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Chinese manufacturers substitute toxic cadmium for lead

Earlier this month, the Associated Press exposed yet another disturbing Chinese trade secret when it reported that some manufacturers in China are making children’s jewelry with the highly toxic metal cadmium. Children’s jewelry now joins the growing list of dangerous and sometimes deadly products pouring into the United States from China – a list that includes toys covered with lead paint, pet food and baby formula tainted with melamine, sulfuric drywall that has ruined thousands of homes, and other poorly made or defective merchandise. Evidence suggests that Chinese manufacturers are turning to cadmium as a substitute for lead, which the ... Read More

Wal-Mart, CPSC act to foil use of cadmium in children’s products

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., the world’s largest retailer, is pulling items of children’s jewelry known or suspected to be manufactured with high levels of toxic cadmium from store shelves. The move follows an Associated Press investigation published earlier this week which found some China-based manufacturers were creating children’s jewelry with varying amounts of cadmium — a heavy medal considered by the federal government to be one of the most toxic substances on earth. Cadmium is a soft metal that occurs naturally in soil. Exposure to concentrated quantities of it, however, can have debilitating effects on humans. The metal is known to cause cancer ... Read More

High levels of toxic cadmium found in children’s jewelry from China

On the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s priority list of the 275 most toxic substances in the environment, the heavy metal cadmium is ranked seventh. Unfortunately, in an investigative report, the Associated Press found that cadmium is being used in large quantities to make children’s jewelry and other products that are sold in the United States. The country of origin for almost all of these products is China. In its investigation, the AP purchased 103 pieces of children’s jewelry from stores such as Wal-Mart and Claire’s in New York, Ohio, Texas, and California. The jewelry was then analyzed for ... Read More

American toy maker settles lead paint violations for $1.5 million

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced yesterday that RC2 Corp. of Oak Brook, Illinois has agreed to pay a $1.25 million civic penalty for importing toys to the United States that violated the federal lead paint ban. RC2 is the importer and seller of Thomas & Friends ™ Wooden Railway toys. According to the CPSC announcement, the settlement resolves the agency’s allegations that RC2 and one of its subsidiary companies Learning Curve Brands Inc. knowingly imported and sold various Thomas & Friends™ Wooden Railway Toys with paints and other surface coatings that contained lead above the legally permissible limit. ... Read More

“Made in China” often means “Buyer Beware”

Toys with lead paint, contaminated food, toxic drywall, defective all-terrain vehicles – these are just some of the Chinese exports that have spawned massive safety recalls and personal injury lawsuits in the last couple of years. In 2007, made-in-China products accounted for more than 82% of all U.S. consumer product recalls. Assuming that U.S.-China trade relations remain normal, what will the future of the American marketplace look like in 5 or 10 years? Will it be rife with all sorts of defective and dangerous imports or will Chinese manufacturers eventually embrace what it means to make a “quality” product? The ... Read More

ATV rollover kills 6-year-old Oklahoma boy

A 6-year-old Oklahoma boy died Wednesday evening when he lost control of the all-terrain vehicle he was driving, sending the ATV into a deadly rollover. Reports from throughout the state say that the young victim, Daniel Brock Smith-Maynard of Sand Springs, Okla. was driving the ATV on a homemade dirt track on his grandfather’s property in Tulsa when the accident occurred. According to officers from the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, the boy was wearing a helmet, but it was not enough to protect him from serious injury. Reports say that the boy was thrown from the vehicle and landed about 3 ... Read More

CPSC announces new toy safety standards

To help educate parents about toy safety, Consumer Product Safety CommissionChairman Inez Tenenbaum held a town-hall style meeting in New York City. Discussions centered on new federal safety rules that raise the standards for toys and help protect children from unnecessary harm. As more and more toys are manufactured in China, many parents have become increasingly vigilant for toys that could potentially harm their children. Overseas toy manufacturers frequently set low safety standards for themselves. Worse, they often violate the safety standards established by the U.S. government, prompting the CPSC to issue safety alerts and toy recalls. When toy manufacturers ... Read More

Trials to proceed against unresponsive Chinese drywall company

Chinese drywall manufacturer Taishan Gypsum Co. Ltd., the company accused of producing and then exporting toxic, sulfuric wallboard to the United States, was found to be in default during a preliminary trial in New Orleans after it failed to respond to a lawsuit filed by an Alabama home builder in June. The Mobile-based Mitchell Company, a builder of residential and commercial properties, alleges it used Taishan’s toxic drywall extensively in its homes. The company filed a motion earlier this month asking the court for a default judgment against the company. U.S. District Judge Eldon Fallon told the Mitchell Company that ... Read More