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Erectile dysfunction may be a sign of more serious problems

Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction may be given drugs such as Viagra, Levitra or Cialis to treat their condition, but many of these men may be better served with a testosterone replacement therapy, according to a “Dear Pharmacist” article in the Sun Sentinel. However, men should first want to discuss the long-term effects of the hormone replacement therapy. “Giving a man one of those super sex pills … is the equivalent of jump-starting their car every two miles, rather than just fixing the battery,” the article reads. “Why do men medicate themselves every weekend, when they can fix the ... Read More

Doctor: Adequately testing testosterone levels a complicated process

Aggressive marketing campaigns by drug companies peddling testosterone replacement products have prompted many men to ask their doctors if their low libido and lack of energy may be caused by low testosterone levels. A “simple” blood test can determine if a man is a candidate for testosterone supplementation. However, testing for “Low T” in men can be tricky, says Dr. Anthony Komaroff, physician and professor at Havard Medical School who also has a column in the Times Standard. Testosterone is a male hormone that decreases in men as they age. For some men, testosterone levels can drop low enough that ... Read More

Study: Men with average testosterone levels live longer

Men with too high or too low levels of testosterone in their systems face more health problems than men with average levels of the hormone, according to a study published in The Endocrine Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism (JCEM). Testosterone plays an important role in men’s health, not just fueling sex drive but also regulating heart function and boosting sperm production, bone health, energy levels, concentration and muscle mass. As a man ages, his testosterone can drop sometimes to lower than average levels. Testosterone levels can be boosted with testosterone replacement products including Testim, Androgel and Axiron. These ... Read More

UFC champion says his use of testosterone replacement therapy is legal

Brazilian mixed martial artist and former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Light Heavyweight Champion Vitor Vieira Belfort is facing criticism of his use of testosterone replacement therapy. Many are attributing his string of first-round knockout wins to his use of testosterone drugs. However, Belfort claims the usage is legal and that his testosterone levels were actually low during his last fight. “I have the exams to prove that I have a disease. It’s simple,” he told MMAFighting.com. Nearly 3 percent of all men in the United States older than 40 take a prescription testosterone treatment to help boost low levels of ... Read More

Testosterone therapy linked to increased risk of heart attack, stroke, death

More and more men are using hormone treatments to up their low testosterone levels and enjoy more energy and a stronger libido as they enter midlife; however, the treatment may give them more than they bargained for. A new study of more than 8,700 older men has found that men who use a testosterone supplement were 30 percent more likely to have a stroke, heart attack or die. “Our findings raise some uncertainty regarding the potential safety of testosterone use in men,” authors of the study concluded. “It is important to inform patients that long-term risks are unknown and there ... Read More

Drug companies spend millions to promote testosterone gels

Drug companies peddling testosterone replacement products have their eyes on older men. Advertisements promoting testosterone gels by firms such as Abbott and Eli Lilly have risen more than 170 percent in the past three years to more than $14 million in 2011, according to advertising tracker Kanter Media. Those efforts have resulted in a 90 percent increase in prescriptions for the hormone during the past five years, which translates to nearly $2 billion in global sales. Baby boomers are the target of these campaigns, which ask men if they suffer from a decrease in libido, weight gain or fatigue. The ... Read More