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California’s Lax Lead-Poisoning Laws Leave Workers Unprotected

California’s lack of a lead-poisoning benchmark for workers and the reluctance of state agencies to adopt tougher rules governing lead exposure in the workplace have become a serious occupational hazard, the Los Angeles Times reports. Unlike the majority of other states, California hasn’t adopted the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) standard for lead, which sets a “red line” of 25 micrograms of lead per deciliter of blood. Under the standard, any reading above that level automatically triggers an OSHA inspection of the workplace. California, however, lacks a lead-poisoning benchmark that would prompt an inspection by the California Division ... Read More

United Flight on Fuel Mayday Lands Safely In Sydney

A United Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Sydney, Australia, was forced to make an emergency landing at Sydney Airport on Thursday after the pilot issued a “fuel mayday.” United Flight 839 was arriving in Sydney with “a mechanical issue” when the pilot issued the mayday call, giving the airplane landing priority over other approaching aircraft. According to the Associated Press, the United airplane landed safely and taxied to the gate, where its 230 passengers and crew disembarked normally. Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority spokesman Peter Gibson said the United airplane was given priority to land, but it had not ... Read More

Chlorine Gas Sickens 19 People at California Swimming Pool

Chlorine fumes at a Southern California swimming school sent 19 people, including 12 children, to the hospital with injuries Wednesday, Oct. 3. The Ventura County Fire Department said the incident happened just after 6 p.m. at the Daland Swim School in Thousand Oaks, about 145 miles northwest of Los Angeles, according to the Ventura County Star. Ventura County Department Fire Capt. Stan Ziegler said the fumes were caused by “excess chlorine being pumped into the pool after residue was left in the chemical feeder,” according to the Star. Responders said that seven of those injured required immediate medical treatment and ... Read More

Mistrial declared in second J&J talc trial alleging meso link

The latest case accusing Johnson & Johnson of knowing its talcum powders caused cancer ended in a deadlock. Kirk Von Salzen, 74, sued the consumer health care giant alleging he used Johnson’s Baby Powder for about 30 years, as well as talc products from other manufacturers. He claimed that J&J knew the talc it used contained cancer-causing asbestos but refused to warn consumers of the risks of asbestos exposure. As a result, he claims he developed mesothelioma in 2017, and was seeking more than $12 million in damages. Mesothelioma is a rare and deadly form a cancer that develops in the ... Read More

Jury deadlocked in latest J&J talc-asbestos case

A deadlocked jury after a week of deliberations in a case blaming Johnson & Johnson’s talcum powder products for causing a woman’s mesothelioma has prompted a mistrial. During the week-long deliberations, the Pasadena, California jury had indicated to Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Margaret Oldendorf that it couldn’t reach a consensus in the case brought by Carolyn Weirick and her wife Elvira Escudero. The couple alleged that J&J’s talc-containing products contained asbestos and Weirick’s regular use of the products caused her to develop mesothelioma, a rare but deadly cancer linked to asbestos exposure. Before declaring a mistrial, Judge Oldendorf questioned ... Read More

Imerys settles case brought by mesothelioma victim just before jury deliberations

Hours before the conclusion of closing arguments in the latest trial over claims that Johnson & Johnson and its talc supplier Imerys Talc America knowingly sold asbestos-tainted talcum powder products to consumers that contributed to a woman’s terminal cancer diagnosis, Imerys announced it had reached a settlement with the plaintiff. The California jury was told by Los Angeles Superior Judge Margaret Oldendorf that they would be receiving a new verdict form to account for Imerys no longer being part of the case, but jurors would still need to assign responsibility for damages; that is, if they found J&J and Imerys ... Read More

No Indemnification for Tom Cruise Movie Producers in Airplane Crash Litigation

Four movie production companies seeking to be released from any potential awards or judgments against them in a body of airplane crash litigation have had their case dismissed by a Georgia federal judge. The production companies, Cross Creek Pictures, Imagine Entertainment, Quadrant Pictures and Vendian Entertainment, are embroiled in lawsuits blaming them for a fatal airplane crash on the set of the Tom Cruise movie “American Made.” Judge Michael Brown of Georgia’s Northern District, where the production companies wanted to shift all liability to the maintenance company that maintained the doomed airplane, said the plaintiffs should wait until the lawsuits ... Read More

NTSB Investigating Tesla Model S Lithium Battery Fire

Federal investigators are looking into a battery fire that broke out in 2014 Tesla Model S electric car in June to address the unique safety issues encountered by emergency crews responding to electric vehicle crashes. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) said the Tesla fire occurred on June 15 as a driver was traveling west on Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood, California. Other motorists flagged down the Tesla driver when they saw smoke coming from the vehicle. The driver pulled over, stopped the car, and got out. A nearby Los Angeles Police Department patrol car also stopped as smoke ... Read More

Trucking Firm Involved in Deadly Greyhound Bus Crash Had Other Recent Crashes

The trucking company whose tractor-trailer collided with a Greyhound bus in New Mexico last week has a history of crashes and safety violations, a pair of lawsuits filed by survivors of the deadly crash contend. According to CBS News, a lawyer representing the plaintiffs suing JAG Transportation of Fresno, California, says federal safety data shows the company’s commercial trucks were involved in three crashes in the last two years. The previous two crashes resulted in two injuries but no fatalities, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration data indicates. Investigators say the Aug. 30 crash occurred when the tractor-trailer experienced a tire ... Read More

Man Badly Burned By E-Cigarette Blast in Anaheim Store

Exploding e-cigarettes have been making headlines in recent years, leaving scores of people with severe burns and/or blast-related injuries. But despite all the media attention e-cigarettes are getting for their risk of explosion, some users haven’t gotten the message about the potential dangers. On Saturday, surveillance cameras in The HDTV Outlet store in Anaheim, California, captured a moment one of the store’s customers suddenly had pants of fire due to an e-cigarette that exploded in his pocket. In the video, the man appears to be shopping for a TV when he suddenly becomes engulfed in sparks, explosions, and flames. The ... Read More