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Bus Driver In Deadly Louisiana Crash Says Employer Knew He Was Unlicensed

The driver who lost control of a bus near New Orleans last month, slamming into a fire truck and two other vehicles, told investigators his employer knew that he was unlicensed. Denis Yasmir Amaya Amaya-Rodriguez, a 37-year-old undocumented immigrant from Honduras, told Jambalaya News Louisiana that he didn’t want to drive a commercial bus on the morning of Aug. 28 because he was unlicensed and unqualified. Mr. Amaya-Rodriguez departed from the Target in Metairie with two dozen passengers headed to Baton Rouge.  About 20 miles later, his bus plowed into two passenger vehicles and a fire truck stopped at the ... Read More

NBC finds escape slide failures hindered evacuation of Asiana 214 and several other flights

Some of the emergency slides on Asiana flight 214 failed to deploy properly after the airplane crashed upon landing at San Francisco International Airport July 6, potentially botching evacuation efforts as the airplane burned. An NBC investigation of the matter also found that federal aviation officials have known about problems with the evacuation slides for years but have failed to take any meaningful measures to improve their reliability. Survivors of the Asiana crash told an NBC Bay Area investigative unit that the evacuation efforts took longer than they should have because two of the emergency slides inflated inside the cabin, ... Read More

Plane crash defies aviation odds, devastates family for second time

Aviation experts say that the odds of a person winning the lottery are better than being in two airplane crashes, but that is what happened to Austin Hatch, 16, and his father Dr. Stephen Hatch, a pain specialist, of Fort Wayne, Indiana. In 2003, Austin was 8 years old when he and his family were flying home to Fort Wayne from their vacation cabin on Walloon Lake in Michigan’s peninsula. The family plane was making an emergency landing in Uniondale, Indiana, with Austin riding shotgun next to his dad while holding a flashlight on the vertical speed indicator to help ... Read More

New Jersey school bus hauling kindergartners loses brakes and crashes

A school bus carrying two kindergarten classes and six chaperones rolled backward down a steep hill and crashed in Montclair, New Jersey, Tuesday after losing its brakes. The incident sent three of the adults and two children to the hospital with injuries to the neck, knee, and contusions to the head. The bus was taking 50 kindergartners to nearby Morristown, New Jersey, to see a performance of Charlotte’s Web at the Mayo Center. According to local authorities, the bus, driven by a 36-year-old Newark resident, was ascending the hill when the driver felt the brakes failing. Witnesses said the bus ... Read More

Five causes of commercial truck crashes and how they can be prevented

Months of studying, long hours on the road, and being held to the highest traffic safety standards make commercial drivers some of the safest drivers on America’s roads and highways. But even though the number of truck crashes is at its lowest level since 1950, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports there were still 3,380 commercial truck crashes involving fatalities in 2009. So what are the leading causes of commercial vehicle crashes? As we have reported in the past, sometimes drivers of passenger vehicles are unaware of the special dangers big rigs present and follow trucks too closely or ... Read More