by Congress, revealed that the corporation was dealing with a quagmire of deep-sea technological failures and procedural problems when the offshore oil rig it was leasing from Transocean exploded on April 20. The hearings uncovered evidence that suggested engineers working for the companies failed ... Read More

Is the Gulf oil leak the result of deliberate negligence?

With more than 700 oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico sucking fuel from the beneath the sea bed, many people might think it was just a matter of time before something catastrophic happened. Something like a blowout from a riser pipe a mile below the surface and a resulting gush of oil that can’t be stopped for weeks. Considering the astonishing number of offshore oil platforms along our southern coastline, you might think that safety would come first and that oil companies would put enough redundant systems in place to make a disaster such as the Deepwater Horizon accident ... Read More